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Bill Foreman lyrics
Genre: Folk
La Petite Orange (1992) 01. Full Tank of Gas [add]
02. How Would You Know? [add]
03. Dancing With Fat Francesca [add]
04. There's a Hair [add]
05. Footsteps [add]
06. She Is on That Train [add]
07. No Cause Fer Grievin' [add]
08. Planxty Vincent Sebastian [add]
09. Cancelling Stamps [add]
10. What Would Ever [add]
11. By the Light of the Fire [add]
12. Far Across the Ballroom [add]

Tangerine (1997) 01. The Snowbank's a Feather Bed [add]
02. Walls [add]
03. Where Has My Blanket Gone [add]
04. Time Slowed to a Crawl [add]
05. Tangerine [add]
06. The Miserable Rat [add]
07. The Dance of Electricity [add]
08. No Cause for Grieving [add]
09. Orange Peel Headache [add]
10. The Banks of the River [add]
11. The Apocalyptic Traveler [add]
12. Half-Speed "Across the Windy Distance" [add]

The Bathroom Mirror (1997) 01. You! [add]
02. These Pictures on My Wall [add]
03. St. Louis [add]
04. Delia [add]
05. The Candle Light Crept Through the Air [add]
06. Where the Wind Blows [add]
07. Crazy [add]
08. Beat the Retreat [add]
09. The Bathroom Mirror [add]
10. Body and Soul [add]
11. Flute Song [add]

Mind Monkey (1999) 01. Backward Cymbal Tune [add]
02. Queens [add]
03. What Your Heart Can See [add]
04. The Red Commisar [add]
05. God, Pt. 3 [add]
06. Mother Earth Is Crying [add]
07. Invisible Man [add]
08. Potato Truck Headlights [add]
09. Heart of Steel [add]
10. Brand New Mustang [add]
11. It Is Not I Who Am Insane Madman [add]
12. I've Maintained My Advantage [add]
13. Scary Tune [add]
14. E-Ticket [add]
15. Bad Weather [add]

17 Miles Past Indio (2002) 01. Can't Wait to Be Free [add]
02. I've Maintained My Advantage [add]
03. St. Louis [add]
04. The Professah [add]
05. The Snowbanks's a Feather Bed [add]
06. Smile [add]
07. Queens [add]
08. As the Night Goes By [add]
09. The Sun Is a Mighty Lamp [add]
10. The Canadian Vacation [add]
11. San Diego [add]
12. The Blue Desert Hills [add]

Chevy w/Balding Tires (2004) 01. Chevy w/Balding Tires [add]
02. A Man and His Laboratory [add]
03. When My Wife Takes Me by My Hand [add]
04. My Favorite Recipe (For Dawn) [add]
05. The Man from Manila [add]
06. To an Angry Pot Farmer [add]
07. The Desert [add]
08. Target Practice [add]
09. Out and Upward [add]
10. The Caddy [add]

Poison Against Poison (2005) 01. Full Tank of Gas (Bill & Pete Version) [add]
02. Bad & Good (Second Demo Version) [add]
03. What Would Ever (Second Demo Version) [add]
04. One of the Lucky Ones (Second Demo Version) [add]
05. Dancing with Fat Francesca [add]
06. Footsteps [add]
07. Imagine You're Flying [add]
08. Vandalized (4-Track Version) [add]
09. Vandalized (Little Band Version) [add]
10. Rare & True [add]
11. A Cat's Eye [add]
12. Can't Wait to Be Free (Remaster) [add]
13. September [add]
14. I Know & You Know [add]
15. Have You Seen My Baby? [add]
16. As the Night Goes By (Remaster) [add]
17. For Good Measure (House Carpenters Version) [add]
18. Across the Windy Distance [add]
19. 12 O'Clock Sharp [add]
20. Like the Wild Irish Heather [add]
21. Lunchmeat [add]
22. Queens (Remaster) [add]
23. St. Louis (Remaster) [add]
24. You! [add]
25. These Pictures on My Walls [add]
26. St. Louis (Solo Version) [add]
27. The Candlelight Crept Through the Air [add]
28. Where the Wind Blows [add]
29. Crazy [add]
30. The Bathroom Mirror [add]
31. Body & Soul [add]
32. Flute Tune [add]
33. The Snowbank's a Feather Bed [add]
34. Walls [add]
35. Where Has My Blanket Gone? [add]
36. Time Slowed to a Crawl [add]
37. Tangerine [add]
38. Trouble [add]
39. The Dance of Electricity [add]
40. No Cause for Grieving (4-Track Version) [add]
41. Orange Peel Headache [add]
42. The Banks of the River [add]
43. The Apocalyptic Traveler [add]
44. Smile (Remaster) [add]
45. The Blue Desert Hills (Remaster) [add]
46. I've Maintained My Advantage (Remaster) [add]
47. The Animal Shelter [add]
48. The Duck Hunter [add]
49. The Sun Is a Mighty Lamp (Remaster) [add]
50. A New, Nameless Beach Town [add]

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