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3rd Force lyrics
Genre: Jazz
3rd Force (1994) 01. You Know My Heart [add]
02. We Should Be Together [add]
03. Ready for Love [add]
04. The Gift [add]
05. Love's the Reason [add]
06. Full Circle [add]
07. Where It All Begins [add]
08. 3rd Force (Prelude) [add]
09. 3rd Force [add]
10. Between Friends [add]
11. Towards the Light [add]

Force of Nature (1995) 01. Forever Yours [add]
02. Listen to Your Heart [add]
03. Sundancer [add]
04. Here Comes the Night (Intro) [add]
05. Here Comes the Night [add]
06. Behind Closed Eyes [add]
07. Force of Nature [add]
08. Vital Connection [add]
09. 'Til We Meet Again [add]
10. 3rd Force Party [add]
11. Coming Home [add]

Vital Force (1997) 01. In the Full Moon Light [add]
02. No Doubt [add]
03. You Gotta Be Real [add]
04. Give It Up [add]
05. Lift Me Higher [add]
06. Echoes of a Dream [add]
07. Set Yourself Free [add]
08. She Whispered to Me [add]
09. I've Got to Know [add]
10. Smiles All Around [add]
11. Thru the Shadows [add]

Force Field (1999) 01. Revelation of the Heart [add]
02. Something Special [add]
03. The Closer You Get [add]
04. Give It All You Got [add]
05. Straight Up [add]
06. Secret Sauce [add]
07. Bridge of Dreams [add]
08. Step into My Life [add]
09. 7th Heaven [add]
10. Once in a Lifetime [add]

Collective Force (2000) 01. Dance With Me [#] [add]
02. Sweet Surrender [#] [add]
03. Bridge of Dreams [add]
04. In the Full Moon Light [add]
05. You Gotta Be Real [add]
06. You Know My Heart [add]
07. Something Special [add]
08. Coming Home [add]
09. Listen to Your Heart [add]
10. Here Comes the Night [add]
11. Revelation of the Heart [add]
12. No Doubt [add]
13. Give It All You Got [add]
14. The Gift [add]
15. Lift Me Higher [add]

Gentle Force (2002) 01. Young Again [add]
02. I Believe in You [add]
03. Grateful for Love [add]
04. Follow Your Dream [add]
05. Under Your Spell [add]
06. Ready or Not [add]
07. Aquamarine [add]
08. Hands Across the Ocean [add]
09. Journey to Now [add]
10. Straight from the Heart [add]

Driving Force (2005) 01. Believe in Me [add]
02. Ask Me Why [add]
03. Real Thing [add]
04. You Got It [add]
05. Get With It [add]
06. An Open Heart [add]
07. Is She Ready? [add]
08. Gotta Gotta [add]
09. This Is the One (Intro) [add]
10. This Is the One [add]
11. Inside the Rhythm [add]

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