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Mick Martin lyrics
Genre: Blues
Blues Plate Special (1995) 01. She Must Be Crazy [add]
02. There's the Door [add]
03. What's Goin On [add]
04. The Way You Used to Be [add]
05. High Heel Baby [add]
06. I Left My Blues in Chicago [add]
07. Voodoo Queen [add]
08. Boogie All Night Long [add]
09. Watch What You're Doin' [add]
10. Somebody Else [add]
11. Special Delivery Man [add]
12. Find That Girl [add]
13. Got to Move [add]

Got to Play the Blues (1995) 01. Blues in My Soul [add]
02. I Believe in You [add]
03. Forever Ended Today [add]
04. Got to Play the Blues [add]
05. Playing with Fire [add]
06. Down the Rail [add]
07. I Don't Play Games [add]
08. Get My Baby Back [add]
09. Don't Give up on Me [add]
10. Ride With Me [add]
11. Got to Change [add]
12. Sugar Pie [add]
13. Prove My Love [add]
14. Working Man Blues [add]

Good Reaction (1998) 01. Good Reaction [add]
02. Back Talking Baby [add]
03. Love Hound [add]
04. Can't Get Enough [add]
05. I Don't Care [add]
06. Don't Give up on Me [add]
07. I Don't Play Games [add]
08. Got You on My Mind [add]
09. You're Right [add]
10. Make Her Mine [add]
11. Been Burned [add]

Blues All Night (2000) 01. Hold On, Baby [add]
02. Brand New Woman [add]
03. Louise [add]
04. Can't Get Enough [add]
05. Your Lies [add]
06. Blues All Night [add]
07. Takin' My Time [add]
08. Clean and Mean [add]
09. Heartbreaker [add]
10. Sugar Man [add]
11. I Know [add]
12. Back-Talkin' Baby [add]
13. Losing You [add]

Winning Hand (2000) 01. I Bought It for You [add]
02. Everybody Gets the Blues [add]
03. Don't Panic [add]
04. In the Dark of Night [add]
05. Wonderful World [add]
06. Burn the House Down [add]
07. Life on the Road [add]
08. You Ain't Foolin' Me [add]
09. Empty Place [add]
10. Shining Star [add]
11. Master Charge [add]
12. Notch on My Gun [add]
13. Mustang Sally [*] [add]
14. House of the Rising Sun [*] [add]

In One Ear (2000) 01. Way of the World [add]
02. In One Ear [add]
03. Healing Touch [add]
04. Magic [add]
05. Brand New Day [add]
06. It's Comin' Back [add]
07. Always Be There for You [add]
08. Scratch When I Itch [add]
09. Let's Get Nasty [add]
10. Get Through to You [add]
11. Can't Get Excited [add]
12. Alligator Women [add]
13. Cristo Redentor [add]

Live at Rainbow Orchards (2000) 01. I Don't Care [add]
02. Find That Girl [add]
03. Back Talkin' Baby [add]
04. Mama, Talk to Your Daughter [add]
05. Freeflow [add]
06. Voodoo Queen [add]
07. There's the Door [add]
08. Wade in the Water [add]
09. Boogie Medley: Shake Your Hips/Please Don't Go/Wang Dang Doodle [add]

Tip of the Hat (2002) 01. Whisky Train [add]
02. I'm Your Kingpin [add]
03. Gotta See Her Tonight [add]
04. Dear Jill [add]
05. It's Breaking Me Up [add]
06. No Questions [add]
07. Empty Heart [add]
08. She's Got a Ring in His Nose [add]
09. Broken Wings [add]
10. Got to Get the First Plane Home/It's All Right [add]
11. Ridin' on the L & N [add]
12. Little Red Rooster [add]
13. Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut [add]
14. Ridin' in the Moonlight [add]

Live at Constable Jacks (2004) 01. I Bought It for You [add]
02. Been Burned [add]
03. Can't Stop Thinking' (About Your Love) [add]
04. Tougher Than Life [add]
05. What's Goin' On [add]
06. High-Heel Baby [add]
07. Rock Me (With Dana Moret) [add]
08. The Way of the World [add]
09. Stop Breakin' My Heart [add]
10. In One Ear [add]
11. Got to Play the Blues [add]

One Foot in Front of the Other (2005) 01. Can't Remember Nothin' [add]
02. Damned If I Do [add]
03. One Foot in Front of the Other [add]
04. What Is It About You? [add]
05. You Cheated & Lied [add]
06. A Penny for Your Thoughts [add]
07. Boogie Your Cares Away [add]
08. What Did I Do? [add]
09. Running Away [add]
10. Dream Girl [add]
11. Don't Trouble Troubly [add]
12. What's in It for Me? [add]
13. Nice Guys [add]

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