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John Farley [Singer/Songwriter] lyrics
Genre: Folk
Johnny Lila (2002) 01. Compatibility [add]
02. Hey You [add]
03. Fed Ex Lady [add]
04. Knock Knock Christine [add]
05. I Know How That Goes [add]
06. To Ennie [add]
07. Solitaire Dave [add]
08. Baby Baby [add]
09. Adrienne [add]
10. Flashing Headlights [add]
11. Woman on Display [add]
12. A Lift Can Take You Down [add]
13. Instead [add]

Times' Bridge: First Span (2002) 01. Sins of the Father [add]
02. Why Can't You See This? [add]
03. A Child's Cry [add]
04. But Will We Survive the Bush? [add]
05. I'm a Practical Man [add]
06. Wrong Connections [add]
07. Tinsel Town Is Coming Down [add]
08. How Are We Helping Our World With Love? [add]
09. Why Are You Still Trying to Hold on So Hard? [add]
10. Take a Seat [add]
11. Your Country Ain't Doing It for You Blues [add]
12. Bring in the Tide [add]

Johnny Lila 2 (2003) 01. Missing the Moment [add]
02. One More Dance With You [add]
03. Instrumental 1 [add]
04. Chance to Dream [add]
05. Too Young to Know [add]
06. Sixty Five Cent Cookie [add]
07. Rush [add]
08. Crossing Carolina [add]
09. Still Waiting Here for You [add]
10. Vedic City Tickle [add]
11. Still on the Run [add]
12. This Time [add]

Times' Bridge: Second Span (2003) 01. The Individual Is Cosmic [add]
02. The Gasman and Mr. Fiend Genes [add]
03. Stop Killing Yourselves in the Middle East [add]
04. Cowboys, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld [add]
05. In the Line of Duty [add]
06. Code of Many Colors [add]
07. Clouds Are Gathering [add]
08. A Hard Night's Day [add]
09. Where Are You Now? [add]
10. Fogged Up Glass [add]
11. One Trunk to the Earth [add]
12. On a Ceiling Arch [add]

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