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Zero Times Infinity lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Folded Time 2: Spiritual Music for Existential Deviants (2000) 01. Radio Song [add]
02. Transformations of Consciousness [add]
03. A Brief Expansion [add]
04. Minimalasis (Aggressive Ambiance) [add]
05. Motion Sickness Fills My Soul [add]
06. A Brief Introspection [add]
07. Floating in Solids [add]
08. Nero Ignited Them for Illumination [add]
09. Moan [Remixed by Ojamoj] [add]
10. Imaginary Time [Remixed by Gasr from 'Zero Time'] [add]
11. Grooovelaxxx [Remixed by Nau-Zee-Aun] [add]
12. Minimalasis [Lunatic Fringe Mix by Grenadier] [add]
13. The Sum Of... [Remixed by Zipper Spy] [add]
14. Existential Crisis [Remixed by Rising! Man! Incinerator] [add]
15. Origami Clock [Remixed by Ukuphambana] [add]

Collaborations with Chaos (2000) 01. Intro [add]
02. Zero Time (When You Hear This Sound V3) [add]
03. The Desert Sky [add]
04. Escape from the Cult of the Clock and the Dollar [add]
05. Rainforestry I (Lunatic Society) [add]
06. Rainforestry II (Avian Resistance) [add]
07. Crash Shreik Bang (It's Got to Stop) [add]
08. Yesturday Tomorrow [add]
09. Cascade [add]
10. Fluid [add]
11. Noise Box [add]
12. They're Breeding Behind Your Speaker [add]
13. Machines Don't Know the Pleasures of the Flesh (Now I'm Happy) [add]
14. Control Through Somnolence (Bolt Upright in a Cold Sweat) [add]

Folded Time 1: Ambiagramaphone (2000) 01. Carnivalis Nau-Zee-AAA [add]
02. Joy from Sadness [add]
03. Injected with Madness [add]
04. & Folded Time [add]
05. In a Trance [add]
06. & Now a Message for Your Subconscious [add]
07. Equestrian (Spiritual Anxiety Version) [add]
08. It's Got to Stop Part 2 [add]
09. In the Clock Mines of Leviathan [add]
10. Ambiant Concerto for Breathbox, Glass Jars, & Electronics in 19/ [add]
11. The Journey of Blattidae P1 - Hord in the Machine [add]
12. The Journey of Blattidae P2 - Crawling Skin [add]
13. March of the Great Abstinence (A) Joy from Sadness p2 (B) Smash [add]
14. Riding the Seas of Posibility [add]
15. Minimalasis (Confined by Time) [add]
16. Break Spoons [add]
17. A Choral Piece for Afrocentric Cybernetic Eunuchs with a Rustic [add]
18. The Final Destruction of the Sonic Canvas [add]

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