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Color Theory lyrics
Genre: Rock
Sketches in Grey (1994) 01. I Never Realized [add]
02. Monastery [add]
03. Shadow in the Shade [add]
04. Something Here [add]
05. Severed Nerves [add]
06. Subterranean [add]
07. Once upon a Time [add]
08. Snowing [add]
09. Better [add]
10. Never Realized [Laundered Mix] [add]
11. Just Who I Am [Tinmen Identity Crisis Mix] [add]
12. Stare Out the Window [Acoustic] [add]
13. Shadow in the Shade [live] [add]
14. Heart Like a Doll [live] [add]
15. Snowing [live] [add]
16. Unrehearsed [live] [add]

Tuesday Song (1997) 01. Outside Girl [add]
02. September Spoke in Red [add]
03. Just Who Am I? [add]
04. Heart Like a Doll [add]
05. Entirely [add]
06. Forget His Voice [add]
07. Unrehearsed [add]
08. My Gift to You [add]
09. Softer Than Sleep [add]
10. The Perfect Song [add]

Perfect Tears (1999) 01. Stare Out the Window [add]
02. April's Bonfire [add]
03. New Year's Eve [add]
04. Long Distance Martyr [add]
05. Now I Know [add]
06. Guilt Reflected [add]
07. Ordinary and Free [add]
08. Faces [add]
09. Acting Class [add]
10. For Good [add]
11. Souvenir [add]
12. Until Last Night [add]

Life's Fairytale (2001) 01. Ponytail Girl [add]
02. So Many Ways [add]
03. Wishing I Had an Umbrella [add]
04. Hold You [add]
05. Fade So Fast [add]
06. End of the Night [add]
07. Everything I Thought I Had to Be [add]
08. Here in My Heart [add]
09. Cheerleader [add]
10. I Felt the Pain [add]
11. Outside Girl [Make-Believe Mix] [add]
12. Now I Know [Cosmicity's Continuum Transfunction Mix] [add]
13. Long Distance Martyr [Cross Country Misery Mix] [add]
14. Stare Out the Window [Acceptance Mix] [add]
15. For Good [Fidgital Remix] [add]

Something Beautiful (2002) 01. Second Best [add]
02. And You Thought I Was Joking [add]
03. Stranger on the Street [add]
04. Realist [add]
05. In This Afterglow [add]
06. Something Beautiful [add]
07. Alpha Centauri [add]
08. Numb [add]
09. Covering Up Your Tracks [add]
10. Eiffel Tower [add]
11. Perfection [add]

Color Theory Presents Depeche Mode (2003) 01. I Want You Now [add]
02. Sister of Night [add]
03. It Doesn't Matter [add]
04. Sweetest Perfection [add]
05. Here Is the House [add]
06. I Am You [add]
07. World Full of Nothing [add]
08. Surrender [add]
09. But Not Tonight [add]
10. One Caress [add]
11. Leave in Silence [add]
12. Ponytail Girl [add]

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