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Bert and I lyrics
Genre: Rock
More Bert and I and Other Stories (0000) 01. More Bert and I [add]
02. Tin Roof [add]
03. President Harding [add]
04. Not Just Yet [add]
05. The Lament of Age [add]
06. The Sleeping Porch [add]
07. The Iron Lung [add]
08. The Punt [add]
09. Old Blue [add]
10. The Plane Ride [add]
11. Poorly [add]
12. The Return of Virgil [add]
13. Government Fly [add]
14. The Little Gull [add]
15. Harry's Return [add]

Bert & I Stem Inflation (0000) 01. Bert and I Stem Inflation [add]
02. No News [add]
03. The Bear in the Spring [add]
04. The Pet Turkey [add]
05. Too Late, Mr. Perkins [add]
06. Texas Vs. Maine [add]
07. Frost, You Say [add]
08. Tom Rawls [add]
09. Life Insurance [add]
10. Lewis Bayard and the Judge [add]
11. Dog Lover [add]
12. Bert and I and the Bricks [add]
13. Bert and I Solve the Energy Crisis [add]
14. Buryin [add]
15. The Whole Load [add]
16. Suicide [add]
17. The Insect Powder Agent [add]
18. Cutler Harbor [add]
19. The Instant Tent [add]
20. The Bear and the Slicker [add]
21. Conversation on a Train [add]
22. The Calm Quartet [add]
23. Birth Control [add]
24. Bottle Squatting [add]
25. Harry Whitfield Flies to New York [add]

Bert & I & Other Stories (0000) 01. Bert and I [add]
02. Kenneth Fowler Goes Hunting [add]
03. Camden Pierce Goes to New York [add]
04. The Sassage [add]
05. The Lighter-Than-Air Balloon [add]
06. Which Way to East Vassalboro [add]
07. Which Way to Millinocket [add]
08. The Long Hill [add]
09. The Liar [add]
10. Mad Dog [add]
11. Down East Socialism [add]
12. Down East Religion [add]
13. Albert's Moose [add]
14. Virgil Bliss [add]
15. Chester Coomb's First-Born [add]
16. Arnold Bunker Testifies [add]
17. The Body in the Kelp [add]
18. The Long Fezzle [add]
19. Harry Whitfield's Trip [add]

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