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Phil Cooper lyrics
Genre: Folk
Lady's Triumph (1990) 01. Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms/Molly St. [add]
02. Lady's Triumph [add]
03. Lord Thomas and Lady Margaret [add]
04. Sow Took the Measles [add]
05. Lang A-Growin' [add]
06. Rush & The Pepper [add]
07. Waltzing's for Dreamers [add]
08. One Quiet Morning/Jessie Smith's Strathspy/72nd Highlander's ... [add]
09. Little Brown Bull [add]
10. Palaces Grand [add]
11. Lucy Wan [add]
12. Marquis of Tullybardine/Petticoats Loose [add]
13. I Shall Not Care [add]
14. Rosemary's Sister [add]
15. Auld Wife Ayond the Fire [add]
16. Rosie Anderson [add]
17. Frieze Britches [add]
18. Up the Winding River [add]

Across the Water (1991) 01. Proud Lady Margaret [add]
02. Black Pig Hornpipe/Boys of the Lough/Sound of Sleat [add]
03. Scarborough Settler's Lament [add]
04. Cam Ye O'Er Frae France/ Boban John [add]
05. Bonny at Morn [add]
06. The Death of Young Andrew [add]
07. The Hawthorne Tree of Cawdor [add]
08. I Drew My Ship [add]
09. Drunk at Night, Dry in the Morning [add]
10. Dumbarton's Drums [add]
11. St. Kilda's Wedding [add]
12. The Lass of Glenshee [add]
13. The Winter Instumental [add]
14. The Broom of the Cowdenknowes [add]
15. Phil's Folly [add]
16. Flowers of the Forest [add]
17. The Harris Dance [add]
18. Ae Fond Kiss [add]
19. Neil Gow's Lament for the Death of His Second Wife [add]
20. Ye Banks and Braes [add]

Pretty Susan (1992) 01. Pretty Susan [add]
02. Blacksmith/Cold Rainy Day [add]
03. Spootiskerry [add]
04. My Bonny Lad [add]
05. Lord Arbor and Mary Flynn (Child #87) [add]
06. Lassie With Golden Hair [add]
07. Darling Jimmy (Blue-Haired Jimmy) [add]
08. How Will I Ever Be Simple Again [add]
09. My Ain Countrie [add]
10. Booth Shot Lincoln/Shenandoah Falls [add]
11. Here's Adieu to All the Judges and Juries [add]
12. The Devil and the Feathery Wife [add]
13. Drowsy Maggie [add]
14. Dónall Óg [add]
15. Lady Diamond (Child #269) [add]
16. Irish Girl [add]
17. Bay of Biscay [add]
18. Rebecca's Lament [add]
19. Tonight My Sleep Shall Be Restless [add]

Shine Where You Stand (1993) 01. Wagoner's Lad [add]
02. The Shepherdess [add]
03. The Lea-Rig [add]
04. Cruel Mother [add]
05. Tiree Love Song [add]
06. Little Drops of Brandy/Colman's Lantern [add]
07. Going to the West [add]
08. Da Old Resting Chair [add]
09. The Recruited Collier [add]
10. Great Silkie [add]
11. Far from Home [add]
12. Heart of You [add]
13. Sully's Pail [add]
14. Liffey Banks/Shashkeen Reel [add]
15. Bonny Portmore [add]
16. Burnt Toast/Scolding Wives of Abertarff [add]
17. Aye Waukin' [add]
18. Master of Sheepfold [add]

What Fond Delight (1995) 01. Amble Town [add]
02. Over the Meadow [add]
03. The Slee One [add]
04. Up the Winding River (Noran's Water) [add]
05. Come to the Bower [add]
06. Dumbarton's Drums [add]
07. The Water Is Wide [add]
08. Children of the Heavenly Father [add]
09. Mole in the Ground [add]
10. Dillon Bay [add]
11. Barb'ry Allen [add]
12. Bonny at Morn [add]
13. Pretty Little Horses [add]
14. Little Fishes [add]
15. The Hawthorne Tree of Cawdor [add]
16. Master of the Sheepfold [add]

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