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Billy Price Keystone Rhythm Band lyrics
Genre: Blues
Can I Change My Mind (2000) 01. Crack Crack (When Are You Coming Back) [add]
02. Mine All Mine All Mine [add]
03. I Know It's Your Party (I Just Came Here to Dance) [add]
04. This Magic Hour [add]
05. Indefinitely [add]
06. What Is Love (What Makes You Think You Deserve Some) [add]
07. No Matter How You Turn or Twist It [add]
08. Can I Change My Mind [add]
09. One in a Million [add]
10. Pass the Sugar [add]

Danger Zone (2000) 01. Who Will the Next Fool Be? [add]
02. It's Later Than You Think [add]
03. You Don't Exist No More [add]
04. T-Bone Shuffle [add]
05. Fool's Paradise [add]
06. The Big Question [add]
07. Early in the Morning [add]
08. Danger Zone [add]
09. You've Got Bad Intentions [add]
10. I'll Take Care of You [add]
11. I'm Shakin' [add]
12. Shake, Rattle & Roll [add]

Live (2000) 01. I'm So Glad [add]
02. Precious, Precious [add]
03. Good Time Charlie [add]
04. Since You've Gone Again [add]
05. Eldorado Cafe [add]
06. I'm Sick Y'all [add]
07. One Man, Two Lovers [add]
08. I Can't Lose the Blues [add]
09. Turn Back the Hands of Time [add]

Soul Collection (2000) 01. I Didn't Know the Meaning of Pain [add]
02. Let It Happen [add]
03. Beautiful Feeling [add]
04. Gonna Forget About You [add]
05. Your Time to Cry [add]
06. That's How It Is [add]
07. A Man Must Stand for Something [add]
08. You Got Me Knocking [add]
09. I Can't Stand It [add]
10. I Betcha Didn't Know That [add]
11. It's in the Wind [add]
12. Let Yourself Go [add]
13. I Die a Little Each Day [add]
14. Something 'Bout 'Cha [add]
15. Why Can't We Be Lovers [add]
16. Dangerous Highway [add]

Free at Last (2000) 01. Slipped, Tripped and Fell in Love [add]
02. Who You're Workin' For [add]
03. Real Time [add]
04. I'm Gonna Win the War [add]
05. Still Ain't Had Enough [add]
06. Free [add]
07. Livin' With a Stranger [add]
08. Absolute Love [add]

Sworn Testimony: The Billy Price Band Live (2002) 01. Fried Chicken [add]
02. Here I Am (Come and Take Me) [add]
03. Gonna Forget About You [add]
04. A Nickel and a Nail [add]
05. Further on Up the Road [add]
06. Mine All Mine All Mine [add]
07. Sixty Minute Man/Slip Away [add]
08. I've Been Searching [add]
09. Let Yourself Go [add]
10. You Better Believe It [add]
11. I Think I'm Drowning on Dry Land [add]
12. Bump and Grind [add]
13. Ain't It Funky Now/Back from the Dead [add]
14. Can I Change My Mind/Is It Something You've Got? [add]
15. Do What You Think Is Best [add]
16. Last Two Dollars [add]
17. In the Room Next to the Room [add]
18. I Want to Take You Home (To See Mama) [add]
19. I Know It's Your Party (I Just Came Here to Dance) [add]
20. Full of Fire [add]
21. Open House at My House [add]
22. You Left the Water Running [add]
23. Mother-In-Law Blues [add]
24. Nothing Left [add]
25. Strange Man [add]

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