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Genre: World
Boatsongs #2/The Legend of the Lost Soul (2002) 01. Manatee Island [add]
02. Humuhumunukunukuapua' [add]
03. Maria [add]
04. The Legend of the Lost Soul [add]
05. The Whole 9 Yards [add]
06. Sailing [add]
07. North Shore Reggae Blues [add]
08. My Sweet Linda [add]
09. I'll Quit Loving You Tomorrow [add]
10. Mekong [add]
11. Bomba's Shack [add]
12. 24 Meets 40 [add]
13. The Great Bull Dolphin Roundup [add]

Scuba Tunes, Vol. 2: Check Out Dive! (2003) 01. Welcome to Jamaica [add]
02. Close Encounters of the Wet Kind [add]
03. Bomba Shack [add]
04. Scubaholic [add]
05. Calypso [add]
06. Wings [add]
07. The Whole Island Thing [add]
08. New Paradise [add]
09. Scuba Joe, Pt. 2 [add]
10. Catch a Puff [add]

Boatsongs #3/Permanently Temporary (2003) 01. Endless Summer [add]
02. Everybody Wants to Be Jimmy Buffett [add]
03. Gary's Island [add]
04. Journey to the Second Star [add]
05. Living It Up Down Under [add]
06. Moon Over Maui [add]
07. Beer Money [add]
08. Permanently Temporary [add]
09. Ensenada Jail or Bust [add]
10. Daisy [add]
11. He Just Lied and Went to Heaven, Pt. 2 [add]
12. The Sandbar [add]
13. Saturday Night Girl [add]

Scuba Tunes, Vol. 1: The Pool Sessions! (2003) 01. Blackened Fish Sandwich [add]
02. Hi-Tech Diver [add]
03. Scuba Radio [add]
04. The Parrothead Fish [add]
05. Wreck(ed) Diver [add]
06. Scuba Joe [add]
07. Today Is the Day [add]
08. Skip the One-Legged Shark Diver [add]
09. I Learned My ABC's [add]
10. Is That a Moray in Your Pocket...? [add]

Boatsongs #4/Sail America Live (2003) 01. Son of a Sailor [add]
02. Brown Eyed Girl [add]
03. The Big Bamboo [add]
04. The Whole 9 Yards [add]
05. Jump in the Line [add]
06. The Manatee and the Jellyfish [add]
07. Waiting in Vain [add]
08. Who Put the Pepper [add]
09. Wild World [add]
10. Living It Up Down Under [add]
11. Yesterday [add]
12. No Woman No Cry [add]

Boatsongs #1/Songs for Sail (2003) 01. Sailing Life [add]
02. Paradise in Mexico [add]
03. Southern Cross [add]
04. It's Not the Fall That Hurts [add]
05. The Manatee and the Jellyfish [add]
06. So He Sails [add]
07. Coast of Marseilles [add]
08. He Just Lied and Went to Heaven [add]
09. The Same Boat [add]
10. Jamaica Farewell [add]
11. Reggae Guy [add]
12. Till All the Tequila Is Gone [add]

Long Boards & Short Stories (2004) 01. I Got Leid in Hawaii [add]
02. Meet Me in Mooloolaba [add]
03. Jesus Candle [add]
04. Somewhere South of Somehwere [add]
05. Yellowshoes [add]
06. Crab Island Rendezvous [add]
07. The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner [add]
08. In the Soup [add]
09. Latitudes & Attitudes [add]
10. On-On [add]
11. Sunsail Away [add]
12. If You Aint Been Aground... [add]

Great White Christmas (2005) 01. Boudreaux the Cajun Reindeer [add]
02. Haole Hawaiian Christmas [add]
03. Hang Ten Santa [add]
04. The Christmas Song [add]
05. Great White Christmas [add]
06. Grandma Got Run Over by a Redneck [add]
07. Santa Claus Has Dreadlocks [add]
08. Christmas in the Isthmus [add]
09. Rasti Da Snowmon [add]
10. Mele Kalikimaka [add]

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