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Angelina lyrics
Genre: Blues
Angelina Prays the Rosary (2000) 01. The Garden Song [add]
02. Intro and Prayers [add]
03. Annunciation and Prayers [add]
04. Visitation Sing of Mary [add]
05. Prayers [add]
06. Nativity What Child Is This [add]
07. Prayers [add]
08. The Presentation [add]
09. Finding the Child in the Temple [add]
10. Ave Maria [add]
11. In the Garden Intro [add]
12. Prayers [add]
13. Agony in the Garden [add]
14. Scourging at the Pillar [add]
15. Crowning [add]
16. O Sacred Head [add]
17. Prayers [add]
18. Jesus Carries the Cross [add]
19. The Crucifixion [add]
20. Were You There [add]
21. Prayers and Closing [add]
22. Our Father [add]
23. Butterfly [add]
24. Intro [add]
25. Prayers [add]
26. The Ressurection, Joyful Joyful [add]
27. The Ascension [add]
28. Descent of the Holy Spirit [add]
29. Prayers [add]
30. The Assumption [add]
31. The Coronation [add]
32. Hail Holy Queen [add]
33. Thank You (Closing) [add]
34. Hail Mary, Gentle Woman [add]

Wake Up Call (2001) 01. The Deer's Cry lyrics
02. Ave Maria [add]
03. Whisper in the Other Ear [add]
04. I Love You, Lord [add]
05. How Great Thou Art [add]
06. Temple [add]
07. One Person at a Time [add]
08. Love Song [add]
09. In Moments Like These [add]
10. Look to the Rainbow [add]
11. Hail Mary, Gentle Woman [add]
12. Make Your Own Kind of Music [add]

The Chaplet of Divine Mercy (2001) 01. Jesus, I Trust in You (Song) [add]
02. Introduction to Chaplet [add]
03. Beginning Prayers [add]
04. 1st Decade Chaplet [add]
05. 2nd Decade Chaplet [add]
06. 3rd Decade Chaplet [add]
07. 4th Decade Chaplet [add]
08. 5th Decade Chaplet [add]
09. Ending Remarks (Nessage) [add]
10. Fountain of Mercy lyrics
11. Chaplet Spoken [add]

My Gift to You (2002) 01. Little Drummer Boy [add]
02. White Christmas [add]
03. Christmas Song [add]
04. Silent Night [add]
05. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas [add]
06. Coventry Carol [add]
07. Do You Hear What I Hear? [add]
08. I Wonder as I Wander [add]
09. Celebrate Me Home [add]
10. Secret Song [add]

Mary's Way of the Cross (2003) 01. Love Song (Song) [add]
02. Introduction (Spoken) [add]
03. Jesus Is Condemned to Die [add]
04. Jesus Takes His Cross [add]
05. Jesus Falls the First Time [add]
06. Jesus Meets His Mother [add]
07. Simon Helps Jesus Carry His Cross [add]
08. Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus [add]
09. Jesus Falls the Second Time [add]
10. Jesus Speaks to the Women [add]
11. Jesus Falls the Third Time [add]
12. Jesus Is Stipped of His Garments [add]
13. Jesus Is Nailed to the Cross [add]
14. Jesus Dies on the Cross [add]
15. Jesus Is Taken from the Cross [add]
16. Jesus Placed in the Tomb [add]
17. Jesus Is Raised from the Dead [add]
18. Query [add]
19. Mary Did You Know? [add]
20. Closing Remarks [add]
21. Let It Be (Song) [add]

Songs of the Faithful (2004) 01. I Can Only Imagine [add]
02. Jesus [add]
03. Prayer of St. Frances [add]
04. Blessed Teresa of Calcutta [add]
05. Prayer to St. Joseph (Husband of Mary) [add]
06. Love Song [add]
07. Fountain of Mercy (St. Faustina) [add]
08. Touched by Your Love (St. Pio) [add]
09. The Deer's Cry (Breastplate of St. Patrick) lyrics
10. We Are Many Parts [add]

The Child Within (2004) 01. Breathe [add]
02. Baby Mine [add]
03. Pure Imagination [add]
04. Lord, You Have My Heart [add]
05. Cloud-Shadows [add]
06. I Love You, Lord [add]
07. Garden Song [add]
08. For Aubrey, Jesus Love You [add]
09. The Lamb [add]
10. Christopher Robin Saying His Prayers [add]
11. As I Kneel [add]
12. Evansong [add]
13. My Deliverer [add]

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