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Rainbow Puppet Productions lyrics
Genre: Children's
Jonah (2000) 01. Opening [add]
02. Dialogue [add]
03. Way Down Deep [add]
04. Dialogue [add]
05. God Loves Everyone [add]
06. Dialogue [add]
07. Those Lousy Folks in Ninevah [add]
08. Dialogue [add]
09. God Takes Care of His People [add]
10. Dialogue [add]
11. I'm Not Gonna Do (What God Says to Do) [add]
12. The Storm [add]
13. You Can't Run Away [add]
14. God Takes Care (Reprise) [add]
15. On to Ninevah [add]
16. Forty Days [add]
17. Dialogue [add]
18. God Loves Everyone (Reprise) [add]
19. Dialogue [add]
20. I'm Hungry [add]
21. Dialogue [add]
22. God Loves Everyone/Finale [add]
23. Way Down Deep (Reprise) [add]

The Wright Brothers (2002) 01. Prelude [add]
02. Open a Book [add]
03. The Gift [add]
04. What'll They Think of Next? [add]
05. The Bicycle Shop [add]
06. Let's Study [add]
07. Power, Lift, Control [add]
08. Testing the Kite [add]
09. See Me Fly [add]
10. There's Something Wrong With the Wright Brothers [add]
11. Planning the Trip [add]
12. Half of the Fun Is Getting There [add]
13. Kitty Hawk [add]
14. First Flight [add]
15. Everything's Right With the Wright Brothers [add]
16. Open a Book (Music) [add]

Wide Eyed Wanda's Wondrous Wetland Review (2002) 01. Opening [add]
02. Open Your Eyes [add]
03. Dialogue [add]
04. Your Flying Feathered Friend [add]
05. Dialogue [add]
06. Wide Eyed Wanda's Wondrous Wetland Review [add]
07. Dialogue [add]
08. I Just Want to Be Alone [add]
09. Dialogue [add]
10. Come on Down to My Place [add]
11. Dialogue [add]
12. Fishie News: The Cord Grass [add]
13. The River Otters [add]
14. Dialogue [add]
15. The Fiddler Crab Song [add]
16. Dialogue [add]
17. Fishie News: The Babies [add]
18. The Sunset Symphony [add]
19. A Ghost Story [add]
20. Dialogue [add]
21. Bub and Junior [add]
22. Dialogue [add]
23. Fishie News: Pollution [add]
24. Bub and Junior, Pt. 2 [add]
25. Dialogue [add]
26. A Game Show [add]
27. The Battle [add]
28. Open Your Eyes (Reprise) [add]
29. Curtain Call [add]

The Really Big Dinosaur Show (2002) 01. Opening [add]
02. The Really Big Dinosaur Show [add]
03. Dialogue [add]
04. We've Gotta Stegosaurus [add]
05. Dialogue [add]
06. A Dramatic Reading [add]
07. Dialogue [add]
08. Toot My Own Horn [add]
09. Dialogue [add]
10. I'm a Rock [add]
11. Dialogue [add]
12. The Simple Life [add]
13. Dialogue [add]
14. Anywhere We Wanna Go [add]
15. Dialogue [add]
16. The Really Big Dinosaur Show 2 [add]
17. The Bone Head Rumble [add]
18. Dialogue [add]
19. That Fabulous Face [add]
20. Miss Dino World Beauty Pageant [add]
21. Dialogue [add]
22. T-Rex [add]
23. The Baby [add]
24. T-Rex Again [add]
25. Dialogue [add]
26. The Wholly Mammoth [add]
27. The Cave Man [add]
28. Dialogue [add]
29. The Dinosaur Hop [add]
30. Finale [add]
31. Curtain Call [add]

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