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Terry Oldfield lyrics
Genre: New Age
Reverence (0000) 01. Wings of the Morning [add]
02. Mystical Deep [add]

Cascade (1986) 01. Olympus [add]
02. Spiral [add]
03. Dance of the Nymphs [add]
04. Ancient Waters [add]
05. Timeless Echoes [add]
06. Troy [add]
07. Flight [add]
08. Mountain Voices [add]
09. Helios [add]
10. Soft Rain [add]
11. Secret Cave [add]
12. Gentle Forest [add]

In the Presence of Light (1986) 01. Entering [add]
02. Opening [add]
03. Wonder [add]
04. Surrender [add]
05. Space [add]
06. Presence [add]
07. Longing [add]
08. Freedom [add]
09. Flight [add]
10. Return [add]

Star of Heaven (1989) 01. Star of Heaven (Ave Maria) [add]
02. Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring [add]
03. Silent Night [add]

Spirit of the Rainforest (1990) 01. Between Two Worlds [add]
02. The Listening Heaven [add]

Zen: The Search for Enlightenment (1991) 01. The Seeking [add]
02. Pointing to the Moon [add]
03. Sharing the Path [add]
04. Duality [add]
05. Inseparable Paths [add]
06. Treading the Path [add]
07. Echoes in the Void [add]
08. Anatta [add]
09. See the Trees! Smell the Blossom! [add]
10. Transcending Time and Space [add]

Illumination: A Celtic Blessing (1992) 01. Illumination [add]
02. Mya Vin Rys [add]
03. Dyfuna [add]
04. Celtic Blessing [add]

Out of the Depths (1993) 01. De Profundis [add]
02. Out of the Depths [add]
03. Hear My Plea [add]

Spirit of Africa (1993) 01. The March of a Thousand Days [add]
02. Ancestral Futures [add]
03. The Long Way Home [add]

Australia: Twilight of the Dreamtime (1994) 01. Awakening the Seed Dreamer [add]
02. Spirit of the Rainbow Serpent [add]
03. Living the Dreamtime [add]

Spirit of Tibet (1994) 01. Footprints of Buddha's Children [add]
02. Tears for Tibet [add]

Spirit of India (1997) 01. Voices in the Wind [add]
02. Sandalwood & Jasmine [add]
03. Jayadev, the Bard of Love [add]
04. Moonlight on a Lotus [add]
05. Of a Love That Sweetly Dwells [add]

Icon (1997) 01. Resurrection [add]
02. Eyes of the Goddess [add]
03. Majesty [add]

All the Rivers Gold (1999) 01. The Morning Dew [add]
02. Pipprys (Forever) [add]
03. Sunset Jig [add]
04. All the Rivers Gold [add]
05. Emerald Waltz [add]
06. Celtic Lullaby [add]
07. All Shall Be Well [add]

Spirit of the World (2000) 01. The Aboriginals [add]
02. The Tibetans [add]
03. The Americans [add]
04. The Cambodians [add]
05. The Greeks [add]
06. The Africans [add]

Across the Universe (2001) 01. Across the Universe [add]
02. From the Heart [add]
03. When? [add]
04. Sun in My Eyes [add]
05. Down to Earth [add]

Turning Point (2002) 01. Guardian Angel [add]
02. Lost for Words [add]
03. Southern Shores [add]
04. Some Kind of Miracle [add]
05. Capture Me [add]
06. Bright Star [add]
07. Into the Blue [add]

Angel (2003) 01. Angel [add]
02. Beyond the Veil [add]

A Time for Peace (2003) 01. Full Moon [add]
02. Joy [add]
03. Stream [add]
04. Free as Air [add]
05. A New Day [add]
06. Arrival [add]
07. After the Rain [add]
08. Rising Sun [add]
09. Shadows Dancing [add]

Yoga Harmony (2004) 01. Earth and Sky [add]
02. Aum [add]
03. Pilgrimage [add]
04. Yoga Healing [add]
05. The Wave [add]
06. Mountain Path [add]
07. Nothingness [add]
08. The Essence [add]

De Profundis: Out of the Depths, Vol. 2 (2005) 01. Deep Connection [add]
02. De Profundis [add]
03. Ocean Song [add]
04. Out of the Depths [add]

Reiki Harmony (2006) 01. Spirit Calling [add]
02. Om Shanti [add]
03. Awakening Heart [add]
04. Loving Touch [add]
05. Joy Expanding [add]

Labyrinth (2006) 01. Ancient Memories [add]
02. Waves of Time [add]
03. Eastern Journey [add]
04. Stillness of Being [add]
05. A Life Remembered [add]

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