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Genre: Celtic
Without a Clue (2004) 01. Oblivious [add]
02. Heltic Celtic [add]
03. Clueless [add]
04. O'Carolyn Never Wrote This [add]
05. Chillin' on the Beach [add]
06. Rocking Chair Hyper [add]
07. Lest We Forget [add]
08. Enya'd [add]
09. City of Dreams [add]
10. Beastie the Cat [add]
11. South of Some Border [add]
12. Seagulls and Cervezas [add]
13. Up Flies the Birdie, Oh! [add]
14. Monday Morning Warriors [add]
15. In Search of a Brighter Day [add]
16. Dobro Prayer [add]
17. Whopwheep [add]
18. Hippyhop [add]

Stained Glass (2004) 01. Dragon Slayer [add]
02. The Old Country Well [add]
03. Rose Windows [add]
04. Morning Glories [add]
05. Lighthouse [add]
06. Lost to the Ages [add]
07. Peacock, Parrot and Cockatoo [add]
08. Survivors [add]
09. Song for Jim [add]
10. Forest Stream [add]
11. Mermaid Ascending [add]
12. Agnes Northrup [add]

Wintermusic (2004) 01. The Turkey's Complaint [add]
02. The Last Day of Autumn [add]
03. Skating on Thin Ice [add]
04. Aurora [add]
05. First Snow [add]
06. Snowman [add]
07. Ice Palace [add]
08. Every Child's Dream [add]
09. The One Time Every Year [add]
10. Don't You Think It's About Time? [add]
11. Night Ride [add]
12. Snow Globe/Winter Witch [add]
13. No School Today [add]
14. Winter Walk [add]
15. Gone Sledding [add]
16. Cold, Wet and Miserable [add]
17. March/The First Day of Spring [add]

Nightbird (2004) 01. Another Day [add]
02. Celtic Morn [add]
03. 7: 50 A.M. Rag [add]
04. Neither Love the Fen Nor Forn with Remorse [add]
05. Nightbird [add]
06. Goodnight to the Sun [add]
07. On the Trail [add]
08. Autumn [add]
09. A Little Chase Music [add]
10. Till the Sun Comes Back Again [add]
11. First Star, Last Song [add]
12. Beginnings [add]
13. Flight of the Sunbird [add]
14. In Search of the Wild Margarita [add]
15. Midsummer Night on Cannon Hill [add]
16. The Tick Picker's Rag [add]
17. Trip to Odin's Mountain [add]
18. The Endless Line [add]
19. The Spirits of White Cedar Swamp [add]
20. Pathways to the Sun [add]

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