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Anthony William Herndon lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Ta Da (2004) 01. Mt Soledad [add]
02. Ytjykuluymvbmcvhr [add]
03. Bismarck, South Dakota [add]
04. Save the World [add]
05. The Sound [add]
06. Possum Trot [add]
07. How Long Does It Take [add]
08. A Sound [add]
09. Sleep [add]
10. Bme [add]
11. Because Your an American [add]
12. Chula [add]
13. The Iraq Bells of Freedom [add]
14. NB, RFDKNFGGN; Erw9p [add]
15. Polka in the End [add]

Da Ta (2004) 01. The Aaas Have It [add]
02. Am Bent, The Mind [add]
03. Indian Ocean [add]
04. Calopye [add]
05. Groovey [add]
06. Marching in the Sun [add]
07. Sky Bird [add]
08. Indatech [add]
09. It's 5 A.M. and the Damn Car Won't Start and I 'M on Some Backas [add]
10. Orient Oriented [add]
11. Dreamland [add]
12. Techno [add]
13. Hammer the Head [add]

Dig It (2005) 01. The Adventure of L [add]
02. Trip from the Hip [add]
03. A Hit Reality Program [add]
04. 4play [add]
05. My Left Nut, My Right Banana [add]
06. The Big O [add]

John Cage Showed Me Anything Is Possible in Music (2005) 01. Naked [add]
02. Once I Was a Teen Anger in Love! [add]
03. Restless Natives [add]
04. Drums N Hums [add]
05. Greg [add]
06. Don't Dance on My Sackarillyack [add]
07. The Greek Deli in New York City [add]
08. I'll Give You 10 Seconds to Turn That Off [add]
09. I'm in Outer Space and I Am Working in a Coal Mine [add]
10. Don't Bass Around [add]
11. A Sweet Suite [add]
12. Knowing How To [add]
13. Insist on Being Insistent [add]
14. Zip Pulse [add]
15. Un Dee Late Thing [add]
16. What If [add]
17. The Factory [add]
18. Icecycles in July [add]
19. If I Could Explain I Would [add]

Brian Eno Is the Reason I Play Music (2005) 01. Love [add]
02. Vacuming [add]
03. Why [add]
04. Sad Is a Mad [add]
05. The Ate Her [add]
06. In the Valley I Will No Longer Wander [add]
07. In Tune Enough for Folk Music [add]
08. A Lone in the Universe [add]
09. Crash in the Universe [add]
10. Forgive Me [add]
11. I C Hot [add]
12. Love Can Be Sad [add]
13. Majestic Sky [add]
14. China [add]
15. And All I Say [add]
16. Begging Is Not Easy [add]
17. My Dead Friends [add]
18. Peace [add]

E (2005) 01. Ascending [add]
02. Oh Baby Am I Hot [add]
03. Mind Drone [add]
04. The Noble Park Farris Wheel Escalator at J C Penneys [add]
05. HC [add]
06. Draining the Fluids [add]
07. Descending [add]

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