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David Darling lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Journal October (0000) 01. Slow Return [add]
02. Bells and Gongs [add]
03. Far Away Lights [add]
04. Solo Cello [add]
05. Minor Blue [add]
06. Clouds [add]
07. Solo Cello [add]
08. Solo Cello and Voice [add]
09. Journal October, Stuttgart [add]

Cycles (0000) 01. Cycle Song [add]
02. Cycle One: Namaste [add]
03. Fly [add]
04. Ode [add]
05. Cycle Two: Trio [add]
06. Cycle Three: Quintet and Coda [add]
07. Jessica's Sunwheel [add]

Cello (0000) 01. Darkwood 1 [add]
02. No Place, No Where [add]
03. Fables [add]
04. Darkwood II [add]
05. Lament [add]
06. Two or Three Things (For Jean Luc Godard) [add]
07. Indiana Indian [add]
08. Totem [add]
09. Psalm [add]
10. Choral [add]
11. The Bell [add]
12. In November [add]
13. Darkwood III [add]

Dark Wood (1993) 01. Darkwood IV: Dawn [add]
02. Darkwood IV: In Motion [add]
03. Darkwood IV: Journey [add]
04. Darkwood V: Light [add]
05. Darkwood V: Earth [add]
06. Darkwood V: Passage [add]
07. Darkwood VI: Beginning [add]
08. Darkwood VI: Up Side Down [add]
09. Darkwood VI: Searching [add]
10. Darkwood VI: Medieval Dance [add]
11. Darkwood VII: The Picture [add]
12. Darkwood VII: Returning [add]
13. Darkwood VII: New Morning [add]

Eight String Religion (1993) 01. Soft Light [add]
02. Clouds [add]
03. Sweet River [add]
04. Minor Blue [add]
05. Only One Wish [add]
06. 8 String Religion [add]
07. Sojourn [add]
08. Remember [add]

The Tao of Cello (1993) 01. Restraint Begins With Giving Up One's Own Ideas [add]
02. Man Follows the Earth [add]
03. When Men Lack a Sense of Awe, There Will Be a Disaster [add]
04. The Tao of Heaven Is to Take from Those Who Have Too Much and Give to ... [add]
05. Man Follows the Earth, Earth Follows Heaven, Heaven Follows the ... [add]
06. Knowing Others Is Wisdom [add]
07. The Further You Go, The Less You Know [add]
08. It Is Not Wise to Rush About [add]
09. Returning Is the Motion of the Tao [add]
10. See Simplicity in the Complicated [add]
11. In Dealing With Others, Be Gentle and Kind [add]
12. He Who Is Filled With Virtue Is Like a Newborn Child [add]
13. Yield and Overcome [add]
14. What Is Firmly Grasped Cannot Slip Away [add]
15. Tao Follows the Earth [add]
16. Become as a Child Once More [add]
17. Sometimes One Is Up and Sometimes Down [add]
18. Just Do What Needs to Be Done [add]
19. That Is Why a Victory Must Be Observed Like a Funeral [add]
20. All Men Will Come to Him Who Keeps to the One [add]
21. The Valley Spirit Never Dies [add]
22. Heaven and Earth Last Forever: Improvisation on Bach Suite 2, ... [add]

Musical Massage: Balance (2000) 01. Dream Pearls of Kathak [add]
02. Irish Miles [add]
03. Lady Child's Dream [add]
04. Bach's Persia [add]

Musical Massage: In Tune (2001) 01. Memories of Children [add]
02. Brazilian Sunset [add]
03. Clear Day [add]
04. Journey to Dudek [add]

Cello Blue (2001) 01. Children [add]
02. Prayer and Word [add]
03. Cello Blue [add]
04. Thy Will "Not Mine" Be Done [add]
05. Serenity [add]
06. Colorado Blue [add]
07. Awakening [add]
08. Morning [add]
09. Presence [add]
10. Solitude [add]
11. Prayer [add]

River Notes (2002) 01. Dawn [add]
02. Drought [add]
03. The Log Jam [add]
04. The Log Jam [add]
05. The Log Jam [add]
06. The Log Jam [add]
07. The Log Jam [add]
08. The Log Jam [add]
09. The Log Jam [add]
10. The Log Jam [add]

Open Window (2003) 01. Memories of Children [add]
02. Journey to Dudek [add]
03. Lady Child's Dream [add]
04. Longing [add]
05. Bach's Persia [add]
06. Brazilian Sunset [add]
07. Little Miss Blue Eyes [add]
08. Irish Miles [add]
09. Clear Day [add]
10. Dream Pearls of Kathak [add]

Mudanin Kata (2004) 01. Ku-Isa Tama Laug (Weaving Song) [add]
02. Lugu Lugu Kan-Ibi (Diligent Child) [add]
03. Mudanin Kata (The Journey Home) [add]
04. Manas Kala Muampuk (Joy Tonight) [add]
05. Malas Tapag (Celebration) [add]
06. Wulu Dream [add]
07. Macilumah (Song for Concluding Work) [add]
08. Pasibutbut (Prayer for a Rich Millet Harvest) [add]
09. Mataisah-Hik Sagan (My Dream Last Night) [add]
10. Wulu Mist [add]
11. Bunun Tuza (The Bunun People) [add]
12. Sima Cisbug Bav (Who Is Shooting on the Mountaintop?) [add]
13. Malkakiv Malvanis (Song of the Trap) [add]
14. Wulu Sky [add]
15. Pis Lai (Song of Prayer for Rifles) [add]

Balance (2006) 01. Dream Pearls of Kathak [add]
02. Irish Miles [add]
03. Lady Child's Dream [add]
04. Bach's Persia [add]

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