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Mike Warnke lyrics
Genre: Gospel
Mike Warnke Alive (0000) 01. Preacher Lessons and Cookie Cutters [add]
02. Tennessee Home and Blankety-Blank [add]
03. Catholics and Hell [add]
04. Bible Stories and Jonah [add]
05. Do's and Don't's [add]
06. The Occult [add]
07. The Jesus Freaks [add]
08. Scuzball [add]
09. Catholics and Heaven [add]
10. Suicide and the Gospel Trio [add]
11. The Navy's Grade a Number One Fruitcake - Wow! [add]
12. Three to a Cubicle [add]
13. The Gideon Bible and the Mop Closet [add]
14. Like Yourself [add]

Stuff Happens (1985) 01. Potty Training [add]
02. Stuff Happens [add]
03. Fat Fight [add]
04. Cleaning up for a Bath [add]
05. Concepts of Christ [add]

Out of My Mind (1991) 01. I'm Here to Offend You [add]
02. Upgrading My Speech [add]
03. Pointy-Toes Cowboy Boots [add]
04. Baptists and Pentecostals [add]
05. Vegamite [add]
06. Culinary Delights [add]
07. Yo Dude! [add]
08. Multitude of Symptoms [add]
09. What Is Is [add]
10. As Simple as Cherry Pie [add]
11. Jesus Is for Everybody [add]
12. I Have Decided [add]

Jester in the King's Court (1994) 01. Gorilla Cookies and Coffins [add]
02. Chicken Walk Un-Huh! [add]
03. Not Me-Eth - You-Eth [add]
04. The Big Green God and Bunny Fuzz [add]
05. Perfect Nothingness [add]
06. The Holy Hustle [add]
07. Rednecks [add]
08. The Con Job [add]
09. The Scourging Post [add]
10. Between Heaven and Earth [add]
11. Satan Takes a Holiday [add]
12. The Key Shop [add]

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