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MC Hammer lyrics
Genre: Rap
Let's Get It Started (1988) 01. Intro: Turn This Mutha Out [add]
02. Let's Get It Started [add]
03. Ring 'Em [add]
04. Cold Go M.C. Hammer [add]
05. You're Being Served [add]
06. It's Gone [add]
07. They Put Me in the Mix [add]
08. Son of the King [add]
09. That's What I Said [add]
10. Feel My Power [add]
11. Pump It up (Here's the News) [add]

Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em (1990) 01. Here Comes the Hammer [add]
02. U Can't Touch This lyrics
03. Have You Seen Her? [add]
04. Yo!! Sweetness [add]
05. Help the Children [add]
06. On Your Face [add]
07. Dancin' Machine [add]
08. Pray lyrics
09. Crime Story [add]
10. She's Soft and Wet [add]
11. Black Is Black [add]
12. Let's Go Deeper [add]
13. Work This [add]

Too Legit to Quit (1991) 01. This Is the Way We Roll [add]
02. Brothers Hang On [add]
03. Too Legit to Quit [add]
04. Living in a World Like This [add]
05. Tell Me (Why Can't We Live Together) [add]
06. Releasing Some Pressure [add]
07. Find Yourself a Friend [add]
08. Count It Off [add]
09. Good to Go [add]
10. Lovehold [add]
11. Street Soldiers [add]
12. Do Not Pass Me By [add]
13. Gaining Momentum [add]

The Funky Headhunter (1994) 01. Intro [add]
02. Oaktown [add]
03. It's All Good [add]
04. Somethin' for the O.G.'s [add]
05. Don't Stop [add]
06. Pumps and a Bump lyrics
07. One Mo' Time [add]
08. Clap Yo' Hands [add]
09. Break 'Em off Somethin' Proper [add]
10. Don't Fight the Feelin' [add]
11. Somethin' 'Bout the Goldie in Me [add]
12. Sleepin' on a Master Plan [add]
13. It's All That [add]
14. The Funky Headhunter [add]
15. Pumps and a Bump (Reprise: Bump Teddy Bump) [add]
16. Help Lord (Won't You Come) [add]

Inside Out (1995) 01. Luv-N-Happiness [add]
02. Sultry Funk [add]
03. Anything Goes on the Dance Floor [add]
04. I Hope Things Change [add]
05. Keep On [add]
06. Everything Is Alright [add]
07. I Need That Number [add]
08. Bustin' Loose [add]
09. Nothing But Love [add]
10. Goin' Up Yonder [add]
11. He Keeps Doing Great Things for Me [add]
12. A Brighter Day [add]

Family Affair (1998) 01. Put It Down [add]
02. Put Some Stop in Your Game [add]
03. Big Man [add]
04. Set Me Free [add]
05. Our God [add]
06. Responsible Father Shout [add]
07. He Brought Me Out [add]
08. Geeman Intro [add]
09. Eye's Like Mine [add]
10. Never Without You [add]
11. Praise Dance Theme Song [add]
12. Shame of the Name [add]
13. Smoothout Intro [add]
14. Unconditional Luv [add]
15. Keep on [add]
16. Teabag Intro [add]
17. Silly Heart [add]
18. I Wish U Were Free [add]
19. Common Unity Intro [add]
20. Someone to Hold to You [add]
21. Pray lyrics
22. Shouts [add]
23. Let's Get It Started [add]
24. Shouts [add]
25. Hammer Music [add]
26. Tour Info [add]

Active Duty (2001) 01. No Stoppin' Us (USA) [add]
02. Pick It Up [add]
03. Our Style [add]
04. Pop Yo Collar [add]
05. A Soldiers Letter [add]
06. What Happened to Our Hood [add]
07. It's All Love [add]
08. Bump This [add]
09. Not Like This [add]
10. Spitin' Fire [add]
11. Don't Be Discouraged [add]
12. I Don't Care [add]
13. Who's Holdin' It [add]
14. Cali [add]
15. Nite Show [add]
16. Where Will I Go [add]
17. Bay Livin' [add]
18. Broken Vessle "Commonunity" [add]
19. Why Do You Wanna Take Mine [add]

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