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Backstreet Girls lyrics
Genre: Rock
Mental Shakedown (1986) 01. Repo Man [add]
02. Mental Shakedown [add]
03. Party Time [add]
04. Rock'n Roll Shock [add]
05. Never to Loud [add]
06. Backstreet Boogie [add]
07. Rattlesnake Charlie [add]
08. Back in Jail [add]
09. Please Me [add]
10. Poor Ol'sam [add]
11. Mainstream Summer [add]
12. Shake a Little Finger [*] [add]
13. Back in the Uzzr [*] [add]
14. Hunt [*] [add]
15. KGB [*] [add]

Coming Down Hard (1990) 01. Temple of Lust [add]
02. She's So Bad [add]
03. I Was Right [add]
04. Back with a Bang [add]
05. Awright. Awright. Awright [add]
06. I'm in Love with You [add]
07. Speed City Synphony [add]
08. Bee Bop Sex Sex [add]
09. Hold On (A Little Bit Longer) [add]
10. Medicine Man [add]
11. Please Take Me Home [add]
12. Mad Dog in Soho [add]
13. Loose [add]
14. Action Man [add]
15. Gimme Just a Second [add]
16. That's Not What I Want [add]

Hellway to High (1999) 01. One for the Road [add]
02. Billion Dollar Business Baby [add]
03. Monster in My Cadilac [add]
04. Take a Long Line [add]
05. Panic in Pussyland [add]
06. Barbie Wire [add]
07. I Ain't the One [add]
08. Four Roses [add]
09. Rocks (Over My Head) [add]
10. Queenie Free/In for the Kill [add]
11. Speedway to Heaven [add]
12. Speedway to Heaven [add]

Tuff Tuff Tuff (2001) 01. What Do You Know [add]
02. Satisfied (I Can't Be) [add]
03. Mental Days [add]
04. I'm a Boy [add]
05. Magnum Maid [add]
06. Don't Let Me Down [add]
07. Three Times in the Gutter [add]
08. Give It to Me Baby [add]
09. Chainsaw Juggler [add]
10. Porno Dancing [add]
11. I Can Tell [add]
12. Downtown Station [add]

Black Boogie Death Rock N Roll (2004) 01. Sioux [add]
02. Hard Attack [add]
03. Whore Rotten Pussy [add]
04. Teenage Rumble [add]
05. Penetration Situation [add]
06. I Told Ya [add]
07. Barbie Wire [live] [add]
08. Loaded [live] [add]
09. Downtown Station [live] [add]
10. Backstreet Boogie [live] [add]
11. Gimme Just a Second [live] [add]
12. Left Hand [live] [add]

Sick My Duck (2004) 01. Hard Roxx [add]
02. Black Boogie Death Rock 'N Roll [add]
03. Gutter Talk [add]
04. Boogie My Life Away [add]
05. Damn That Man [add]
06. Feed the Monkey [add]
07. Sick My Duck [add]
08. Hizbollah Rock 'N Rollah [add]
09. Born Bad [add]
10. Hiroshima Shakin' [add]
11. Drink 'Til We Stink [add]
12. Downtown Shocker [add]
13. Partypounder [add]
14. Victory [add]

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