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Ramblin' Jack Elliott lyrics
Genre: Folk
The Rambling Boys (1957) 01. Rich and Rambling Boys [add]
02. Buffalo Skinners [add]
03. I Wish I Was a Rock [add]
04. It's Hard, Ain't It Hard [add]
05. All Around the Water Tank [add]
06. Mother's Not Dead [add]
07. East Virginia Blues [add]
08. The Old Bachelor [add]
09. Danville Girl [add]
10. The State of Arkansas [add]
11. The Death of Mr. Garfield [add]
12. Roll on Buddy [add]

Woody Guthrie's Blues (1957) 01. Talking Columbia Blues [add]
02. Pretty Boy Floyd [add]
03. Ludlow Massacre [add]
04. Talking Miner Blues [add]
05. Hard Travellin' [add]
06. So Long (It's Been Good to Know Yuh) [add]
07. Talking Dustbowl Blues [add]
08. 1913 Massacre [add]
09. Rambling Blues [add]
10. Talking Sailor Blues [add]

Jack Takes the Floor (1958) 01. San Francisco Bay Blues [add]
02. Ol' Riley [add]
03. The Boll Weevil [add]
04. Bed Bug Blues [add]
05. New York Town [add]
06. Old Blue [add]
07. Grey Goose [add]
08. Mule Skinner Blues [add]
09. East Texas Talking Blues [add]
10. Cocaine [add]
11. Dink's Song [add]
12. Black Baby [add]
13. Salty Dog [add]
14. Brother Won't You Join in the Line? [*] [add]
15. There Are Better Things to Do [*] [add]

Ramblin' Jack Elliott (1961) 01. Sadie Brown [add]
02. East Virginia Blues [add]
03. I Belong to Glasgow [add]
04. The Cuckoo [add]
05. Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms [add]
06. South Coast [add]
07. San Francisco Bay Blues [add]
08. The Last Letter [add]
09. I Love Her So/I Got a Woman [add]
10. Candy Man [add]
11. Tramp on the Street [add]
12. Railroad Bill [add]

Country Style [1962] (1962) 01. Mean Mama Blues [add]
02. Low and Lonely [add]
03. Wreck of the Old '97 [add]
04. Old Shep [add]
05. Wabash Cannonball [add]
06. Brown Eyes [add]
07. Lovesick Blues [add]
08. Arthritis Blues [add]
09. Take Me Back and Love Me One More Time [add]
10. Tennessee Stud [add]
11. Those Brown Eyes [add]
12. Detour [add]
13. Soldier's Last Letter [add]

Jack Elliott at the Second Fret, Recorded Live (1962) 01. Mule Skinner Blues [add]
02. Cool Water [add]
03. Talking Miner [add]
04. Boll Weevil [add]
05. How Long Blues [add]
06. Salty Dog [add]
07. Tyin' Knots in the Devil's Tail [add]
08. Hobo's Lullaby [add]
09. Talking Sailor [add]
10. Rock Island Line [add]

Young Brigham (1968) 01. If I Were a Carpenter [add]
02. Talking Fisherman [add]
03. Tennessee Stud [add]
04. Tractor [add]
05. Night Herding Song [add]
06. Rock Island Line [add]
07. Danville Girl [add]
08. 912 Greens [add]
09. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right [add]
10. Connection [add]
11. Goodnight Little Arlo [add]

Bull Durham Sacks and Railroad Tracks (1970) 01. Rapping and Rambling- Me and Bobby McGee [add]
02. Rapping and Rambling- Folsom Prison Blues [add]
03. Find a Reason to Believe [add]
04. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight [add]
05. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down- Rapping and Rambling- We Come Here ... [add]
06. Rapping and Rambling- Don't Think Twice, It's All Right [add]
07. Lady, Lady, Lady [add]
08. Rapping and Rambling- Girl from the North Country [add]
09. Rapping and Rambling- The Tramp on the Street [add]
10. Rapping and Rambling- Michigan Water Blue [add]
11. Don't You Leave Me Here [add]
12. Rapping and Rambling- Blue Mountain [add]
13. With God on Our Side [add]

South Coast (1995) 01. Pastures of Plenty [add]
02. If I Were a Carpenter [add]
03. Cocaine Blues [add]
04. I Ain't Got No Home [add]
05. Will James [add]
06. The Buffalo Skinners (On the Trail of the Buffalo) [add]
07. Rake and Ramblin' Boy [add]
08. South Coast [add]
09. Talkin' Dust Bowl [add]
10. Mean Old Bed Bug Blues [add]
11. Ludlow Massacre [add]
12. San Francisco Bay Blues [add]

Kerouac's Last Dream (1997) 01. Pretty Boy Floyd [add]
02. Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain [add]
03. Freight Train Blues [add]
04. Talkin' Fishin' [add]
05. Roving Gambler [add]
06. The Cuckoo [add]
07. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right [add]
08. Soldier's Last Letter [add]
09. 1913 Massacre [add]
10. Buffalo Skinners [add]
11. Night Herding Song [add]
12. Mean Mama Blues [add]
13. I Threw It All Away [add]
14. Detour [add]
15. Ridin' Down the Canyon [add]
16. Cup of Coffee [add]
17. 912 Greens [add]

America (1997) 01. The Tramp on the Street [add]
02. Mule Skinner Blues [add]
03. Precious Jewel [add]
04. Ain't It a Shame [add]
05. East Virginia Blues [add]
06. Cigarettes and Whiskey [add]
07. I'm Going Down the Road [add]
08. Rich and Rambling Boys [add]
09. I'm Gonna Walk the Street in Glory [add]
10. Worried Man Blues [add]
11. Wreck on the Highway [add]
12. Danville Girl [add]
13. More Pretty Girls Than One [add]
14. 900 Miles [add]
15. Talking Blues [add]
16. Roll on Buddy [add]
17. Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms [add]
18. San Francisco Bay Blues [add]

Live in Japan (1998) 01. San Francisco Bay Blues [add]
02. Me & Bobby McGee [add]
03. House of the Rising Sun [add]
04. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right [add]
05. Night Herding Song [add]
06. Old Shep [add]
07. Reason to Believe [add]
08. Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms [add]
09. Rock Island Line [add]
10. Diamond Joe [add]
11. Black Snake Moan [add]
12. Car Car Song [add]
13. Prettyboy Floyd [add]

Friends of Mine (1998) 01. Ridin' Down the Canyon [add]
02. Me and Billy the Kid [add]
03. Last Letter [add]
04. Louise [add]
05. Rex's Blues [add]
06. Walls of Red Wing [add]
07. Hard Travelin' [add]
08. He Was a Friend of Mine [add]
09. Dark as a Dungeon [add]
10. Friend of the Devil [add]
11. Reason to Believe [add]
12. Bleeker Street Blues [add]
13. Old Time Feeling [add]

The Long Ride (1999) 01. Connection [add]
02. Cup of Coffee [add]
03. Ranger's Command [add]
04. Pony [add]
05. St. James Infirmary [add]
06. Picture from Life's Other Side [add]
07. East Virginia Blues [add]
08. The Sky Above and the Mud Below [add]
09. Take Me Back and Try Me One More Time [add]
10. Now He's Just Dust in the Wind [add]
11. True Blue Jeans [add]
12. Diamond Joe [add]
13. With God on Our Side [add]

I Stand Alone (2006) 01. Engine 143 [add]
02. Arthritis Blues [add]
03. Old Blue [add]
04. Driving Nails in My Coffin [add]
05. Rake & Ramblin' Boy [add]
06. Hong Kong Blues [add]
07. Jean Harlow [add]
08. Call Me a Dog [add]
09. Careless Darling [add]
10. Mr. Garfield [add]
11. My Old Dog & Me [add]
12. Leaving Cheyenne [add]
13. Remember Me [add]
14. Willy Moore [add]
15. Honey, Where You Been So Long? [add]
16. Woody's Last Ride [add]

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