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Alec K. Redfearn & the Eyesores lyrics
Genre: Rock
Every Man for Himself & God Against All (2003) 01. Mole [add]
02. Candy-Ass [add]
03. Heartpunch [add]
04. Ohio [add]
05. Black Tar and White Slavery [add]
06. Nail/Total Eclipse of the Head/K-Hole [add]
07. Black Holes [add]
08. Cold Little Knife [add]
09. Screeching Halt [add]
10. The Green Hat [add]
11. Coccyx [add]

The Quiet Room (2005) 01. Simian Fanfare [add]
02. The Night It Rained Glass on Union Street [add]
03. The Bible Lite [add]
04. Walking Sticks [add]
05. Punjabi/Watery Grave [add]
06. Morphine Drip [add]
07. Bonaparte Crossing the Blood-Brain Barrier [add]
08. The Smoking Shoes ('04) [add]
09. Slo-Mo [add]
10. Coke Bugs [add]
11. That Which Connects Your Flesh to the Floor [add]
12. Portuguese Man o' War [add]
13. The Quiet Room [add]
14. Bulgarian Skin Mechanic [add]
15. Somnambulance [add]

The Smother Party (2006) 01. Valse [add]
02. Choreboy and a Blowtorch [add]
03. Valse II [add]
04. Ginger Gin/Flight of the Sims [add]
05. The Way of All Flesh [add]
06. Litany [add]
07. Overhang [add]
08. Gutterhelmet Ascending [add]

The Blind Spot (2007) 01. The Perforated Veil [add]
02. Queen of the Wires [add]
03. Myra [add]
04. Blue on White [add]
05. The Radiator Hymn [add]
06. The Burning Hand [add]
07. River of Glass [add]
08. The Flesh of the Drum [add]
09. The Blind Spot [add]
10. Rising [add]
11. Blue on White (Reprise) [add]

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