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National Lutheran Choir lyrics
Genre: Gospel
Only a Manger (0000) 01. In the Beginning Was the Word [add]
02. When We Do Suffer Grief and Woe [add]
03. Lost in the Night [add]
04. Awake [add]
05. A Rose Tree Blossoms [add]
06. Virga Jesse Floruit [add]
07. Ave Maris Stella [add]
08. The Angels to the Shepherds [add]
09. Benedictus [add]
10. El Nacimiento [add]
11. Wake, Awake [add]
12. Song of Mary [add]
13. Nesem Vom Noviny [add]
14. Mary Had a Baby [add]
15. Videntes Stellam [add]
16. The Christmas Symbol [add]
17. Sing Ye Merrily [add]
18. The Hills Are Bare at Bethlehem [add]
19. Ubi Caritas [add]
20. The Word [add]

Soul (0000) 01. My God (Eli) [add]
02. Go and Tell John [add]
03. There Is a Balm [add]
04. Three About Jesus: Every Time I Think About Jesus [add]
05. Three About Jesus: Give Me Jesus [add]
06. Three About Jesus: Ride on, King Jesus [add]
07. My Song in the Night [add]
08. Saints Bound [add]
09. My Soul- Jesus Loves Me [add]
10. I Will Arise [add]
11. Gettin' Up Mornin' [add]
12. My Lord, What a Mornin' [add]
13. River Suite, Pt. A: From the Banks of Jordan/Shall We Gather at the Ri [add]
14. River Suite, Pt. B: I Looked Over Jordan/'Way Over Jordan, Lord/There' [add]
15. River Suite, Pt. C: Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal/In the Cross [add]
16. River Suite, Pt. D: One More River to Cross/In the Sweet By and By [add]
17. River Suite, Pt. E: Deep River/Glory on That Shore [add]
18. River Suite, Pt. F: I'm Only Going Over Jordan [add]
19. River Suite, Pt. G: When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder [add]
20. River Suite, Pt. H: When Peace, Like a River [add]
21. River Suite, Pt. I: Down by the Riverside [add]

While Angels Sing (0000) 01. Restoration [add]
02. Morning Star, In Darkest Night [add]
03. Come, Awake [add]
04. I Beheld Her, Beautiful as a Dove [add]
05. Magnificat [add]
06. Tota Pulchra Es [add]
07. A Spotless Rose [add]
08. Now, O Come, My Soul's True Light [add]
09. Et Incarnatus Est (From Mass in B Minor) [add]
10. A Christmas Carol [add]
11. O Magnum Mysterium [add]
12. Shining Stable in the Night [add]
13. Maria Sat in Cattle Stall [add]
14. While Angels Sing [add]
15. Gloria [add]
16. Born Today [add]
17. Come, Return, And on That Day [add]
18. Hush, My Dear [add]
19. In Dulci Jubilo [add]
20. Now All Poor and Humble [add]
21. This Is the Christ (From Christmas Oratorio) [add]
22. O Light Everlasting [add]

Wondrous Birth (0000) 01. Hodie Christus Natus Est [add]
02. Angels We Have Heard on High [add]
03. Gloria in Excelsis Deo [add]
04. O Little Town of Bethlehem [add]
05. O Magnum Mysterium [add]
06. Flower of Jesse [add]
07. There Is No Rose [add]
08. The Morning Star [add]
09. Lully, Lullay [add]
10. Carol of Joy [add]
11. Hymn to the Virgin [add]
12. In the Bleak Mid-Winter [add]
13. Wondrous Birth [add]
14. Salvation Is Created [add]
15. Out of the Orient Crystal Skies [add]
16. Christmas Eve [add]
17. Ideo Gloria [add]
18. Carol of the Italian Pipes [add]
19. Mexican Christmas Procession [add]
20. Balulalow [From Ceremony of Carols] [add]
21. Alleluia [From Brazilian Psalm] [add]
22. The Friendly Beasts [add]

Infant, Holy (0000) 01. Advent: Advent Motet (Entrance Scene) [add]
02. Advent: O Savior, Throw the Heavens Wide (Op. 74, No. 2) [add]
03. Christmas: Nativity Suite, Part A: Sons of Eve/It Came Upon/On ... [add]
04. Christmas: Nativity Suite, Part B: What Child Is This/Away in a Manger [add]
05. Christmas: Nativity Suite, Part C: Lully, Lullay/A Bethleén [add]
06. Christmas: Nativity Suite, Part D: So Blest a Sight/Ah, Dearest Jesus, [add]
07. Christmas: Nativity Suite, Part E: Infant Holy [add]
08. Christmas: Psallite [add]
09. Christmas: How Still He Rises [add]
10. Silent Night [add]
11. Epiphany: Syriac [add]
12. Epiphany: The Three Kings [add]
13. Shepherds' Christmas Songs [add]

Christmas Festival 1998 [live] (1998) 01. Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming [add]
02. Who Is This That Appeareth? [add]
03. Timor et Tremor [add]
04. Offer Unto God (From Psalm 50) [add]
05. Rejoice, Rejoice Believers [add]
06. Beautiful Yule-Tide [add]
07. What Child Is This? [add]
08. Hodie Christus Natus Est [add]
09. Jesus Christ the Apple Tree [add]
10. See What Love [add]
11. Sweet Was the Song [add]
12. How Far Is It to Bethlehem [add]
13. Wondrous Birth [add]
14. A Christmas Carol [add]
15. Santo [add]
16. The Angel Gabriel [add]
17. Interlude (From Ceremony of Carols) [add]
18. Silent Night [add]
19. "Many Ages..." [add]
20. Et in Terra Pax [add]
21. Lo, How a Rose E're Blooming [add]
22. I Am Come into My Garden [add]
23. I See His Blood Upon the Rose [add]
24. Blessed Are They Which Are Called [add]
25. Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming [add]

Holy Solemnity (2001) 01. Have Ye Not Known?-Ye Shall Have a Song? [add]
02. The Angel Gabriel [add]
03. Ave Maris Sella [add]
04. What Is This Fragrance [add]
05. How Far Is It to Bethlehem? [add]
06. Santo [add]
07. Two Settings of Hodie Christus Natus Est: 12th Century Plain Chant [add]
08. Two Settings of Hodie Christus Natus Est: G. Pierluigi de Palestrina [add]
09. O Magnum Mysterium [add]
10. Glory to God [add]
11. Hear the Angels Singing [add]
12. The Angel's Song [add]
13. O Beautiful Yuletide [add]
14. Sweet Was the Song [add]
15. Harp Intelude from a Ceremony of Carols [add]
16. Lulajze Jesuniu [add]
17. The Fairest Flower [add]

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