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Biota lyrics
Genre: Avant-Garde
Bellowing Room/Tinct (1987) 01. A. [add]
02. B. [add]
03. Tinct [add]
04. Tinct: Tottery [add]
05. Tinct: Motives [add]
06. Tinct: Riddled [add]
07. Tinct : Astray [add]
08. Tinct: Lapse [add]

Tumble (1989) 01. New Lookout [add]
02. One Eye Open [add]
03. Things Seem Like Just Happen [add]
04. Wire Talker [add]
05. Shadows Appear to Do [add]
06. Picture by Accident [add]
07. House of Suitcase [add]
08. Finder [add]
09. ...Buffalo Come Back. [add]
10. Operator for Contract [add]
11. When They Know [add]
12. The Less Said [add]
13. (Silence) [add]
14. Ghost Shirt [add]

Almost Never (1992) 01. Burn Daylight for Flugelhorns, Bass Clarinets, Rhodes Piano, Bass ... [add]
02. Burn Daylight for Guitars, Suzuki Harp, Bass Clarinet, Flugelhorn ... [add]
03. Burn Daylight for Pump Organ, Alto Sax, Guitars, Drum Kit and ... [add]
04. Burn Daylight for Guitars, Rhodes, Flugelhorn, Hramonica and Drum Kit [add]
05. Burn Daylight for Suzuki Harp, Banjo, Guitars, Drum Kit and Flugelhorn [add]
06. Burn Daylight for Flugelhorns, Ball Clarinets and Rhodes [add]
07. Circling These for Marxophone, Ukulele Guitar and Drum Kit [add]
08. Circling These for Bass Guitar, Drum Kit, Marxophone and Guitar [add]
09. Circling These for Pump Organ, Hurgy Gurdy, Ukulele, Marxophone, ... [add]
10. Circling These for Ukele Bass, Rhodes, Drum Kit, Bajo and String ... [add]
11. Circling These for Acoustic and E-Bow Banjo, Ukulele Bass, Drum ... [add]
12. Circling These for Hurdy Gurdy, Guitars, Recorder and Drum Kit [add]
13. Circling These for Drum Kit, Bass and Talking Drums, Conga, Wood ... [add]
14. Circling These for Guitars, Hurdy Gurdy, Ukulele, Harmonica and ... [add]
15. Old Reason Road for Flugelhorn, Bass Clarinet, Rhodes and a Truck ... [add]
16. Old Reason Road for Flugelhorns [add]
17. Old Reason Road for Guitars, Penny Whistle, Bass Clarinet, ... [add]
18. Old Reason Road for Alto Sax, Guitars, Low Whistle, Pump Organ, ... [add]
19. Old Reason Road for Bass Guitar, Flugelhorn, Guitar, Drum Kit and ... [add]
20. Old Reason Road for Flugelhorns, Bass Clarinet, Rhodes and Crickets [add]

Object Holder (1995) 01. Bumpreader [add]
02. Spillway [add]
03. Eavesdrop [add]
04. Blind Corner [add]
05. Under the Hat [add]
06. Flatwheel [add]
07. Reckoning Falls [add]
08. Swallow [add]
09. Move [add]
10. Steam Trader [add]
11. Understander [add]
12. Private Wire [add]
13. Cinder [add]
14. Distraction [add]
15. Signal [add]
16. This Ridge [add]
17. Idea for a Wagon [add]
18. More Silence [add]
19. Coat [add]
20. Gate Climbing [add]
21. Protector [add]
22. Visible Gap [add]
23. The Trunk [add]

Invisible Map (2001) 01. Moment [add]
02. The Rapid Color [add]
03. Port [add]
04. Call [add]
05. Landless [add]
06. Air on Water [add]
07. Mineral [add]
08. Common Broom [add]
09. Birthday [add]
10. Dustman [add]
11. Sleeping Car [add]
12. Snake Out [add]
13. Occurrence [add]
14. Top Ray Done [add]
15. Glass Lizard [add]
16. Telegraph Plant [add]
17. Spoonbender's Visit [add]
18. Remodel a Whisper [add]
19. Measured Not Found [add]
20. The Slow Forest [add]
21. Canopy [add]
22. Red's Big Day [add]
23. Lampblack [add]
24. There Is Probably Something [add]
25. Worry Hill [add]
26. Olive Drab Morionette [add]
27. Invisible Gap [add]
28. Yarn [add]
29. Words Disappear [add]
30. Ballad Of [add]
31. Soil and Token [add]
32. Glazed Paper [add]
33. Paste [add]
34. Truth Table [add]
35. Dual [add]
36. Flicker [add]
37. Presto the Human [add]

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