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David Bradstreet lyrics
Genre: Rock
David Bradstreet (1976) 01. Into [add]
02. One Way or Another [add]
03. Renaissance [add]
04. Distant Fileds [add]
05. Main Street Soliloquy [add]
06. Long Long Road [add]
07. Waiting This Long [add]
08. When the Sun Arrives [add]
09. Beresford Street [add]
10. From Here I See [add]
11. Can You Feel the Earth [add]
12. Cover to Cover [add]

Dreaming in Colour (1978) 01. Thirty Years [add]
02. Sticks and Stones [add]
03. Dreaming in Colour [add]
04. Goodbye Jason [add]
05. This Ringing in My Ear (Midnight Song) [add]
06. Last Catch [add]
07. Cards [add]
08. Keep Your Luck Alive (Buddy and Lucky Lucy) [add]
09. Ashes on the Water [add]
10. Ballerinas [add]

Black & White (1981) 01. Back to Basics [add]
02. Torpedoes in the Mainstream [add]
03. Silent Partner [add]
04. Black and White [add]
05. Blues Is Like Shoes [add]
06. Parallel Roads [add]
07. Children Together [add]
08. Taking the Long Way Home [add]
09. (We Didn't Go) Far Enough [add]

Renaissance (1998) 01. No Turning Back [add]
02. Language Lies [add]
03. The Handout [add]
04. Renaissance [add]
05. Two Minds [add]
06. High Ground [add]
07. I Just Walk Away [add]
08. Another Human Failing [add]
09. We Walk These Streets [add]
10. The Next Boat Train [add]
11. Holding My Breath [add]
12. Oaklands [add]

Healing (2004) 01. Awakening: East, Morning, Spring, Possibilities [add]
02. Flourish: South, Noon, Summer, Growth [add]
03. Thanksgiving: West, Afternoon, Autumn, Gratitude [add]
04. Dreamworld: North, Night, Winter, Sleep [add]

Lifelines (2006) 01. Lifelines [add]
02. Such a Fool [add]
03. Tears of a Thousand Years [add]
04. Walk with You By & By [add]
05. Domino’s Piano [add]
06. Storm Comes [add]
07. Love Is Here to Stay [add]
08. Apparition [add]
09. Long Time Ago [add]
10. Imagine Me Home [add]

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