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Greg Joy lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Tapestries: Original Music for Guitar, Flute... (1990) 01. Alexandrite [add]
02. In the Quiet Hour [add]
03. Windmills [add]
04. Toye for Nishka [add]
05. Dadgad Delight [add]
06. Shades of Blue and Gold [add]
07. Ancient Echoes [add]
08. Drifting on the Moor [add]
09. Innocent Child [add]
10. Aeolian [add]
11. Tapestries [add]
12. Radiance [add]

Celtic Secrets (1993) 01. Unique Grave [add]
02. A Maid in Bedlam [add]
03. Scarborough Fair [add]
04. The Trees They Do Grow High [add]
05. Wind Dance of the Fairies [add]
06. Lovely Joan/The Spirit Flies Free [add]
07. Sovay [add]
08. All Things Are Quite Silent [add]
09. Greensleeves [add]
10. Breton Dance/Douce Dame Jolie [add]
11. Sylvie [add]
12. When I Was on Horseback [add]
13. Ancient Sojourn [add]

Touching Hearts (1995) 01. Child Within [add]
02. Touching Hearts [add]
03. Am I Loving You [add]
04. Touched by Our Love [add]
05. Inner Change [add]
06. Who Is Really Blind [add]
07. Going After Our Dreams [add]
08. Life Is Simple [add]
09. To Always Love [add]
10. Alone, Not Lonely [add]
11. While I'm Alive [add]
12. Peace Within [add]

Celtic Secrets, Vol. 2 (1996) 01. Lowlands of Holland [add]
02. The Cuckoo [add]
03. Black Mountain [add]
04. McBurney's Jig [add]
05. Carolan's Welcome [add]
06. The Enchantress [add]
07. Misty Mountain Lady [add]
08. Mist Covered Mountains of Home [add]
09. Let No Man Steal Your Thyme [add]
10. Rights of Man [add]
11. Wild Mountain Thyme [add]
12. Twin Lakes [add]

Celtic Impressions (1997) 01. Cold, Haily, Windy Night [add]
02. Lade Guinevere [add]
03. Autumn Harp [add]
04. Dadgad Delight [add]
05. Toye for Nishka [add]
06. Scarborough Fair [add]
07. A Beggin' I Will Go [add]
08. Acolian [add]
09. Drifting on the Moors [add]
10. Saucy Sailor [add]
11. Long-A-Growing [add]
12. John Barleycorn [add]

A Magical Celtic Christmas [Ancient Echoes] (1999) 01. O Come, O Come Emmanuel [add]
02. God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen [add]
03. The First Noel [add]
04. He Ho, Nobody's Home [add]
05. Away in a Manger [add]
06. I Wonder as I Wander [add]
07. St. Basil's Hymn [add]
08. Deck the Halls [add]
09. We Three Kings of Orient Are [add]
10. Grad?t? [add]
11. Entr? le Boeuf et l'Ang Gris [add]
12. Silent Night [add]
13. Coventry Carol [add]

Celtic Passion (2000) 01. Rakes of Kildare/Swallow's Nest [add]
02. Road to Lisdoonvarna [add]
03. Celtic Echoes [add]
04. Dream Flight [add]
05. Flowers of Edinburgh/Black Watch [add]
06. Planxty Bourke [add]
07. River of Golden Dreams [add]
08. Love and Sorrow [add]
09. Blarney Pilgrim [add]
10. Chicken on the Run/Sunday Is My Wedding Day [add]
11. Snowflakes Dancing [add]
12. Winston and the Sandpipers [add]
13. Julia Delaney [add]
14. Tancy's Fancy [add]

Celtic Enchantment (2000) 01. Morrison's Jig [add]
02. Knight Flight [add]
03. Roxborough Castle [add]
04. Carolan's Quarrel with the Landlady [add]
05. Craigdarroch Castle [add]
06. Joseph and Mary [add]
07. Tarboulton Reel [add]
08. Royal Forester [add]
09. Skye Boat Song [add]
10. Willy O'Winsbury [add]
11. Namast? [add]
12. Merrily Kissed the Quaker's Wife [add]
13. Kirn/Bras de Toulem?/Petticoat's Loose [add]
14. Magical Child [add]

Winds of Change (2002) 01. Way of the World [add]
02. A Reason for Music [add]
03. Waterfall Beach [add]
04. Cast Adrift [add]
05. Winds of Change [add]
06. Lost in the Shadows [add]
07. Synthetic Blue [add]
08. Impressions of the Park [add]
09. Spirit of Anisha [add]
10. Angel [add]
11. Searching for the Light [add]
12. Child of Tomorrow [add]
13. The Wanderer [add]
14. Song for Anna [add]

Visions of Paradise (2004) 01. Clouds of Mystery [add]
02. Cost of Freedom [add]
03. Vanishing Act [add]
04. Out of the Darkness [add]
05. Mist Over Wickaninnish [add]
06. Dance of the Druids [add]
07. Dreamwheel [add]
08. Go With the Flow [add]
09. Leap of Faith [add]
10. Miracle [add]
11. Land of Confusion [add]
12. Trouble in Paradise [add]
13. Ray of Hope [add]
14. Longing for You [add]
15. Seventh Heaven [add]
16. Visions of Paradise [add]

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