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Parker Sisters lyrics
Genre: Electronica
A Homewreckerds 3-Way Split (2002) 01. Einsteinian Powers [add]
02. The Wanaque Vortex [add]
03. Dhomily [add]
04. Baby, Tell Me [add]
05. A Cut from Heaven's Soundtrack [add]
06. Autistic Fever [add]
07. Fiona [add]
08. When I Look at the Sky [add]
09. Sugar and Salt [add]
10. Ad Hoc Chopping Block [add]
11. Now We Meet [add]
12. No Trust [add]
13. Focus Group [add]
14. A Binky, A Blanky [add]
15. Bread and Circuses [add]

Demons in Pop Country (2003) 01. Suicide Note of a Seven Year Old [add]
02. Einsteinian Powers [add]
03. The Wanaque Vortex [add]
04. Dhomily [add]
05. Baby, Tell Me [add]
06. A Cut from Heaven's Soundtrack [add]
07. Autistic Fever [add]
08. The Tabernacle Fire [add]
09. Hiding from the Sun [add]
10. The Anubis [add]

Side by Side (2007) 01. Texas Gals [add]
02. Billy in the Lowground [add]
03. Cotton Patch Rag [add]
04. Brandywine [add]
05. Boil 'Em Cabbage Down [add]
06. Bittercreek [add]
07. Westphalia Waltz [add]
08. Durang's Hornpipe [add]
09. Sally Ann Johnson [add]
10. Skater's Waltz [add]
11. Beaumont Rag [add]
12. Cuckoo's Nest [add]
13. Red Apple Rag [add]
14. Flop Eared Mule [add]
15. Bill Cheatum [add]
16. Paddy on the Turnpike [add]
17. Little Billy Wilson [add]
18. Margaret's Waltz [add]

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