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Regimental Band of the Coldstream Guards lyrics
Genre: Marches
The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber (1988) 01. Phantom of the Opera: Phantom of the Opera/Think of Me/All I A [medley] [add]
02. Pie Jesu [From Requiem] [add]
03. Hosanna [From Requiem] [add]
04. Cats: Overture/Skimbleshanks: the Railway Cat/The Old Gumbie C [medley] [add]
05. Starlight Express: I Am the Starlight/Engine of Love/Only You/ [medley] [add]
06. Tell Me on a Sunday Medley: I'm Very You, You're Very Me/Capped Teeth [add]
07. Variations 1-4 [add]
08. Andrew Lloyd Webber: A Symphonic Study: Phantom of the Opera/U [medley] [add]

Marches-1/British (1989) 01. Crown Imperial, a Coronation March, 1937 [add]
02. Triple Crown [add]
03. Troop. "Les Huguenots" [add]
04. Grenadiers Slow March [add]
05. Brigade Quick Marches (The Regimental Quick Steps) [add]
06. (Regimental Slow Marches) The Grenadier Guards: Scipio [add]
07. (Regimental Slow Marches) The Coldstream Guards: Figaro [add]
08. (Regimental Slow Marches) The Scots Guards: Garb of Old Gaul [add]
09. (Regimental Slow Marches) The Irish Guards: Let Erin Remember [add]
10. (Regimental Slow Marches) The Welsh Guards: Mem of Harlech [add]
11. Royal Standard [add]
12. Glorious Victory [add]
13. We're No Awa to Bide Awa/Scotland the Brave [add]
14. Army of the Nile [add]
15. Colonel Bogey [add]
16. Men of Wales [add]
17. Sussex by the Sea [add]
18. Sea Shanties [add]
19. Reveille [add]
20. Nightfall in Camp [add]
21. It's a Long, Long Way to Tipperary [add]

Regimental Marches of the British Army, Vol. 2 (1991) 01. Wings [add]
02. Wait for the Wagon [add]
03. Here's a Health Unto His Majesty [add]
04. The Village Blacksmith [add]
05. The Watch Tower [add]
06. Imperial Echoes [add]
07. Gaudeamus Igitur/The Good Comrade [add]
08. Pioneer Corps [add]
09. Be Fit [add]
10. Sugar and Spice/The Roast Beef of Old England [add]
11. Grey and Scarlet [add]
12. The Lass of Richmond Hill/Early One Morning [add]
13. Balaclava March [add]
14. The Kingsman [add]
15. Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie [add]
16. Lillibulero [add]
17. Killaloe [add]
18. St. Patrick's Day/Berkeley's Dragoons/Galloping Eighth Hussars [add]
19. Cock O' the North [add]
20. Recce Flight [add]
21. Drink Puppy Drink/A Hunting We Will Go [add]
22. March of the Bowmen [add]
23. The Metropolitan March [add]
24. Green Facings [add]
25. Rose and the Laurel [add]
26. Braganza/Las O Gowrie [add]
27. The 7th Royal Fusiliers [add]
28. Lincolnshire Poacher [add]
29. Romaika/A Hunting Call [add]
30. The British Grenadiers/Minden March [add]
31. Rory O'Moore/The Spring of Shallelagh [add]
32. Royal Sussex [add]
33. A.P. Shenkin [add]
34. The Essex [add]
35. Sir Manley Power/Paddy's Resource [add]
36. The York and Lancaster [add]
37. The Merry Month of May [add]
38. Old Monmouthshire [add]
39. A Hundred Pipers [add]
40. Within a Mile of Edinburgh Town [add]
41. Old Towler [add]
42. The Light Barque [add]
43. Nacthlager N. Granada/The Lower Castle Yard [add]
44. I'm Ninety-Five [add]
45. Away to the Mountain's Brow [add]
46. The Boys of the Old Brigade [add]

Bond of Friendship (1992) 01. A Fanfare for Our Heroes [add]
02. Scarlet and Gold [add]
03. Pibroch O'Donald Dhu [add]
04. The Crags of Tumbledown [add]
05. The Duke of York [add]
06. Hornpipe [add]
07. HRH the Duke of Cambridge [excerpt] [add]
08. Band and Pipes Marches: The Garb of Old Gaul/Within a Mile of Edinbur [add]
09. When the Guards Are on Parade [add]
10. English Airs [add]
11. Army of the Nile [add]
12. Ode to Joy [add]
13. From a Distance [add]
14. The Magnificent Seven [add]
15. Band and Pipes Medley: Johnny Scobie/Bonnie Lass O'Fyvie [add]
16. Fanfare, Pride of London [add]
17. March Medley: The Thin Red Line/Colonel Bogey/Radetzky March [add]
18. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square [add]
19. The Purple Pageant [add]
20. Bond of Friendship [add]
21. World War I Medley: It's a Long Way to Tipperary/Keep the Home Fires [add]
22. The Caissons Go Rolling Along [add]
23. Pipes and Drums Medley: Hogties Reel/Invergordon/Donald Ruadh/The Twi [add]
24. Sands of Kuwait [add]
25. Evening Hymn and Last Port [add]
26. Auld Lang Syne [add]
27. The Coldstream March [add]
28. March off: Scotland the Brave/The Black Bear [add]

London Salute (1998) 01. London Salute [add]
02. Cockney Suite: A State Procession [add]
03. B] Cockney Lover [add]
04. Bank Holiday ('Appy 'Ampstead) [add]
05. Westminster Waltz [add]
06. March Birdcage Walk [add]
07. Clarinet on the Town [add]
08. March Royal Windsor [add]
09. London Suite: Covent Garden [add]
10. Knightsbridge (In Town Tonight) [add]
11. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square [add]
12. March Cockney Cocktail [add]
13. A Foggy Day in London Town [add]
14. Overture Cockaigne (In London Town) [add]
15. March Finale: Boys of the Oid Brigade/When the Guards Are on Par [add]

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