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Genre: R&B
Rock Me Tonight (1985) 01. He'll Never Love You (Like I Do) [add]
02. Love Is Just a Touch Away [add]
03. I Wanna Say I Love You [add]
04. You Are My Lady lyrics
05. Rock Me Tonight (For Old Times Sake) [add]
06. Sing a Song of Love lyrics
07. Calling [add]
08. Good Morning Heartache [add]

Just Like the First Time (1986) 01. Tasty Love lyrics
02. Have You Ever Loved Somebody lyrics
03. Look Around [add]
04. Jam Tonight [add]
05. Just Like the First Time [add]
06. I Can't Let You Go [add]
07. I Don't Want to Lose Your Love [add]
08. Janay [add]
09. Still Waiting [add]
10. You Are My Love [add]
11. A Little Bit More [add]

Don't Let Love Slip Away (1988) 01. Nice 'N' Slow [add]
02. Hey Lover [add]
03. Don't Let Love Slip Away [add]
04. Crazy (For Me) [add]
05. One Heart Too Many [add]
06. If You Don't Know Me by Now [add]
07. You and I Got a Thang [add]
08. Special Lady [add]
09. Yes, I Need You [add]
10. It's Gonna Take a Long, Long Time [add]

Do Me Again (1990) 01. Don't It Feel Good [add]
02. Love Me Down [add]
03. Main Course [add]
04. It Takes Two [add]
05. I'll Be Waiting for You [add]
06. Don't Say You Love Me [add]
07. Do Me Again [add]
08. Live for the Moment [add]
09. Second Time for Love [add]
10. I Can't Take It [add]
11. All over You [add]

Time for Love (1992) 01. I Could Use a Little Love (Right Now) [add]
02. Time for Love Tonight [add]
03. Chivalry [add]
04. Trouble [add]
05. Can I Touch You [add]
06. All I'll Ever Ask lyrics
07. Will You Be There [add]
08. Come With Me Tonight [add]
09. Can We Try [add]
10. Me and Mrs. Jones [add]
11. Live My Life Without You [add]

Here It Is (1994) 01. Was It Something [add]
02. Come Home II Us [add]
03. Here It Is [add]
04. How Does It Feel [add]
05. Giving My Love to You [add]
06. Paradise [add]
07. Make Love Easy [add]
08. Addictive 2 Touch [add]
09. I Love [add]
10. My Family [add]

Private Party (1995) 01. Private Party [add]
02. Rub up Against You [add]
03. Love You All Over [add]
04. (I Want To) Thank You [add]
05. Your Lovin' (Is a Good Thang) [add]
06. I Tried My Best [add]
07. No One Else [add]
08. Lay Your Love on Me [add]
09. Teach Me [add]
10. Once in a While [add]

Life After 30 (1999) 01. Do You Wanna [add]
02. All She Really Wanted (One Night Stand) [add]
03. Tell Me What You Like [add]
04. Only Man in Heaven [add]
05. Tiptoe (My Bedroom) [add]
06. Something You Got (I Always Come Back) [add]
07. Somebody Said [add]
08. I Wanna Be Your Man [add]
09. So Long Ago [add]
10. What Is It Good For? [add]
11. Do You Wanna [Remix] [add]

Live in Concert (2000) 01. Nice 'N' Slow [add]
02. Have You Ever Loved Somebody lyrics
03. Tasty Love lyrics
04. Only the Man in Heaven [add]
05. Jam Tonight [add]
06. Don't Want to Lose Your Love [add]
07. Love Me Down [add]
08. Don't Let Love Slip Away [add]
09. What Is It Good For? [add]
10. You Are My Lady lyrics
11. Rock Me Tonight (For Old Times Sake) [add]

It's Your Move (2004) 01. Natural Thang [add]
02. You Only Get (One Love) [add]
03. How 'Bout Us? [add]
04. It's on Tonight [add]
05. Let Me Know [add]
06. Say Yeah [add]
07. Sealed With a Kiss [add]
08. Over & Over [add]
09. It's Your Move [add]
10. Don't Give Up (On Our Love) [add]
11. I Do [add]
12. Stay [add]
13. Natural Thang [Smooth Jazz Remix] [add]
14. One Love [Remix] [add]

Personal Reflections (2005) 01. I Go Crazy [add]
02. Don't Know Why [add]
03. Love Ballad [add]
04. Back Together Again [add]
05. I Wanna Get Next to You [add]
06. Save the Best for Last [add]
07. I'll Be Around [add]
08. I Wanna Know Your Name [add]
09. Do That to Me One More Time [add]
10. One in a Million [add]

Transitions (2006) 01. Until the End of Time [add]
02. Transitions [add]
03. Hold on Me [add]
04. How Can I [add]
05. Can't Get My Flow [add]
06. Stay and Talk to Me [add]
07. More Than Friends [add]
08. Superman [add]
09. Tell Me About It [add]
10. Heaven [add]
11. What Cha'll Waiting For [add]
12. Superstar/Wind Beneath My Wings [add]
13. Rock Me Tonight [DVD] [add]
14. You Are My Lady [DVD] [add]
15. Have You Ever Loved Somebody [DVD] [add]
16. He'll Never Love You [DVD] [add]
17. Do Me Again [DVD] [add]
18. I Can Use a Little Love [DVD] [add]
19. Main Course [DVD] [add]
20. Love Me Down [DVD] [add]
21. Tasty Love [DVD] [add]
22. All Over You [DVD] [add]
23. Don't Wanna Lose Your Love [DVD] [add]
24. Me & Mrs. Jones [DVD] [add]
25. You and I Got a Thang [DVD] [add]
26. Nice & Slow [DVD] [add]
27. All I Ever Ask [DVD] [add]
28. Rub Against You [DVD] [add]
29. Can I Touch You [DVD] [add]

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