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Papa San lyrics
Genre: Reggae
System (1990) 01. The Sistem [add]
02. Sanny (Mr. Lover) [add]
03. How Fi Run Mi Life [add]
04. Jump up Posse [add]
05. Gonna Get Along Without Ya Now [add]
06. Dancehall Good to We [add]
07. Hop off a Me (Mistake!) [add]
08. Do-Re-Mi [add]
09. Me a Beg Uno Move [add]
10. New Dance [add]

Rough Cut (1992) 01. Strange [add]
02. Oh, What a Night [add]
03. Mission: Impossible [add]
04. Dirty Talk [add]
05. Go Daddy Sanny [add]
06. Hippity Hippity Hop [add]
07. Ram Dance Man [add]
08. Dem Say Mi Wicked [add]
09. Turn Me On [add]
10. Back Together Again [add]
11. Hi [add]

Pray Fi Dem (1993) 01. Bad Boy Tony [add]
02. Football in Bed [add]
03. Pray Fi Dem [add]
04. Woulda Coulda [add]
05. A Nuh Joke Mi a Mek [add]
06. A Me Name Cocaine [add]
07. Dibi Dibi DJ [add]
08. Clap Your Hands [add]
09. Hungry a Kill Me [add]
10. National Dish [add]

In Action (1993) 01. Romantic Love [add]
02. Tell Me Wa Fe Do [add]
03. Weh Dem Chat Seh [add]
04. Love Weh Me Want [add]
05. Give Me Lickle Something [add]
06. Nick Name Game [add]
07. Sorry [add]
08. Gay Man [add]
09. What a Girl Look Fat [add]
10. Buck up Lover [add]

No Place Like Home (1995) 01. Heads of Government [add]
02. It Bun Them [add]
03. Leave San Alone [add]
04. No Place Like Home [add]
05. Walk the Street [add]
06. No Super Human [add]
07. Waltz [add]
08. Put It Down [add]
09. Kiss Me Honey [add]
10. Coco Cola Shape [add]

Victory (1999) 01. Hail Him Up [add]
02. Road to Travel [add]
03. Interlude [add]
04. Fly Away Home [add]
05. Jesus Love [add]
06. Mama [add]
07. Touch from You [add]
08. First Him [add]
09. Only Jah Mercy [add]
10. Victory [add]
11. As a Christian [add]

God & I (2003) 01. Breathe Again [add]
02. Pop Style [add]
03. God and I [add]
04. Step Pon Di Enemy [add]
05. I Know [add]
06. I Call Her Blessed [add]
07. De Blood [add]
08. Can't Flee from Your Presence [add]
09. Armour [add]
10. Right Track [add]
11. All God [add]
12. Stay Far [add]

Blakmarket (2003) 01. Intro [add]
02. Green Blood Feat. Lil Bud [add]
03. Kustom Kut [add]
04. Soul Hustler [add]
05. A-Yo [add]
06. Let's Ride [add]
07. Let Go Feat [add]
08. Up out the Game [add]
09. Hot Town [add]
10. This Is Who I Am Feat [add]
11. Die 4* Feat [add]
12. We Can't Stop [add]
13. Hol on to You Dreams [add]
14. I Ain't Hip Hop [add]
15. The Future Feat [add]
16. Outro [add]

Real and Personal (2005) 01. More Life [add]
02. For You Lord [add]
03. Good to Me [add]
04. Oh Zion [add]
05. Jus' Seh di Word [add]
06. He's Coming [add]
07. Tell Me Why [add]
08. Come out a di Building [add]
09. It's All About You [add]
10. Cornerstone [add]
11. Stand Strong [add]

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