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Karen Drucker lyrics
Genre: New Age
Songs of the Spirit, Vol. 1 (2003) 01. Oh Mother God [add]
02. Are You Ready to Receive [add]
03. God Is My Source [add]
04. I Am the One Within You [add]
05. The Healing Song [add]
06. The Praising Prayer [add]
07. How Could Anyone Ever Tell You [add]
08. I Send My Love [add]
09. I Give Myself Permission [add]
10. Woman's Spirit [add]
11. Loving Kindness [add]

Songs of the Spirit, Vol. 2 (2003) 01. Thank You for This Day [add]
02. Blessing to the World [add]
03. Prosperity Chant [add]
04. Healed Whole & Healthy [add]
05. The Face of God [add]
06. Gifts of the Goddess lyrics
07. There Is Only Love [add]
08. Holy Holy Holy lyrics
09. Money Is Coming to Me lyrics
10. I Am So Blessed [add]
11. We Are All Angels [add]

Hold on to Love (2003) 01. Keep That Passion Burnin' [add]
02. On My Way [add]
03. Listen to the Children [add]
04. I Believe in Fireflies [add]
05. There Is No Spot [add]
06. I Lost the Right to Sing the Blues [add]
07. I Forgive You [add]
08. Magic [add]
09. We Live on Borrowed Time [add]
10. Hold on to Love [add]
11. One Small Step [add]

Beloved (2003) 01. Moomba [add]
02. When I Dream [add]
03. Breathe [add]
04. You Are Healed [add]
05. Lighten Up [add]
06. The Power of Women [add]
07. My Religion Is Kindness [add]
08. I'll Light a Candle [add]
09. Waiting [add]
10. Beloved [add]
11. Stand [add]
12. Sing My Songs for You [add]

The Heart of Healing (2006) 01. Thank You for This Day [add]
02. Healed Whole and Healthy [add]
03. Blessing to the World [add]
04. I Am So Blessed [add]
05. Face of God [add]
06. Breathe [add]
07. The Healing Song [add]
08. You Are Healed [add]
09. Gentle with Myself lyrics
10. I Have Faith [add]
11. There Is Only Love [add]
12. Song in My Soul [add]

Songs of the Spirit, Vol. 3 (2006) 01. I Start My Day lyrics
02. Grateful lyrics
03. Receiving Chant lyrics
04. Just Do It [add]
05. Gentle with Myself lyrics
06. Your Prayer Is My Prayer [add]
07. Relax, Let Go [add]
08. Beauty in You [add]
09. I Am Loved [add]
10. I Have Faith [add]
11. This or Something Better [add]
12. Song in My Soul [add]

All About Love (2006) 01. I've Got the Power [add]
02. What Would Love Do [add]
03. Life Goes On [add]
04. N-O Is My New Yes [add]
05. Taming My Inner Critic [add]
06. I Need You [add]
07. Calling All Angels [add]
08. Altar of Love [add]
09. I Got God [add]
10. Dear Ellie [add]
11. You Are Loved [add]
12. Christmas Lullaby [add]
13. You Are My Family [add]

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