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Carolyn Hester lyrics
Genre: Folk
Carolyn Hester [1962] (1962) 01. I'll Fly Away [add]
02. When Jesus Lived in Galilee [add]
03. Los Bibilicos [add]
04. Yarrow [add]
05. Dink's Song [add]
06. Swing and Turn Jubilee [add]
07. Once I Had a Sweetheart [add]
08. Come Back Baby [add]
09. Dear Companion lyrics
10. Galway Shawl [add]
11. Pobre de Mi [add]
12. Virgin Mary [add]
13. I'll Fly Away [*] [add]
14. Come Back Baby [*] [add]

Carolyn Hester Coalition (1969) 01. Magic Me [add]
02. East Virginia [add]
03. Tomorrow When I Wake Up [add]
04. Be Your Baby [add]
05. Big City Streets [add]
06. Half the World [add]
07. Let's Get Together [add]
08. Hey Jay [add]
09. Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream [add]
10. The Journey [add]
11. Buddha (Was Her Best Man) [add]

Texas Songbird (1996) 01. Warriors of the Rainbow [add]
02. Geronimo [add]
03. Fiercest Freedom Fighter [add]
04. Chief Sarah [add]
05. Warriors of the Rainbow [instrumental] [add]
06. I Have a Dream [add]
07. Ascending Woman [add]
08. Dreaming of Santa Fe [add]
09. The Sunny Southwest [add]
10. Rise Like Phoenix [add]
11. You Never Break Even in Love [add]
12. Don Juan John [add]
13. You Masquerade as a Cowboy [add]
14. Send Him C.O.D. [add]
15. Music Medicine [add]
16. Older Women, Younger Men [add]
17. Kingdom for a Kiss [add]
18. Sleep My Love [add]
19. The Eagle Looked Down [add]

Tradition Album (1996) 01. The House of the Rising Sun [add]
02. The Water Is Wide [add]
03. The Lord [add]
04. Virgin Mary [add]
05. Lindo Capullio [add]
06. Go Way from My Window [add]
07. Open the Door/She Moves Through the Fair [add]
08. Jaime [add]
09. Little Pig [add]
10. If I Had a Ribbon Bow [add]
11. Blackjack Oak (John Brown's Body) [add]
12. Malaguena Salerosa [add]
13. Summertime [add]
14. Man of Constant Sorrow [add]
15. Man of Constant Sorrow [add]
16. Joshua [add]
17. Let It Be Me [add]

From These Hills (1996) 01. From These Hills [add]
02. Flatlands of Texas [add]
03. The Names of Trees [add]
04. Ain't It Too Bad [add]
05. The Crow on the Cradle [add]
06. Don't Know What I Did Before Without You [add]
07. Watch My Dream Boats Sail [add]
08. Think About the Rain [add]
09. Nanci's Song [add]
10. Pack up Your Sorrows [add]
11. Deep Green [add]
12. Guess I'm Getting Older [add]
13. Lonesome Tears [add]
14. The Little Girl Who Saved America [add]
15. Cycle of Seven [add]

Tom Paxton Tribute (1999) 01. Peace Will Come [add]
02. I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound [add]
03. Every Time [add]
04. Come Away With Me [add]
05. Last Thing on My Mind [add]
06. A Long Way from Your Mountain [add]
07. Along the Verdigris [add]
08. Coffee in Bed [add]
09. Ramblin' Boy [add]
10. (He's Forgotten) The Names of Trees [add]
11. Bottle of Wine [add]
12. Little Girl [add]
13. The Honor of Your Company [add]

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