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U.T.F.O. lyrics
Genre: Rap
Skeezer Pleezer (1986) 01. Just Watch [add]
02. Where Did You Go? [add]
03. We Work Hard [add]
04. Kangol and Doc [add]
05. The House Will Rock [add]
06. Split Personality [add]
07. Pick Up the Pace [add]
08. Bad Luck Barry [add]

Lethal (1987) 01. Mo' Bass [add]
02. Ya Cold Wanna Be With Me [add]
03. Lethal [add]
04. Diss [add]
05. S.W.A.T. (Get Down) [add]
06. The Ride [add]
07. Ask Yo Mama [add]
08. Let's Get It On [add]
09. So Be It [add]
10. Burning Bed [add]
11. Master-Baby [add]

Doin' It! (1989) 01. Cold Abrasive [add]
02. Wanna Rock [add]
03. Rough and Rugged [add]
04. Battle of the Sexes [add]
05. My Cut's Correct [add]
06. Master of the Mix [add]
07. Don't You Hat It When... [add]
08. Bits and Pieces [add]
09. All About Technic [add]
10. Doin' It! [add]

Bag It & Bone It (1991) 01. Something by U.T.F.O. [add]
02. I'm a Dog [add]
03. Blackman Can't Catch a Cab [add]
04. Ego Is a Motherfucker [add]
05. If You Don't Wanna Get Pregnant... [add]
06. Hoein' for the Dough [*] [add]
07. Beef Pattie [*] [add]
08. Bone-In (Grab a Hoe) [add]
09. I'm the Master [add]
10. Life in the Projects [add]
11. Peace [add]
12. Something for the Head [add]
13. I Got My Eyes on You [*] [add]
14. It's an E and Ice Thang [*] [add]

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