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National Youth Jazz Orchestra lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Live at London Weekend Television (1975) 01. Nyjo [add]
02. Spaghetti Junction [add]
03. Good to Be Here [add]
04. Marianne [add]
05. Wait and See [add]
06. Eleven Plus [add]
07. Sho-Wray? [add]
08. Yesterday's Blues Today [add]
09. Legs Eleven [add]
10. Threshing Machine [add]
11. Full House [add]
12. Nyjo (Reprise) [add]

Looking Forward (1993) 01. Shadow of Doubt [add]
02. A Way with Words [add]
03. Just a Breath Away [add]
04. Let the Loving Begin [add]
05. Wait & See [add]
06. Time & Again & Again [add]
07. It's Over [add]
08. Looking Forward [add]
09. Looking Back [add]
10. Blues to You, Too! (We're History) [add]
11. I Was Hoping [add]
12. No Way [add]
13. That's That [add]
14. As Long as There Are Summers [add]
15. Too Late [add]
16. It's My Chance to Get Even [add]
17. New in London [add]

In Control [live] (1995) 01. High Speed Gas [add]
02. Willow, Green Willow [add]
03. El Sid [add]
04. Groovin' With Gas [add]
05. You Were Marvelous, Darling [add]
06. Miles Away [add]
07. In Control [add]
08. 50,000 Files Can't Be Wrong [add]
09. Vilamoura [add]
10. Off-Shore Peers [add]
11. Gas Mark 2 [add]
12. Don't Drink on an Empty Head [add]

These Are the Jokes [live] (1996) 01. Still Doing the Trick With the Horse, Madam? [add]
02. First Time I've Seen Dead People Smoke (Smokey Eyes) [add]
03. Keep Looking Young-Hang Around With Old People [add]
04. The Chef's Rash Has Cleared up Nicely [add]
05. Much Too Much [add]
06. No Hair, Just a Red Head [add]
07. Are We Keeping You up Sir? [add]
08. Roxy Beaujolais [add]
09. The Audient Was on Its Foot [add]
10. Watching the Traffic Lights Change [add]
11. Don't Go to Her [add]

A View From the Hill [live] (1996) 01. Marston Pedigree [add]
02. Flight of the Heart [add]
03. A View from the Hill [add]
04. Don't Try and Argue With Me [add]
05. Norwich Union [add]
06. Riffin' the Griffin [add]
07. Ballad for Anne Boleyn [add]
08. Fleet [add]
09. Samba Deeze, Samba Doze [add]
10. Someone [add]
11. Luton Hoo [add]
12. Astra Brazilia [add]

Algarhythms (1996) 01. Praia Do Vau [add]
02. Bom Dia, Roseira [add]
03. Quinto Do Lago [add]
04. Faro Way [add]
05. Cartaz de Rua [add]
06. Portimao [add]
07. Adeus Tristeza [add]
08. Cai Fora [add]
09. Montes de Alvor [add]
10. Holiday Affair [add]
11. East of the Sun [add]
12. Albufeira [add]
13. Play Off [add]

Stepping Stones (1999) 01. Stepping Stones [add]
02. Andromeda [add]
03. Miss Pankhurst Protests [add]
04. The Man from Delmonte [add]
05. I Remember the X-Men [add]
06. Different Colours [add]
07. Tenors Racket [add]
08. I Was Hoping [add]
09. It's Over [add]
10. Mr. BG [add]
11. Back to Basie [add]
12. Hot and Sweaty [add]

Portraits: The Music of Harry South (2001) 01. Blues at the Bull [add]
02. Woody [add]
03. Basie [add]
04. Dizzy [add]
05. Duke [add]
06. Bird [add]
07. Quincy [add]
08. Monk [add]
09. Duke II [add]
10. Kenton [add]
11. Buddy [add]
12. Point of No Return [add]
13. Come on the Blues [add]
14. Royal Flush [add]
15. Southern Horizons [add]

Cottoning On (2001) 01. Sea Island Samba [add]
02. Miss Malfatti, I Presume [add]
03. Cottoning On [add]
04. A Lady Can Tell [add]
05. One for Oscar [add]
06. Tenor Each Way [add]
07. Blues for Duke [add]
08. Be Gentle [add]
09. The Night Is a Pup [add]
10. Night Slide [add]
11. Gasbag Blues [add]

This Time Live at the Club (2002) 01. Lift Off [add]
02. Waiting for Morgan [add]
03. Half-Steps [add]
04. Yessica [add]
05. Foldback [add]
06. Have You Seen Them Cakes? [add]
07. Almost There [add]
08. Looking Forward [add]
09. I Have Been Here Before [add]
10. Beyond the Hatfield Tunnel [add]
11. Aardvark [add]

14 Frith Street (2002) 01. Sweet London Bridge [add]
02. The Whole Thing [add]
03. El Rey Pedro [add]
04. Roxy Beaujolais [add]
05. Not Really [add]
06. In the Hour Before Dawn [add]
07. The Kosher Horses [add]
08. Late Night Blues [add]
09. London [add]
10. New in London [add]
11. Headache [add]
12. 47 Frith Street [add]
13. Will Ye No Come Back Again [add]

Jazz in Film (2004) 01. Modesty Blaise (Modesty) [add]
02. Suite from Bullitt [add]
03. Touch of Evil [add]
04. Cinderella Liberty [add]
05. Dudley Moore Tribute [add]
06. The Gauntlet [add]
07. The Taking of Pelham 1, 2, 3 [add]
08. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? [add]
09. The Man With the Golden Arm [add]
10. Walk on the Wild Side [add]
11. Dirty Harry Suite [add]
12. Austin Powers (Soul Bossa Nova) [add]

Something Old, Something New (2005) 01. Chicago [add]
02. Funny That Way [add]
03. You Were Marvellous Darling [add]
04. It's So Easy [add]
05. Sidewalks of New York [add]
06. Needs Must [add]
07. Picture of the Future [add]
08. Ida [add]
09. Morning Glories [add]
10. Rose Room [add]
11. Matching Shoes [add]
12. Someone [add]
13. Somebody Stole My Gal [add]
14. Beautiful Ohio [add]
15. After All [add]

London Pride (2006) 01. Five Ring Fanfare [add]
02. London Pride [add]
03. Citrus Fruit with Bells On [add]
04. A Nightingale Swang [add]
05. London [add]
06. Lisson Groove [add]
07. My Old Dutch [add]
08. London's Burning [add]
09. New in London [add]
10. Pop Goes the Weasel [add]
11. A Foggy Day [add]
12. London by Day [add]
13. 2.02 to Tooting [add]
14. Follow the Van [add]

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