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Genre: Electronica
Ministry of Sound Presents: The Annual III (1997) 01. O [add]
02. You Got It [Cosmic Dub] [add]
03. Musical Freedom [Chicken Flied Lice Mix] [add]
04. Is It All over My Face? [add]
05. And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going [add]
06. Montayo [add]
07. Soul Roots [add]
08. Nite Life [add]
09. Rock 2 House [add]
10. Voices in Your Mind [add]
11. One Day [add]
12. Someday [add]

Essential Selection Winter 1997 (1997) 01. Gritty Shaker [add]
02. Stranded [Club Mix] [add]
03. You've Got a Friend [Booker T Dub] [add]
04. Pleasure Dome [Booker T Mix] [add]
05. What You Want [add]
06. Saturday [Full Intention Club Mix] [add]
07. Belo Horizonti [Morales Remix] [add]
08. I Thought It Was You [add]
09. Never Ever [Booker T Dub] [add]
10. Ultrafunkula [Sneak's Mongolian Beats Mix] [add]
11. R.I.P. Groove [add]
12. Digital [Armand Van Helden's Garage Mix] [add]
13. Every Little Time [Baby Blue Mix] [add]
14. The Beat [Scratcher's Groove] [add]
15. Back for More [Baby Blue Remix] [add]
16. Los Ninos del Parque [add]
17. Ain't Nobody [JDS Remix] [add]
18. Beachball [add]
19. Come Down [Remix] [add]
20. Sunchyme [add]
21. Stay [add]
22. Ever Rest [add]
23. Schoenenberg [S'N'V Moonmen Over Marmion Mix] [add]
24. Mysteryland [HHC Remix] [add]
25. Heroes [add]
26. Black Gold of the Sun [4 Hero Mix] [add]

Essential Selection Spring 1998 (1998) 01. Rude Boy Rock [add]
02. Beat Goes On [add]
03. Brimful of Asha [Norman Cook Remix] [add]
04. Fixy Jointy [add]
05. Love Bug [Vocal Mix] [add]
06. Believe [Groove Chronicles Mix] [add]
07. Weekend [add]
08. Funk Phenomena [add]
09. Never Ever [Booker T. Mix] [add]
10. So Good [Booker's Vocal Mix] [add]
11. The Word Is Love [Mousse T's Kinda Deep Mix] [add]
12. Movin' On [add]
13. Sincere [add]
14. Beat That Bitch [add]
15. Give Me Rhythm [Full Intention Club Mix] [add]
16. Gotta Keep Pushin' [add]
17. Lady Marmalade [Sharp's South Park Vocal Remix] [add]
18. It's Like That [Jason's Battle Blaster] [add]
19. El Magnifico [add]
20. Renegade Master [Fatboy Slim Old Skool Mix] [add]
21. Smack My Bitch Up [add]
22. I Refuse [Serious Danger Mix] [add]
23. Coming Back [Baby Blue Dub] [add]
24. You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) [Baby Blue Inside Out Dub] [add]
25. Where Do We Go? [Armand's Last Hustle in Paris Mix] [add]
26. Disco Dancing [Club Divine Mix] [add]
27. Here I Go [add]
28. Can U Feel It [Perpetual Motion Vocal Mix] [add]
29. Let Me Show You [Tall Paul Remix] [add]
30. Meet Her at the Love Parade [add]
31. Dark and Long [Dark Train Mix] [add]
32. Treat Infamy [add]
33. Angels Landing [The Light's Voodoo Dub Mix] [add]

Essential Selection Summer 1999 (1999) 01. Magnum Force [add]
02. Believe [M.J. Cole Remix] [add]
03. Starchasers [Masters at Work Main Remix] [add]
04. Over Here [Sugar Shack Break Beat Funk] [add]
05. My Desire [Club Asylum Classic Vocal Mix] [add]
06. Bootie Call [Club Asylum] [add]
07. Freak Me [Club Asylum Mix] [add]
08. Looking for Love [Don Carlos Love & Devotion Mix] [add]
09. Rock With You [Mousse T's Feel da Beat Dub] [add]
10. Horny '98 [Extended Mix] [add]
11. New Kind of Medicine [Tenaglia's D' Tour Dub] [add]
12. Music Is the Answer [add]
13. You Don't Know [M.A. Collective Gospel Club Mix] [add]
14. Needin' U [Boss Anthem Mix] [add]
15. I'll House You '98 [Hitmen Remix] [add]
16. I Can't Help Myself [Judge Jules Vocal Remix] [add]
17. Ride [add]
18. The Word [add]
19. Is Anybody Out There [add]
20. Vertigo [Virgo Edit] [add]
21. Funk Bomb [add]
22. The Day Will Come [Quakes Vocal Mix] [add]
23. El Nino [Matt Darey Latino Remix] [add]
24. For an Angel '98 [Pvd- E Werk Club Mix] [add]
25. Beachball [Tall Paul Remix] [add]
26. The Freaks Come Out [Sharp 'Freaks at Trade' Remix] [add]
27. The Ultimate [Tall Paul Remix] [add]
28. I Don't Need Your Love [Da Fool's Premium Mix] [add]
29. Storm [add]
30. Lombert, Michelle [add]

Essential Selection Spring 1999 (1999) 01. History of Disco, Pt. 2 [I Love Your Disco-Full Version] [add]
02. Flowerz [add]
03. I'm Lonely [add]
04. Big Love [add]
05. Can't Get Enough [add]
06. Everybody Get Up [add]
07. You Can Fly [Cevin Fisher's Mile High Club Mix] [add]
08. (You Got Me) Burning Up [Queen St. Orchestra Vocal Mix] [add]
09. Raise Your Hands [Rhythm Masters Remix] [add]
10. On & On [add]
11. Beats & Grooves for a Porn Star [My Love Is Stronger Mix] [add]
12. Rise of Tonight [Two Phunky People Disco Mix] [add]
13. Hazel [Johan S Toxic Club Mix Edit] [add]
14. 7 Hours in a Bathroom [Instrumental Mix] [add]
15. Lizard [Megavoices Mix] [add]
16. My Fellow Boppers [add]
17. Good Shot [add]
18. Wide Eyed Angel [add]
19. Greece 2000 [add]
20. Diving Faces [add]
21. Protect Your Mind (For the Love of a Princess) (Lange Remix) [add]
22. Revelation [add]
23. Crazy [Translucid Dub] [add]
24. Clarkness [add]
25. Love Stimulation [Blank & Jones Remix] [add]
26. Pure [add]
27. Mantra (Forever) [add]
28. Out of the Blue [add]
29. The World '99 [Moonmen Club Mix] [add]
30. Be Free [Pacha Club Mix] [add]
31. Cari?o [add]
32. Ma Foom Bey [add]
33. This Brutal House [add]
34. Big Fun [LA Big Fun Remix] [add]
35. Wild Times [Mayday Mix] [add]
36. No Way Back [add]
37. Runaway Girl [Runaway Radio Mix] [add]
38. Don't Know What You're Missing [add]
39. Love Can't Turn Around [add]
40. Take Me Away [add]
41. Back to Love [Graeme Park Remix] [add]
42. Do You Want It Right Now [King Street Mix] [add]

Essential Selection Ibiza 1999 (1999) 01. Binxter Moody [Moody Vocal] [add]
02. Joy (Daddy Cool) [add]
03. Children [Breeders Baroque Dub] [add]
04. Xpander [add]
05. Nothing Left [Way Out West Remix] [add]
06. Under the Water [Breeder's Sub-Merge Mix] [add]
07. Stay with Me Till Dawn [Jan Driver Ultradub] [add]
08. 9 PM Till I Come [Matt Darey Mix] [add]
09. Not Over Yet [Breeder's It Is Now Remix] [add]
10. Lies [Tilt's Trinity Mix] [add]
11. River of Tears [add]
12. Amber [Lightning Mix] [add]
13. Fixation [add]
14. Spiritualised [Original Mix] [add]
15. Communication [Vincent De Moor Remix] [add]
16. Gouryella [Radio Edit] [add]

Essential Millennium (1999) 01. Under the Water [add]
02. Tears [add]
03. Rendez-Vu [add]
04. Music Sounds Better With You [add]
05. Big Love [add]
06. Chocolate Sensation [add]
07. That Sound [add]
08. U Don't Know Me [add]
09. Turn Around [add]
10. Sun Is Shining [add]
11. Get Get Down [add]
12. Sing It Back [add]
13. I Never Knew [add]
14. Welcome to the Magic Sessions [add]
15. Music Is the Answer (Dancin and Prancin) [add]
16. Ibiza in My Soul [add]
17. Women Beat Their Men [add]
18. Summer Samba (Samba de Ver?o) [add]
19. Necessary Evil [add]
20. Vertigo [add]
21. Funky Music [add]
22. Return of the Original Art Form [add]
23. Evel Knievel [add]
24. Metaforce [add]
25. I'm Ready [add]
26. Everybody Loves a Carnival [add]
27. Jack It Up [add]
28. The Private Psychedelic Reel [add]
29. Between the Eyes [add]
30. Funky Fresh [add]
31. Blaxxtraxx 3 [Funky Nassau Remix] [add]
32. 1956 [add]
33. Because of You [add]
34. Born Slippy [add]
35. At the River [add]
36. Bunker [add]
37. Summertime [add]
38. Gamemaster [add]
39. Fade [add]
40. Moogwai [add]
41. Run [add]
42. Gloria [add]
43. Another Day [add]
44. Sweet Substance [add]
45. Bullet in the Gun [add]
46. See You in the Next Life [add]
47. You're Not Alone [add]
48. Burning Flame [add]
49. Jumbo [add]
50. Fly Away [add]

Essential Mix [Essential] (2000) 01. Right on, Right On [add]
02. Free at Last [instrumental] [add]
03. Always Remember to Respect and Honour Your Mother, Pt. 1 [Deep Dish Lo] [add]
04. Barbarella [Deep Dish Armageddon Breakdown Remix] [add]
05. Treaty [Peace Division Mix] [add]
06. B [Christian Smith + John Selway Remix] [add]
07. AC/DC [Gangbanger Mix] [add]
08. Tonight [Apache Tribal Mix] [add]
09. X-Tra Large [add]
10. Spaced Invader [add]
11. One Last Time [add]
12. The Man With the Red Face [Jan Driver Remix] [add]
13. The Jaguar [Original DJ Rolando Mix] [add]
14. Musak [Wonderland Av. Remix] [add]
15. Pushin Too Hard [Futureshock's Confession Mix] [add]
16. Sparc [add]
17. Rise In [Nalin + Kane Vocal Remix] [add]
18. Sister Sister [Nalin + Kane Remix] [add]
19. Standing [Original Hooj Edit] [add]
20. Scorchio [12 Edit] [add]
21. Future! [Jaimy + Kenny D. Remix] [add]
22. I Can Feel That [add]
23. Poundz and Penz [Alex Flatner Mix] [add]
24. Metropolis [Darren Christian Remix] [add]
25. The Compass [International DJ Gigilo Mix] [add]
26. Bruiser [Evolution Mix] [add]

Essential Selection Ibiza 2000: The Soundtrack To (2000) 01. Groovejet [Original Mix] [add]
02. When the World Is Running Down (You Can't Go Wrong) [Original Bootleg] [add]
03. Bang [Bini and Martini Exclusive Mix] [add]
04. Who Keep Changing Your Mind? [Full Intention Vocal Mix] [add]
05. The Beach [The Bucket and Spade Mix] [add]
06. You See the Trouble With Me [add]
07. Summer of Love [Original Extended Mix] [add]
08. 7 Days [Sunship Remix] [add]
09. Born Funky [Supakings Mix] [add]
10. How Many Times [add]
11. Jungle Boogie [Robbie Rivera's Summer Piano Anthem] [add]
12. Walking in the Sunshine [Original Mix] [add]
13. How's You Evening So Far? [Josh Wink UK 12''] [add]
14. Hudson Street [New York Mix] [add]
15. Sister Sister [Original Mix] [add]
16. Far from Over [Oliver Lieb Remix] [add]
17. Home [Above and Beyond Mix] [add]
18. Galaxia [Solar Stone Mix] [add]
19. You Take My Breath Away [Lange Mix] [add]
20. It's My Turn [Radio Edit] [add]
21. Let Me Be Your Fantasy [Rank 1 Remix] [add]
22. Warrior [Club Mix] [add]
23. Tomorrow [Cyrus and the Joker Mix] [add]
24. Fly Away [add]
25. Supersting [Rank 1 Remix] [add]
26. Silence [DJ Tiesto In Search Of Sunrise Remix] [add]
27. Cabal (Energy Flow) [Plug and Play Mix] [add]
28. Excessions [Original Mix] [add]
29. Caned and Unable [add]
30. Zombie Nation [add]
31. SSST...(listen) [Original Mix] [add]
32. Sandstorm [Original Mix] [add]
33. Beautiful [Original Music] [add]

Essential Selection Spring 2000 (2000) 01. 4x3 [add]
02. Woman Trouble [add]
03. Groovejet [add]
04. You See the Trouble With Me [We'll Be in Trouble Extended Mix] [add]
05. Koochy [12 Version] [add]
06. Time Is Now [DJ Plankton Mix] [add]
07. I Like [add]
08. Rainbow Country [Funkstars Club Mix] [add]
09. Funky Music [add]
10. Chocolate Sensation [Original Force Mix] [add]
11. Pure Shores [Cosmos Remix] [add]
12. Must Be the Music [Club Mix] [add]
13. Music: Response [Futureshock Main Response] [add]
14. The Man With the Red Face [add]
15. The Future Sound of Retro [add]
16. Dooms Night [Remix] [add]
17. Disco Dancing [Timo Maas Mix] [add]
18. Don't Give Up [Original Mix] [add]
19. The Return of Nothing [add]
20. Tuva Groove [Hani Remix] [add]
21. Cry [Original Extended] [add]
22. My Lexicon [add]
23. Repercussion [Funk Funktion's Melody Mix] [add]
24. Horizons [add]
25. Tyrantanic [Slacker's Kingdom Come Mix] [add]
26. Future in Computer Hell, Pt. 2 [add]
27. Tell Me Why (The Riddle) [Original Mix] [add]
28. Calling the Angels [DJ Taucher Extended Club Mix] [add]
29. A9 [Original Mix] [add]
30. Something About You [add]
31. It's Too Late [Remix] [add]
32. Under Access [add]

Selections from Essential Mix (2000) 01. Touch Me [Original Mix] [add]
02. American Booty [Club Mix] [add]
03. Mine to Give [David Morales Facedown Mix] [add]
04. Sputnik [add]
05. To Be Free [Club Mix] [add]
06. Sparc [add]
07. The Question [add]
08. Pilgrimage to Paradise [Timo Maas Mix] [add]
09. Always [add]
10. Helsinki [Sander Kleinenberg Mix] [add]
11. Pistolwhip [James Holden Mix] [add]
12. No Exit [add]
13. Rock Rose [add]
14. Needle Juice [add]
15. Chase the Sun [add]

Essential Mix [Sire] (2001) 01. Touch Me [Original Mix] [add]
02. American Booty [Joey Negro Club Mix] [add]
03. Salsoul Nugget (If U Wanna) [DJ Lottie Rmx] [add]
04. Dubb Me Somet'in Fresh [add]
05. Mine to Give [David Morales Facedown Mix] [add]
06. Sputnik [add]
07. Drums 4 Better Daze [Praha Rmx] [add]
08. Sparc [add]
09. (Always) Just Like This [add]
10. Genesis [add]
11. My Beat [Jan Driver Rmx] [add]
12. Musak [Steve Lawler Rmx] [add]
13. Intensify [add]
14. Deliver Me [Mix One- 12 Mix] [add]
15. Chase the Sun [add]

Twisted Beats (2002) 01. Caveman (AKA Trogolodyte) [add]
02. Groove Is in the Air [Simon's Future Dreams Mix] [add]
03. Know You Can [Rick Pier vs. Dave Moss Bittin' Jazz Mix] [add]
04. Latinstatic [Original Mix] [add]
05. Lack of Dub [add]
06. The Revolution [add]
07. Meet Her at the Love Parade 2001 [Pete Heller's Stylus Style Mix] [add]
08. Breathe [Lexington Avenue Mix] [add]
09. Penetration [add]
10. Losing Control [add]
11. Sputnik [Mainframe Mix] [add]
12. Bedford Street [add]
13. Passive Aggression [Brothers in Rhythm Remix] [add]
14. Pure [Six Speaker Remix] [add]
15. Hide U [John Creamer and Stephanie K Remix] [add]
16. Silver Screen Shower Scene [Lead Vocal] [add]
17. Wave 3 [Original Mix] [add]
18. Mindcircus [Tarantella Dub] [add]
19. Heavy Fluid [Original Mix] [add]
20. Beats, Vol. 2 [The Cricket Mix] [add]
21. (Always) A Permanent State Tom Stephan's Superchumbo Mix] [add]
22. Phase One [Futureschock Mix] [add]
23. Scorchio [S.K.'s Scorched Mix] [add]
24. Jade [Original Mix] [add]
25. Outlaw [Praha Mix] [add]
26. Redemption [Max Graham's Dead Sea Mix] [add]
27. Horizons [Way Out West Dub] [add]
28. Secrets [Ian Wilkie's C-Bit Dub] [add]
29. Thrust 2 [add]

Essential Selection [Trust the DJ] (2003) 01. Fragmented 100% [add]
02. No. 1 [Dub Mix] [add]
03. Make It Happen [Ewan Pearson Mix] [add]
04. Sleeza [add]
05. Out of My Life [add]
06. Chugnuts [add]
07. Hear What Was Said [add]
08. Where's My B.F.? [add]
09. Show Me Your Monkey [add]
10. Come Together [add]
11. Mad About [add]
12. Takin' Hold [add]
13. Who Is It? [Mike Monday Remix] [add]
14. Hum [add]
15. Controversy [add]

Essential Selection [Moonshine] (2003) 01. Downtime [add]
02. Shiver [add]
03. Jack to the Future [add]
04. You're So Just Just [add]
05. Beatz in Peacez 03 [add]
06. Generations [Jesper Dahlb?ck Remix] [add]
07. M.J.C. Silco [add]
08. Darkroom Dubs [add]
09. So We Can [add]
10. Dancing in the Dark [Nic Fanciulli Skylark Vox] [add]
11. Alleviation of Distress [add]
12. Hoochie Koochie Mar [add]
13. Tonite [add]
14. Gia [DJ Gregory Mix] [add]

Pure Pacha 2005 [Om] (2005) 01. Galactic Ride [Ralf Lawson RMX] [add]
02. Open Your Eyes [add]
03. Deep End [add]
04. Synth Song [Mutiny RMX] [add]
05. Situation [add]
06. Closer to Me [Original Version] [add]
07. Warped [add]
08. I Can't Remember [add]
09. Vertigo [add]
10. Zdarklight [add]
11. Shiver [Murk RMX] [add]
12. Summer Moon [add]
13. To Be or Not to Be [add]
14. Fiesta [add]
15. Step Over [add]
16. Just Bounce [add]
17. Rump Funk [add]
18. Be Thankful [add]
19. Your Body [add]
20. Put Ya Body on It [add]
21. Rhythm Fundation [add]
22. Lust 4 You [add]
23. The End [add]
24. Empire [add]
25. Runaway [add]

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