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Leon Ware lyrics
Genre: R&B
Musical Massage (1976) 01. Learning How to Love You [add]
02. Instant Love [add]
03. Body Heat [add]
04. Share Your Love [add]
05. Holiday [add]
06. Phantom Lover [add]
07. Journey into You [add]
08. Musical Massage [add]
09. French Waltz [add]
10. Turn Out the Light [add]

Inside Is Love (1979) 01. What's Your Name lyrics
02. Inside Your Love [add]
03. Love Is a Simple Thing [add]
04. Small Caf? [add]
05. Club Sashay [add]
06. Try It Out [add]
07. Love Will Run Away [add]
08. On the Island [add]
09. Hungry [add]

Rockin' You Eternally (1981) 01. A Little Boogie (Never Hurt No One) [add]
02. Baby Don't Stop Me [add]
03. Sure Do Want You Now [add]
04. Our Time [add]
05. Rockin' You Eternally [add]
06. Got to Be Loved [add]
07. Don't Stay Away [add]
08. In Our Garden [add]

Leon Ware [1982] (1982) 01. Slippin' Away [add]
02. Lost in Love With You [add]
03. Shelter [add]
04. Why I Came to California [add]
05. Deeper Than Love [add]
06. Can I Touch You There [add]
07. Words of Love [add]
08. Miracles [add]
09. Somewhere [add]
10. Where Are They Now [add]

Undercover (1987) 01. Undercover [add]
02. Blue Velvet [add]
03. Two Lovers [add]
04. Slow Motion [add]
05. The Dream [add]
06. Systematic [add]
07. Show Me Your Magic [add]
08. You Still Take My Heart [add]
09. Body Sighns [add]
10. Velvet Nights [add]

Taste the Love (1995) 01. Come Live with Me Angel [add]
02. Back to Back [add]
03. Meltdown [add]
04. Love Parts [add]
05. Cream of Love [add]
06. Telepathy [add]
07. Musical Massage [add]
08. Can't Stop Love [add]
09. I Got Your Recipe [add]
10. I Get Weak [add]
11. Yes [add]
12. It Was Always You [add]
13. Where Do I Stand? [add]
14. Taste the Love [add]

Love's Drippin' (2003) 01. All Around the World [add]
02. Underneath Your Sweetness [add]
03. Saveur [add]
04. Breathe on Me [add]
05. Is It Drippin' on Yourself [add]
06. I'm Ooin' You Tonight [add]
07. Seriously Nasty [add]
08. Finger Party [add]
09. Hands on My Heart [add]
10. Let Go [add]

A Kiss in the Sand (2004) 01. Easy Mover [add]
02. Away [add]
03. Live in Your Love Forever [add]
04. The Light [add]
05. Warm Inside [add]
06. A Kiss in the Sand [add]
07. I'm Yours [add]
08. Night in Brazil [add]
09. I Believe in Love [add]
10. I Wish You Knew [add]
11. Spirits Lovin' [add]
12. Straight to My Soul [add]
13. Hearts Alive [add]
14. Sweet Tears [add]
15. Soothing Sunset [add]

Deeper (2004) 01. Love Sighns [add]
02. Stop Talkin' & Fall in Love [add]
03. Live in Your Love Forever [add]
04. How Deep Does It Go [add]
05. I've Never Loved So Much [add]
06. Givin' It Up [add]
07. Heartbeat [add]
08. I Wish You Knew [add]
09. Shoulda Been You [add]
10. To Serve You (All My Love) [add]

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