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Benedict Flynn lyrics
Genre: Spoken Word
Adventures of Odysseus (1997) 01. The Fall of Troy and the Greek Homecoming [add]
02. Years Later-Odysseus Is Shipwrecked on Nausicaa's Island [add]
03. The Lotus Eaters [add]
04. Polyphemus, the Cyclops [add]
05. Odysseus Begins to Plan [add]
06. Aolia and the Bag of Winds [add]
07. The Laestrygonians [add]
08. Circe [add]
09. The Underworld [add]
10. The Sirens [add]
11. Scylla and Charybdis [add]
12. Thrinakia [add]
13. Calypso [add]
14. Meanwhile, Back in Ithaca [add]
15. Zeus, on Mount Olympus [add]
16. How Odysseus Returns to Ithaca [add]
17. Telmachus Prepares at the Palace [add]
18. The Beggar Stood Up [add]

A Life Of Dante (2001) 01. The Final Journey Back to Ravenna [add]
02. Florence - The Great City on Arno's Fair River [add]
03. Dante Was Born in May 1265... [add]
04. The First Sight of Beatrice Portinari [add]
05. Death and Philosophy [add]
06. Dante Marries Gemma Donati [add]
07. Dante, Aged 30, 1295 [add]
08. 1,300 - Political Upheaval and the Beginning of Inferno [add]
09. Dante in Exile [add]
10. Convivio - The Banquet - A Work of Instruction [add]
11. Letters [add]
12. Ravenna 1318; Death 1321 [add]
13. The Last 13 Cantos of Paradiso; Final Burial [add]

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