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Genre: Electronica
Cells (1998) 01. At Least One Unwilling Passenger on Keith's Ego Trip [add]
02. BSNBC [add]
03. Any Door, Pt. 1 [add]
04. Sterile: Starve [mix] [add]
05. Helvetica [add]
06. Any Door, Pt. 2 [add]
07. Times Man of the Year [add]
08. Humanst522 BT [add]
09. For Teals [add]
10. Any Door, Pt. 3 [add]
11. I Have Life Rage [add]
12. Shawn Haynie Remix [add]
13. Heartbeat of Korea [add]

Shift-Minus (1999) 01. Blearily Wonky Rock Lad [add]
02. At Least One Unwilling Passenger on Keith's Ego Trip [add]

Role Model (2000) 01. At Least I Can Say I Tried [add]
02. Again and Again [add]
03. Love Cop [add]
04. Wall Street Kid [add]
05. A Mansion as the Body She Resides In [add]
06. Am I Soundboy [add]
07. Academy Award [Cex's Radio Edit] [add]
08. Julia Walsh [add]
09. Ice [add]
10. Theme Song to Cex [add]
11. The Angels Are There [add]
12. An Axe for the Frozen Sea Within Her [add]
13. Rjyan Kidwell's Funeral [add]
14. I Identify [*] [add]
15. Have Cex [*] [add]

Starship Galactica (2001) 01. Intro [add]
02. Cal & Brady Style [add]
03. Tattoo of a Barcode [add]
04. Get in Yr Squads [add]
05. Hi Scores [add]
06. Cex Can Kiss My Soft, Sensuous Lips [add]
07. Your Handwriting When You Were a Child in the Winter [add]
08. Starship Galactica [add]

Oops, I Did It Again! (2001) 01. (You're) Off the Food Chain [add]
02. Eleven Million Dollars Worth of Bearer Bonds [add]
03. Destination: Sexy [add]
04. First for Wounds [add]
05. I Said It Knowing Full Well I Had No Intention of Doing It [add]
06. Texas Menstruates [add]
07. It's All About Guilt [add]
08. Flex on Cex, Eh [add]
09. I Don't Think You Do Sin, Julia [add]
10. Florida (Is Shaped Like a Big Droopy Dick for a Reason) [add]
11. OD'd on First Base [add]
12. Keep Pretending [add]
13. Not Trying [add]
14. After #4 Matrix Sndtrk. Rob D 'Clubbed to Death' [add]

Tall, Dark & Handcuffed (2002) 01. Brutal Exposure [add]
02. One Cex [add]
03. Gigolo Knights [add]
04. Intangible [add]
05. Bad Acne [add]
06. Good Morning, Universe [add]
07. Cuts [add]
08. K-12 Days of Hell [add]
09. Jeremy Devine [add]
10. Ghost Rider [add]
11. The Childhood of a Leader [add]
12. Petty Heads [add]
13. Wrist Elbow [add]
14. And Handcuffed [add]

Being Ridden (2003) 01. The Wayback Machine [add]
02. You Kiss Like You're Dead lyrics
03. Not Working [add]
04. Signal Katied [add]
05. Earth-Shaking Event [add]
06. Cex at Arm's Length [add]
07. Stamina [add]
08. See Ya Never, Sike [add]
09. The Marriage [add]
10. Other Countries [add]
11. Brer Rjyan [add]
12. Dead Bodies lyrics
13. Never Mind [add]

Maryland Mansions (2003) 01. I Drive Off a Mountain [add]
02. Stop Eating lyrics
03. Take Pills [add]
04. Kill Me lyrics
05. My Head [add]
06. New Maps [add]
07. Stilnaut Rjyan [add]
08. The Strong Suit [add]

Sketchi (2006) 01. Damon Kvols [add]
02. Rattler Bin [add]
03. Waiting 4 Yankovic [add]
04. Camber Sands [add]
05. Gooby Says [add]
06. Oregon Ridge [add]
07. Suffocating Champion [add]
08. God Blessing [add]

Actual Fucking (2006) 01. Baltimore [add]
02. Denton [add]
03. Chapelhill [add]
04. Ybor City [add]
05. Covington [add]
06. Chicago [add]
07. Los Angeles [add]
08. Tucumcari [add]

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