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Dan Gibson lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Power and the Majesty (1978) 01. The Thunderstorm [add]
02. Coast Daylight [Steam Locomotive No.4449: Scene One] [add]
03. Coast Daylight [Steam Locomotive No.4449: Scene Two] [add]
04. Coast Daylight [Steam Locomotive No.4449: Scene Three] [add]
05. Coast Daylight [Steam Locomotive No.4449: Scene Four] [add]
06. Coast Daylight [Steam Locomotive No.4449: Scene Five] [add]
07. Coast Daylight [Steam Locomotive No.4449: Scene Six] [add]
08. Coast Daylight [In the Cab]] [add]

Solitudes 1: By Canoe to Loon Lake/Dawn by a Gentle Stream (1981) 01. By Canoe to Loon Lake [Proc] [add]
02. Dawn by a Gentle Stream (The Ultimate Water Treatment Experience) [Pro] [add]

Solitudes 2: The Sound of the Surf (1981) 01. Heavy Surf on a Rocky Point and Along a Sand Spit [add]
02. Ocean Surf in a Hidden Cove [add]

Solitudes 3: Among the Giant Trees of the Wild Pacific Coast/Spring Morning on the P (1981) 01. Among the Giant Trees of the Wild Pacific Coast (Proc) [add]
02. Spring Morning on the Prairies (Proc) [add]

Solitudes 4: Niagara Falls, The Gorge and Glen/Among the Ponds & Streams of Niagara (1981) 01. Niagara Falls, the Gorge and Glen [add]
02. Among the Ponds and Streams of Niagara [add]

Solitudes 5: Dawn on the Desert/Among the Mountain Canyons and Valleys (1981) 01. Storm on Wilderness Lake [add]
02. Night on Wilderness Lake [add]

Solitudes 6: Storm on a Wilderness Lake/Night on a Wilderness Lake (1981) 01. Storm on a Wilderness Lake [Proc] [add]
02. Night on a Wilderness Lake [Proc] [add]

Solitudes: Wilderness Lake (1982) 01. Storm on Wilderness Lake [add]
02. Night on Wilderness Lake [add]

Solitudes Sampler (1984) 01. By Canoe to Loon Lake [Proc] [add]
02. Spring Morning on the Prairies (Proc) [add]
03. Ocean Surf in a Hidden Cove [Proc] [add]
04. Night in a Southern Swamp [Proc] [add]
05. Sailing to a Hidden Cove [Proc] [add]
06. Dawn by a Gentle Stream (The Ultimate Water Treatment Experience) [Pro] [add]
07. Don't Feed the Alligators [Proc] [add]
08. Morning Fog [Seascapes] [add]
09. Coastal Strom (Seascapes) [add]
10. Yellowstone [Nat. Parks & Sanctuaries Edition] [add]
11. Storm on Wilderness Lake [Proc] [add]
12. Hiking over the Highlands [Proc] [add]
13. Among the Mountain Canyons and Valleys (Proc) [add]
14. Heavy Surf on a Rocky Point and Along a Sand Spit [Proc] [add]
15. Among the Giant Trees of the Wild Pacific Coast (Proc) [add]
16. Night on Wilderness Lake [Proc] [add]
17. Niagara Falls, the Gorge and Glen [Proc] [add]
18. Seashore (Tradewind Islands) [add]
19. Rain Forest (Tradewind Islands) [add]
20. Arctic [Nat. Parks & Sanctuaries Edition] [add]

Solitudes, Vol. 11: Morning Songbirds (1987) 01. Atlantic Coast [add]
02. Great Smoky Mountains National Park [add]
03. Algonquin Provincial Park [add]
04. Everglades National Park [add]
05. Grand Canyon National Park [add]
06. Yellowstone National Park [add]
07. Yosemite National Park [add]
08. Pacific Coast [add]
09. Rain Forests [add]
10. Arctic [add]

Solitudes: Harmony (1989) 01. Stream of Dreams [add]
02. Spring Cloudburst [add]
03. Freedom at Sea [add]
04. A Night in the Everglades [add]
05. Arctic Life [add]
06. Coastal Fog [add]
07. Solitudes on Loon Echo Lake [add]
08. Desert Awakening [add]
09. Pacific Rainforest [add]
10. Timberwolves [add]
11. Wilderness Lost [add]

Pacific Suite: Exploring Nature with Music (1990) 01. Pacific Morning [add]
02. Redwoods Forest [add]
03. Humpback Whales [add]
04. Elk in Rainforest [add]
05. River to Ocean [add]
06. Return to the Sea [add]

Solitudes: Breaking Through the Mist (1990) 01. Dawn of the Lake [add]
02. Burning Mist [add]
03. Awakening Voice [add]
04. Hardwood Haven [add]
05. Beneath a Towering Pine [add]
06. North Wind Rising [add]
07. Along the Darkening Shore [add]
08. Return to the Pack [add]
09. Night Life [add]
10. Celestial Blanket [add]

Solitudes: Algonquin Suite (1992) 01. First Light [add]
02. At the Campsite [add]
03. Paddle and Portage [add]
04. Standing Tall [add]
05. Easy Stream [add]
06. Marshlands [add]
07. Forest Song [add]
08. Eyes of the Night [add]
09. Reunion of Wolves [add]
10. The Campfire [add]

Solitudes: Atlantic Suite (1992) 01. After the Storm [add]
02. The Gannets [add]
03. Offshore Breeze [add]
04. New England Trail [add]
05. Dunes on the Cape [add]
06. Southern Islands [add]
07. Gentle Shores [add]
08. Hanging Mist [add]
09. Mockingbird Farewell [add]
10. To Lands Unknows [add]

Solitudes: Classics II (1992) 01. Four Seasons: Spring [Abridged] [add]
02. Four Seasons: Summer [Abridged] [add]
03. Four Seasons: Autumn [Abridged] [add]
04. Four Seasons: Winter [Abridged] [add]
05. Spring Song [add]
06. Rustle of Spring [add]
07. Etude in E Major [add]
08. Fur Elise [add]
09. Serenade [add]
10. Barcarolle [add]
11. On Wings of Song [add]
12. Liebestraum [add]

Favorite Selections (1993) 01. Pool at the Baie Fine [add]
02. Stream of Dreams [add]
03. First Light [add]
04. Beneath the Towering Pines [add]
05. Tchaikovsky's Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy [add]
06. Fur Elise [add]
07. Redwoods Forest [add]
08. Dunes on the Cape [add]
09. Pachelbel's Canon in D [add]

Rocky Mountain Suite (1993) 01. Melting Ice [add]
02. Glacier Lake [add]
03. The Foothills [add]
04. Westbound [add]
05. The Thermal Song [add]
06. Summer's Eve on a Mountain Lake [add]
07. The Bugling Elk [add]
08. Winter's Wolves [add]
09. Dreaming of Spring [add]

Strauss Waltzes (1993) 01. Blue Danube [add]
02. Tales from the Vienna Woods [add]
03. Roses from the South [add]
04. Voices of Spring [add]
05. You and You [add]
06. Artist's Life [add]
07. Vienna Life [add]

Christmas in the Country: Twelve Traditional Carols (1994) 01. Huron Carol [add]
02. O Come All Ye Faithful [add]
03. Good King Wenceslas [add]
04. We Three Kings [add]
05. Angels We Have Heard on High [add]
06. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel [add]
07. The Coventry Carol [add]
08. Deck the Halls [add]
09. Away in a Manger [add]
10. A Midnight Clear [add]
11. Silent Night [add]
12. The First Noel [add]
13. Huron Carol [Alto Flute Solo] [add]

Solitudes: Appalachian Mountain Suite (1994) 01. Arrival of Spring [add]
02. Marshlands [add]
03. Forest Ridge [add]
04. Around the Campfire [add]
05. Mountain Stream [add]
06. Lake Voices [add]
07. The Maritimes [add]

Solitudes: Southwest Suite (1994) 01. Morning in Saguaro Valley [add]
02. High Country Trail [add]
03. Evening in Saguaro Canyon [add]
04. Grand Canyon Base [add]
05. Dry Desert Valley [add]
06. Desert Rain [add]
07. Along the River Bank [add]
08. Valley of the Trogons [add]
09. Night in Creek Canyon [add]

Solitudes: Nature's Ballet (1995) 01. Swan Lake [add]
02. Trois Gymnopedies [add]
03. Coppelia [add]
04. Las Meninas [add]
05. Les Sylphides [add]
06. Carnival of the Animals [add]
07. Tale of the Young Prince and the Young Princess [add]
08. Sleeping Beauty [add]
09. Midsummer Night's Dream [add]
10. Giselle [add]

Angels of the Sea (1997) 01. Angels of the Sea [add]
02. Florida Dream [add]
03. Skimming Waves [add]
04. Island Lagoon [add]
05. Free Spirit [add]
06. Laguna Pastoria [add]
07. The Light of Baja [add]
08. Northern Inlet [add]

Journey With the Whales (1997) 01. Across the Circular Horizon [add]
02. Artic Passage [add]
03. Mirrors of Wind and Sea [add]
04. Up Through the Water [add]
05. Into the Sky [add]
06. Aquatic Celebration [add]

Legend of the Wolf (1997) 01. Silent Running [add]
02. In the Den [add]
03. Play Fight [add]
04. Learning to Howl [add]
05. Moving the Pack [add]
06. First Hunt [add]
07. The Beckoning Sea [add]
08. Rituals of Winter [add]

Loon Echo Lake (1997) 01. Vivaldi's Summer from the Four Seasons [add]
02. Debussy's Claire de Lune [add]
03. Awakening Voice [add]
04. Summer's Eve on a Mountain Lake [add]
05. Loon Echo Lake [add]
06. Lake Voices [add]
07. First Light [add]
08. Eyes of the Night [add]
09. Pool at the Baie Fine [add]

Pachelbel: Forever by the Sea (1997) 01. The Canon Stirs [add]
02. Beyond the Horizon [add]
03. In a Protected Cove [add]
04. Forever by the Sea [add]
05. Ancient Harbor [add]
06. Timeless and Free [add]
07. The Beckoning Sea [add]

Raindance (1997) 01. Prelude [add]
02. The Welcome [add]
03. Whitewater: Spirit of the People [add]
04. Hot Sun [add]
05. Raindance [add]
06. Spirit of the Water [add]
07. The Arrival [add]
08. Ganohonyohi (Thanksgiving) [add]
09. Spirit of the Hunter [add]
10. Eyo: Tes: No (Naming Ceremony) & Lullaby [add]

Stream of Dreams (1997) 01. Morning Light [add]
02. Sheltered Shore [add]
03. Pool of Mirrors [add]
04. The Repose [add]
05. Quiet Longing [add]
06. After the Rain [add]
07. Streaming [add]

Dance of the Hummingbird (1998) 01. Shimmering Air [add]
02. Reverie [add]
03. Basking in the Warmth [add]
04. Timeless Wonder [add]
05. Sojourn [add]
06. Wings at Rest [add]
07. Silent Epiphany [add]

Grand Canyon: Natural Wonder (1998) 01. Majesty at Sunrise [add]
02. The Mist Clears [add]
03. Remembrance [add]
04. Forgotten Melody [add]
05. The Wish [add]
06. Chorus of the Sun [add]
07. Awakened Spirits [add]
08. Eternity [add]

In the Midst of Angels (1998) 01. Voices of Peace [add]
02. Canyon Legacy [add]
03. Stillness of Dawn [add]
04. A Sense of Wonder [add]
05. Enchanted Seashore [add]
06. Boundless Beauty [add]
07. Longing [add]
08. Hidden Garden [add]
09. Ancient Air [add]

Bach: Forever by the Sea (1998) 01. Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D/Air (With Nature Sounds) [add]
02. Cantata No. 140/Sleepers Awake (With Nature Sounds) [add]
03. Orchestral Suite No. 1 in C/Forlane (With Nature Sounds) [add]
04. Concerto in D Minor, For Two Violines/Largo, Ma Non Tanto (With Nature [add]
05. Cantata No. 208/Sheep May Safely Graze (With Nature Sounds) [add]
06. Concerto No. 5 in F Minor for Harpsichord/Largo (With Nature Sounds) [add]
07. Concerto in C Minor, For Oboe and Violin/Adagio (With Nature Sounds) [add]
08. Partita in D Minor/Sarabande (With Nature Sounds) [add]
09. Klavierbuchlein f?r Anna Magdalena Bach No. 2/Bist du bei Mir ... [add]
10. Cantata No. 147/Jesus, Joy of Man's Desiring (With Nature Sounds) [add]

Celtic Christmas Story (1998) 01. Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring [add]
02. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel [add]
03. We Three Kings [add]
04. Deck the Halls [add]
05. Joy to the World [add]
06. The First Noel [add]
07. The Holly & the Ivy [add]
08. Ding Dong! Merrily on High [add]
09. Here We Come A-Wassaling [add]
10. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen [add]
11. Silent Night [add]
12. What Child Is This? [add]

Guardians of Atlantis (1998) 01. Guardians of Atlantis [add]
02. Transcendence [add]
03. Halcyon [add]
04. Coral Coast [add]
05. Ethereal Blue [add]
06. Setting Sun [add]
07. Caribbean Air [add]
08. Forever Free [add]

Heart of Summer (1998) 01. Both Sides Now [add]
02. Evergreen [add]
03. Have I Told You Lately [add]
04. Killing Me Softly [add]
05. Longer [add]
06. My Love [add]
07. Songbird [add]
08. You've Got a Friend [add]
09. If [add]
10. Vincent [add]

Piano Cascades (1998) 01. Nurturing Rain [add]
02. Wishing [add]
03. Winged Realm [add]
04. Streams of Hope [add]
05. Woodland Meditation [add]
06. Midnight Blue [add]
07. Heart of the Forest [add]
08. Cascades [add]

Jazz by Twighlight (1999) 01. Along the Waterfront [add]
02. Silver Sky [add]
03. Settling In [add]
04. Dancing Rain [add]
05. Amber Glow [add]
06. Twilight [add]
07. Moonrise [add]
08. Polaris [add]

Natural Concentration (1999) 01. Sunshowers [add]
02. Awakenes Spirit [add]
03. Fresh Air [add]
04. Effotless [add]
05. Inner Musing [add]
06. Unspoiled Beauty [add]
07. Panorama [add]
08. Resolve [add]

Secrets of the Jungle (1999) 01. Dawn at Drake Bay [add]
02. Secrets of the Jungle [add]
03. The Howler Monkeys [add]
04. Forest in the Clouds [add]
05. Life Source [add]
06. Ascension [add]
07. Path of the Jaguar [add]
08. Monte Verde [add]

Shorelines: Classical Guitar (1999) 01. Adelita and Legrima [add]
02. Reverie [add]
03. Venetian Boat Song [add]
04. Romanza d'Amour [add]
05. Suite #3 in D [add]
06. Planxty Nancy McDermott [add]
07. Villanos and Espanoleta #1 [add]
08. Serenade [add]
09. Blow the Wind Southerly, Early One Morning and the Water Is Wide [add]
10. Symphony #3 in F [add]
11. Prelude in E Minor [add]
12. Farewell to Music [add]

Beethoven: Forever by the Sea (2000) 01. Sonata Path?tique - 2nd Movement [add]
02. Symphony No. 6: Pastoral - 1st, 2nd & 5th Movement Excerpts [add]
03. Spring Sonata for Violin and Piano [add]
04. Symphony No. 7 - 2nd Movement [add]
05. Piano Concerto No. 1 - Largo [add]
06. Symphony No. 9 - 3rd and 4th Movement Excerpts [add]
07. Moonlight Sonata - 1st Movement [add]

Whispering Woods (2000) 01. Walk Softly [add]
02. Revitalise [add]
03. Winding Path [add]
04. Sparkling Sky [add]
05. Forever Green [add]
06. Southern Live Oak [add]
07. In the Shade [add]
08. Fork in the River [add]

Forest Piano (2001) 01. Robin/Wood Thrush/Hermit Thrush/Veery [add]
02. Pileated Woodpecker/Swamp Sparrow/White-Throated Sparroe/Red Squirrel [add]
03. Song Sparrow/Rose-Breasted Grosbeak/White-Throated Sparrow/Common Crow [add]
04. Northern Oriole/House Wren [add]
05. Common Crow/Magnolia Warbler/Blue Jay/Overbird [add]
06. Catbird [add]
07. Grey Tree Frog/Veery [add]
08. Northern Oriole/House Wren [add]

Rolling Thunder (2002) 01. Curious Peace [add]
02. Rolling Thunder [add]
03. Abstracts in Rain [add]
04. Still Waters [add]
05. Shades of Gray [add]
06. Mesmerize [add]
07. Shoreline Serenade [add]
08. Shrouded Wonder [add]
09. Dancing Deluge [add]
10. Fade Away [add]

Somewhere Over the Rainbow (2002) 01. Over the Rainbow [add]
02. Fields of Gold [add]
03. Somewhere Out There [add]
04. Sea of Love [add]
05. My Heart Will Go On [add]
06. The Wind Beneath My Wings [add]
07. Where Do I Begin (Love Story) [add]
08. The Rose [add]
09. Theme from Missing [add]
10. The Way We Were [add]
11. Bridge over Troubled Water [add]
12. What a Wonderful World [add]

Wild Wolf: Mysterious Beauty (2002) 01. Mysterious Beauty [add]
02. The Loyal Pack [add]
03. Along the Cedar Creek [add]
04. Dreaming by Daylight [add]
05. Watchful Eyes [add]
06. Shelter the Young [add]
07. Moon Silhouette [add]
08. Lakeside Cliffs [add]

Garden in Provence (2002) 01. Sunrise in Provence [add]
02. Poppies [add]
03. Water-Lilly Pond [add]
04. Under the Poplars [add]
05. A Quiet Cove [add]
06. The Row Boat [add]
07. Misty Morning [add]
08. The Freshness of Rain [add]
09. Beyond the Garden Gate [add]

Lakeside Retreat (2002) 01. Lakeside Retreat [add]
02. The Comfort of Home [add]
03. Splash of the Paddle [add]
04. Whispering Pines [add]
05. Glowing Embers [add]
06. A Gentle Grace [add]
07. Morning Light [add]
08. Time Stands Still [add]

Debussy: Forever by the Sea (2002) 01. Clair de Lune [add]
02. Sarabande [add]
03. En Bateau [add]
04. Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun [add]
05. Reverie [add]
06. The Sunken Cathedral [add]
07. Arabesque, No. 1 [add]
08. The Little Shepherd [add]
09. The Girl With the Flaxen Hair [add]

Morning Has Broken (2002) 01. The Sound of Silence [add]
02. (They Long to Be) Close to You [add]
03. Sunshine on My Shoulders [add]
04. Something [add]
05. You've Got a Friend [add]
06. Angel of the Morning [add]
07. If You Could Read My Mind [add]
08. Morning Has Broken [add]
09. Turn, Turn, Turn [add]
10. I Write the Songs [add]
11. Annie's Song [add]
12. Let It Be [add]

Seaside Retreat (2002) 01. Seaside Retreat [add]
02. Barefoot in the Sand [add]
03. Among the Dunes [add]
04. The Sparkling Sea [add]
05. Building Dreams [add]
06. The Tides That Move Us [add]
07. A More Perfect View [add]
08. Dancing Surf [add]
09. By the Grace of the Sea [add]

Siesta Beach: Spanish Guitar (2002) 01. Beautiful Maria of My Soul [add]
02. Romanza d'Amour [add]
03. Siesta Mexicana [add]
04. Black Orpheus [add]
05. Spanish Eyes [add]
06. Guantanamera [add]
07. Jamaican Farewell [add]
08. Dominican Breeze [add]

Songbird Symphony (2002) 01. Baltimore Oriole [add]
02. Hermit Thrush [add]
03. Scarlet Tanager [add]
04. Yellow-Rumped Warbler [add]
05. Gray Catbird [add]
06. Veery [add]
07. Winter Wren [add]
08. Wood Thrush [add]

Windsong (2002) 01. Garden Tranquility [add]
02. Seaside Breeze [add]

Angelsong by the Sea (2003) 01. Pavane, Op. 50 [add]
02. Gymnop?die No. 3 [add]
03. The Swan [add]
04. Sonata in C Minor, Op. 13 (Path?tique), 2nd Mov't [add]
05. Poppies [add]
06. Air for the G String [add]
07. Symphony No. 9 in E Minor (New World), 2nd Mov't (Excerpt) [add]
08. Etude, Op. 10, No. 3 (Excerpt) [add]
09. Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor, Op. 18, 2nd Mov't (Excerpt) [add]

Island Retreat (2003) 01. Pomaika`I (Blessing) [add]
02. Haulelau (Autumn) [add]
03. Hula Kakahiaka (Morning Dance) [add]
04. 'Ohana (Family) [add]
05. Molehelehu (Dusk) [add]
06. A Hui Hou (Until We Meet Again) [add]
07. Puanani (Heavenly Lei) [add]
08. Halekulani (House of Heaven) [add]
09. Aloha `Oe (Farewell to Thee) [add]

Lullibies from Nature's Nursery (2003) 01. Sleep, Baby, Sleep [add]
02. Brahms' Lullaby [add]
03. All Through the Night [add]
04. Bye, Baby Bunting [add]
05. Kumbaya [add]
06. Hush, Little Baby [add]
07. Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ra [add]
08. Fr?re Jacques (Are You Sleeping?) [add]
09. Baa, Baa, Black Sheep [add]
10. All the Pretty Little Horses [add]
11. Golden Slumbers [add]
12. Claire de Lune [add]
13. Rock-A-Bye Baby [add]
14. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star [add]

Natural Stress Relief 2 (2003) 01. Fade to Blue [add]
02. Lakeside Calm [add]
03. Forest Sanctuary [add]
04. Waves of Peace [add]

Pachelbel: In the Garden (2003) 01. Serenade [add]
02. Pastoral [add]
03. Pavan [add]
04. Serenity [add]
05. Elegy [add]
06. Songbirds [add]
07. Flourishing [add]

Wind Beneath My Wings (2003) 01. Wind Beneath My Wings [add]
02. Bridge over Troubled Water [add]
03. You Are So Beautiful [add]
04. Sunshine on My Shoulders [add]
05. From a Distance [add]
06. I Believe I Can Fly [add]
07. Lean on Me [add]
08. We've Only Just Begun [add]
09. Arthur's Theme (The Best That You Can Do) [add]
10. You're the Inspiration [add]
11. Up Where We Belong [add]
12. Multimedia Program [add]

Classical Garden (2003) 01. Meditation [Tha?s] [add]
02. Morning [Peer Gynt] [add]
03. Air (Water Music) [add]
04. Adagio [add]
05. Liberty [add]
06. The Swan [add]
07. Air on a G String [add]
08. F?r Elise [add]
09. Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring [add]
10. Nimrod [Enigma Variations] [add]
11. Recuerdos [add]
12. Pavane [add]
13. Sleepers Awake [add]

Country Retreat (2003) 01. Big Sky [add]
02. Old Creek [add]
03. Picket Fence [add]
04. Quiet Rain [add]
05. Shades of Summer [add]
06. The Road Home [add]
07. A Lazy Afternoon [add]
08. Warm Breeze [add]
09. Country Rose [add]
10. After the Sunset [add]
11. Big Sky (Reprise) [add]

Deep Blue (2003) 01. Riding the Waves [add]
02. Floating Free [add]
03. Deep Blue [add]
04. Dolphins in Paradise [add]
05. The Giants Sing [add]
06. Heading Home [add]

Frog Song (2003) 01. Spring Peeper, Wood Frog [add]
02. Gray Treefrog, Saw-Whet Owl, Barred Owl [add]
03. Northern Leopard Frog, Western Chorus Frog, Red-Winged Blackbird [add]
04. Western Chorus Frog, Spring Peeper, Wood Frog [add]
05. American Toad, Common Loon [add]
06. Bullfrog, Green Frog, Great Crested Flycatcher, Ruffed Grouse, ... [add]
07. Green Frog, Rose-Breasted Grosbeak, Common Yellowthroat, Chipping ... [add]
08. Whip-Poor-Will, Southern Toad, Southern Leopard Frog [add]
09. Soutern Cricket Frog, Barking Treefrog, Gopher Frog [add]
10. Southern Chorus Frog, Pine Woods Treefrog, Oak Toad, Gopher Frog, ... [add]
11. Pig Frog, Gopher Frog [add]
12. Spring Peeper, Eastern Narrow-Mouthed Frog, Southern Toad, ... [add]
13. Southern Leopard Frog, Pine Barrens Treefrog, Pauraque, Insects [add]
14. Canyon Frog [add]
15. Western Chorus Frog, Marbled Godwit, Canada Goose, Yellow-Headed ... [add]
16. Pacific Treefrog, Winter Wren, Varied Thrush, Fox Sparrow, Robin [add]

Gentle World: Celtic Reverie (2003) 01. A Fhir a Bhata (The Boatmen) [add]
02. My Singing Bird [add]
03. Silent O Moyle [add]
04. Ardaigh Cuan (Ardaigh Pier) [add]
05. Lovely Molly [add]
06. Lissadell [add]
07. Barbara Allen [add]
08. The Flower of Magherally [add]
09. Henry's Sweet Farewell [add]
10. Si?l Agr?/Si?l Aroon (Walk With Me My Love) [add]
11. Carolan's Welcome [add]
12. T?r Na N?g (Land of the Young) [add]

Gentle World: Native Spirit (2003) 01. Great Spirit [add]
02. Song of the River [add]
03. Love [add]
04. The Wise One [add]
05. The Elders Speak [add]
06. Gentle Dance [add]
07. Warmth of the Sun [add]
08. Honor [add]
09. Sacred Source [add]
10. Heartbeat of a Nation [add]
11. Peace [add]

Gentle World: Tibetan Wonder (2003) 01. Royal Lama (Chattra) [add]
02. Lotus (Padma) [add]
03. Infinite Love (Shrivasta) [add]
04. Victorious Spirit (Dhvaja) [add]
05. Circle of Life (Dharmachakra) [add]
06. Immortal Nectar (Kalasha) [add]
07. Spirits of Peace (Sankha) [add]
08. Blessed Abundance (Matsyayugma) [add]

Listen to the Mockingbird (2003) 01. Mockingbird With Great Crested Flycatcher, Rufous-Sided Towhee, ... [add]
02. Mockingbird With Laughing Gull, Carolina Wren, Cardinal, ... [add]
03. Brown Thrasher With Song Sparrow, Field Sparrow, House Wren, ... [add]
04. Curve-Billed Thrasher With Gila Woodpecker, Gambel's Quail, ... [add]
05. Mockingbird With Fish Crow Tufted Titmouse, Wood Thrush, House ... [add]
06. Mockingbird With Acorn Woodpecker, Rufous-Sided Towhee, Scott's ... [add]
07. Gray Catbird With White-Throated Sparrow, Rose-Breasted Grosbeak, ... [add]
08. Tropical Mockingbird With Anthrush, Peppershrike, Streaked Flycatcher, [add]

Nature Trails (2003) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Robin [add]
03. Red Squirrel [add]
04. Black-Capped Chickadee [add]
05. Song Sparrow [add]
06. Great Blue Heron [add]
07. Red-Winged Blackbird [add]
08. Olive-Sided Flycatcher (Contopus Cooperi) [add]
09. Leopard Frog [add]
10. Common Yellowthroat [add]
11. Ruffed Grouse [add]
12. Common Loon [add]
13. Ruby-Crowned Kinglet [add]
14. Common Raven [add]
15. Northern Waterthrush [add]
16. Chipping Sorrow [add]
17. Hermit Thrush [add]
18. Northern Flicker [add]
19. Bullfrog [add]
20. American Bittern [add]
21. Whip-Poor-Will [add]
22. Great Horned Owl [add]
23. Timberwolf [add]

Piano Songbirds (2003) 01. Northern Waterthrush [add]
02. Brown Thrasher [add]
03. Common Yellowthroat [add]
04. Eastern Bluebird [add]
05. Song Sparrow [add]
06. Mourning Warbler [add]
07. Red-Winged Blackbird [add]
08. Warbling Vireo [add]
09. Wood Thrush [add]
10. American Robin [add]

Nurturing Rain (2003) 01. Splendor [add]
02. Whispers of Rain [add]
03. Silver Days [add]
04. Refuge from the Storm [add]
05. Translucence [add]
06. Natural Grace [add]
07. Renewal [add]
08. Illumination [add]

Piano Classics (2004) 01. Claire de Lune [add]
02. Ave Maria [add]
03. Pavane [add]
04. To a Wild Rose [add]
05. Prelude No. 1 [add]
06. Chanson Triste [add]
07. Romanze [add]
08. Grand Pas de Duex [add]
09. The Swan [add]
10. Intermezzo [add]

Thunderstorm: A Surround Sound Experiance [Super Audio CD] (2004) 01. Thunderstorm [add]
02. Thunderstorm (Continued) [add]
03. Thunderstorm (Continued) [add]
04. Thunderstorm (Continued) [add]
05. Thunderstorm (Continued) [add]
06. Thunderstorm (Continued) [add]
07. Thunderstorm (Continued) [add]

Tranquil Cove (2004) 01. Under Sail [add]
02. Tranquil Cove [add]
03. Shorelines [add]
04. By the Falls [add]
05. The View from Above [add]
06. Early Morning Visitor [add]
07. A Passing Storm [add]
08. The Source [add]
09. Warm Evening Air [add]
10. At Anchor [add]

Solitudes: Celtic Serenity (2005) 01. Danny Boy [add]
02. Green Grow the Rushes [add]
03. Eleanor Plunkett [add]
04. Whild Mountain Thyme [add]
05. John Drury [add]
06. Love Thee, Dearest [add]
07. Buchal en Eire [add]
08. All Through the Night/Come Give Me Your Hand [add]
09. Lament of Terence MacDonough [add]
10. Skye Boat Song [add]
11. Greensleeves [add]
12. Shebeg Shemore [add]

Solitudes 25: Silver Anniversary Collection [Bonus DVD] (2006) 01. Across the Lake [add]
02. Celestial Blanket [add]
03. First Hunt [add]
04. Heart of the Forest [add]
05. Inner Sea [add]
06. Dreams Come True [add]
07. Path to Enlightenment [add]
08. Moon River [add]
09. Green Grow the Rushes [add]
10. Luna y Mar [add]
11. Moonlight Sonata [add]
12. Huina Huayna (Forever Young) [add]
13. India [add]
14. The Lazy River [*] [add]
15. Water Lilies [*] [add]
16. Dreaming [*] [add]
17. Algonquin Sunset [*] [add]
18. Misty Morning [*] [add]
19. The Perfect Day [*] [add]
20. Impressions [*] [add]
21. Autumn Solitude [*] [add]
22. Winter Wonder [*] [add]

Solitudes: Rock N Roll Christmas (2006) 01. Run Rudolph Run [add]
02. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus [add]
03. Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree [add]
04. Merry, Merry Christmas Baby [add]
05. Please Come Home for Christmas [add]
06. Frosty the Snowman [add]
07. Jingle Bells Jingle [add]
08. Merry Christams Baby [add]
09. Blue Christmas [add]
10. Jingle Bell Rock [add]
11. Sleigh Ride [add]
12. Hey Santa Claus [add]
13. White Christmas [add]
14. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer [add]
15. Christmas Kisses [add]
16. Love for Christmas [add]

Solitudes: Songs for Open Road (2006) 01. Brown Eyed Girl [add]
02. Stuck in the Middle with You [add]
03. Rocket Man [add]
04. Sweet Home Alabama [add]
05. Takin' Care of Business [add]
06. Let Your Love Flow [add]
07. American Pie [add]
08. Wild World [add]
09. Maggie May [add]
10. The Things We Do for Love [add]
11. Drift Away [add]
12. Show Me the Way [add]
13. Signs [add]
14. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown [add]

Songbirds by the Stream (2006) 01. Wood Thrush (Canada Warbler) [add]
02. Canada Warbler (Wood Thrush) [add]
03. Red-Eyed Vireo (Magnolia Warbler) [add]
04. Rose-Breasted Grosbeak [add]
05. Cardinal: Two Different Songs [add]
06. American Goldfinch [add]
07. Yellow Warbler [add]
08. Song Sparrow, Red-Eyed Vireo & Baltimore Oriole [add]
09. Winter Wren [add]
10. Myrtle Warbler [add]
11. Black-Capped Chickadee & Yellowthroat (Northern Flicker) [add]
12. White-Throated Sparrow [add]
13. Swamp Sparrow & Red-Winged Blackbird (Spring Peeper Frog & Common Crow) [add]
14. Ruby-Crowned Kinglet (Red Squirrel & White-Throated Sparrow) [add]
15. Scarlet Tanager & Swainson's Thrush [add]
16. Ovenbird (Red-Eyed Vireo & Ring-Billed Gull) [add]
17. Northern Waterthrush (Red-Breasted Nuthatch, Winter Wren & Ovenbird) [add]
18. American Robin (American Redstart) [add]
19. Gray Catbird [add]
20. Indigo Bunting [add]
21. Veery (Winter Wren [add]
22. Purple Finch (Ovenbird & Ruby-Crowned Kinglet) [add]
23. Hermit Thrush [add]

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