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Four Tet lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Dialogue (1999) 01. The Space of Two Weeks [add]
02. Chiron [add]
03. Alambradas [add]
04. 3.3 Degrees from the Pole [add]
05. Misnomer [add]
06. Liquefaction [add]
07. She Scanned [add]
08. Calamine [add]
09. The Butterfly Effect [add]
10. Aying [add]
11. Fume [add]
12. Charm [add]

Pause (2001) 01. Glue of the World [add]
02. Twenty Three [add]
03. Harmony One [add]
04. Parks [add]
05. Leila Came Around and We Watched a Video [add]
06. Untangle [add]
07. Everything Is Alright [add]
08. No More Mosquitoes [add]
09. Tangle [add]
10. You Could Ruin My Day [add]
11. Hilarious Movie of the 90's [add]

Rounds (2003) 01. Hands [add]
02. She Moves She [add]
03. First Thing [add]
04. My Angel Rocks Back and Forth [add]
05. Spirit Fingers [add]
06. Unspoken [add]
07. Chia [add]
08. As Serious as Your Life [add]
09. And They All Look Broken Hearted [add]
10. Slow Jam [add]

Everything Ecstatic (2005) 01. A Joy [add]
02. Smile Around the Face [add]
03. Fuji Check [add]
04. Sun Drums and Soil [add]
05. Clouding [add]
06. And Then Patterns [add]
07. High Fives [add]
08. Turtle Turtle Up [add]
09. Sleep, Eat Food, Have Visions [add]
10. You Were There With Me [add]

DJ-Kicks (2006) 01. Leapday Night (Scene 1) [add]
02. Mom, The Video Broke [add]
03. If I Were Only a Child Again [add]
04. Out-Rock [add]
05. The Professor's Here [add]
06. Les Soucoupes Volantes Vertes [add]
07. Les Yper-Sound [add]
08. Dillema [add]
09. Psychometry 3.2 [add]
10. Baby Day [add]
11. Figaro [101 Remix] [add]
12. Love, Love [add]
13. Pockets [add]
14. Psychosomatic [add]
15. Taireva [add]
16. Superspace [add]
17. Kneel to the Boss [add]
18. Love Is How Y Make It [add]
19. Represent [add]
20. Up Against the Wall [Getaway Car Mix] [add]
21. Flutter [add]

Remixes (2006) 01. Tics [Four Tet Remix] [add]
02. Skttrbrain [Four Tet Remix] [add]
03. Money Folder [Four Tet Remix] [add]
04. One Year [Four Tet Remix] [add]
05. Breathe Me [Four Tet Remix] [add]
06. Untitled (SAW2 CD1 Track1) [Four Tet Remix] [add]
07. Great Day [Four Tet Remix] [add]
08. Pick Up [Four Tet Remix] [add]
09. Roads Become Rivers [Rivers Become Oceans - Four Tet Remix] [add]
10. Carmella [Four Tet Remix] [add]
11. So Here We Are [Four Tet Remix] [add]
12. Heim [Four Tet Remix] [add]
13. A Joy [Percee P Version] [add]
14. As Serious as Your Life [Jay Dee Remix] [add]
15. Hilarious Movie of the 90s [Manitoba Remix] [add]
16. Hilarious Movie of the 90s [Koushik's Funny Flic] [add]
17. A Joy [Remix] [add]
18. My Angel Rocks Back and Forth [Four Teas on English Time - Icarus ...] [add]
19. A Joy [Battles Remix] [add]
20. As Serious as Your Life [Remix] [add]
21. A Joy [Koushik's Quick Mix] [add]
22. Sun Drums and Soil [Sa-Ra Creative Partners Remix] [add]
23. First Thing/Chia [Isambard Khroustaliov Remix] [add]
24. No More Mosquitoes [Boom Bip Remix] [add]

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