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Liz Carroll lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Kiss Me, Kate: Irish Fiddle and Accordion (1978) 01. Fahey's Reel/Finbar Dwyer's [add]
02. Paddy Kelly's/Tommy Maguire's # 3 [add]
03. Controversial Reel/Tear the Calico [add]
04. Tommy Maguire's # 1 and # 2 [add]
05. Charlie Mulvihill's/O'Donnell's [add]
06. John Brady's/The King of the Clans [add]
07. Connie O'Connell's/Tommy Maguire's # 4 [add]
08. Jimmy Keane's/The Cuckoo [add]
09. Both Meat and Drink Jig/Sean Ryan's [add]
10. Curly Mike/Miss Campbell's [add]
11. Fiddler Round the Fairy Tree/Planxty Toby Peyton [add]
12. Kiss Me Kate/Richard Dwyer's [add]

Friend Indeed: Irish Fiddle and Piano (1978) 01. Monemohill Reel/The Brocca Reel [add]
02. North Carolina Tune/Child of My Heart [add]
03. Paddy Shannon's/The Rose Garden [add]
04. The Humours of Bandon/Planxty Mary O'Neill [add]
05. Johnny Harling's/Marty Fahey's [add]
06. Dan Sullivan's/Teahan's Favorite/Riding on a Load of Hay [add]
07. Lord McDonald's/The Judge's [add]
08. The Cold Night/O'Doherty's [add]
09. Eddie Kelly's/The Rookery [add]
10. John Brady's [add]
11. John Bowe's/Drowsy Maggie [add]
12. Dowd's #9/Johnny Doherty's Yellow Tinker [add]
13. The Ride to Durham [add]
14. Tom Fitzmorris' [add]

Liz Carroll (1988) 01. Reel Beatrice/The Abbey Reel [add]
02. Out on the Road/Princess Nancy [add]
03. For Eugene/Gravity Hill [add]
04. Clarke's Favorite/Pigeon on the Gate [add]
05. Tune for Mairéad & Anna Ní Mhaonaigh [add]
06. Two Polkas: The Sock in the Hole/The Hole in the Sock [add]
07. Mrs. Carroll's Strathspey/Chapter 16 [add]
08. Helicopters/Crossing the Delaware [add]
09. The Sister's Reel/Wynding the Hay [add]
10. Lacey's Jig/A Tune for Charles/The Geese in the Bog [add]
11. The Par Cark/Baiting the Hook/Jumping White Nut Eater [add]
12. Greenleaf Strathspey/The Setting Sun [add]
13. Two Slip Jigs: The Wee Dollop/The Houseboat [add]
14. G-Reel/ Merle's Tune [add]
15. The Western Reel/The Road to Recovery [add]

Trian (1992) 01. The Torrid Romance/The Boys from Chicago/P.J. McComiskey's Reels [add]
02. The Diplodocus/The Gandy Dancer/The New Leaf [Jigs] [add]
03. Johnny Seoige [add]
04. Uncle Stewart's Waltz/Valse À Jessie [Waltzes] [add]
05. Paddy O'Brien's/The Gosling/Deidre Shannon's Reels [add]
06. My Dearest Dear [add]
07. That's Right Too/The Leading Role Reels [add]
08. New Town Bridge/The Golden Keyboard/Father Kelly's Reels [add]
09. Captain Thompson [add]
10. Cuz Teahan's/Tom Doherty's/Johnny McGreevy's Reels [add]
11. The Plane of the Plank/The Rolling Hills of Maryland/The Champion [Hornpip] [add]
12. An Chreach, the Robbery [add]
13. The Cocktail/Deidre Collis'/Not Safe With a Razor Reels [add]

Trian Ii (1995) 01. Little Man With the Brown Shoes/Ducks in a Row/Butterfly ... [add]
02. I Once Knew a Little Girl [add]
03. Ohm's Law/Eleanor Neary's/Poor Timing [add]
04. Humors of Ballyconnell/Red Eboulement/Richie Dwyer's [add]
05. The Lurgy Streams [add]
06. Air Tune/Cliff Dwellers/Cutting the Waves [add]
07. Music Book/Béla Bartók's Highland [add]
08. Westland/King Robert the Bruce [add]
09. The Death of Queen Jane [add]
10. Poor Man's Fortune/Fiddler's Key/Blessings of Silver [add]
11. Úrchnoc Chéin Mhic Cáinte [add]
12. Ratholdran Castle/Fergus Reel/Martin Wynne's [add]

Lost in the Loop (2000) 01. Sevens/Michael Kennedy's/The Cup of Tea [add]
02. The Champaign Jig Goes to Columbia/Pat and Al's [add]
03. See It There/Con Cassidy's [add]
04. The Golden Legs/The Flogging Reel [add]
05. Lament of the First Generation [add]
06. The Drunken Sailor/The Bag of Spuds [add]
07. The Old Maid of Galway/Lizzy in the Lowground [add]
08. The Crow in the Sun [add]
09. The Ugly Duckling [add]
10. On the Boulevard/Crabs in the Skillet [add]
11. Letter to Peter Pan [add]
12. The Silver Spear/The Earl's Chair/The Musical Priest [add]
13. The Didda/Fly and Doger [add]
14. Lost in the Loop [add]

Lake Effect (2002) 01. The Rock Reel/The Morning Dew/Reeling on the Box Reels [add]
02. Anlon McKinney/Mind the Dresser [Slides] [add]
03. The Ghost/The Hatchlings/The Long Bow [Air and Jigs] [add]
04. The Jump Ball/Whipple Hill/How We Spent the Christmas Reels [add]
05. Catherine Kelly's/Lake Effect [Slip Jig and Tune] [add]
06. The Ornery Upright/Sass Is Back Reels [add]
07. Spinning out of the Turn/Tom and Martin [Jigs] [add]
08. A Day and an Age [Air] [add]
09. The Tractor Driver/A Tune for the Girls Reels [add]
10. Oh, Bedad!/For the Love of Music [Slip Jigs] [add]
11. The Blue Friesian/Dancing on a Sixpence Reels [add]
12. Hanley's House of Happiness [Waltz] [add]
13. The Potato on the Door/Mary and the Tea Bag/Perpetual Check Reels [add]

In Play (2005) 01. The Roman Boys/Ralph's 2-3-5 [add]
02. Northern Jig/The Box Man [add]
03. Rolling in the Barrel/The Laurel Tree/O'Rourke's [add]
04. The Island of Woods [add]
05. Smokies in Arbroath/Mystery Writer/The Blessings of Gold [add]
06. Kieran's Polka/The Bike to Ballyhahill [add]
07. Hunter's Moon/Getting There/The Morris Minor [add]
08. The Man with One Kidney/The Spy Czar (Hornpipes) [add]
09. Fremont Center/The "Vornado"/Minutemen [add]
10. Dennehy Dancers/The McSweeney Side [add]
11. Ashleigh Roach's/With Ourselves/Wild Pitch [add]
12. A Long Night on the Misty Moor [add]
13. Ceisel's Sword/The Monasteryedan Fancy [add]

Kiss Me Kate (2006) 01. Fahey's Reel and Finbar Dwyer's [add]
02. Paddy Kelly's and Tommy Maguire's No. 3 [add]
03. Controversial Reel and Tear the Calico [add]
04. Tommy Maguire's No. 1 and 2 [add]
05. Charlie Mulvihil's and O'Donnell's [add]
06. John Brady's and the King of the Clans [add]
07. Connie O'Connell's and Tommy Maguire's No. 4 [add]
08. Jimmy Keane's and the Cuckoo [add]
09. Both Meat and Drink Jig and Sean Ryan's [add]
10. Curly Mike and Miss Campbells's [add]
11. Fiddler Round the Fairy Tree and Planxty Toby Peyton [add]
12. Kiss Me Kate and Richard Dwyer's [add]

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