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D.C. Anderson lyrics
Genre: Easy Listening
Time Was (1993) 01. Time Was [add]
02. Imagine Love [add]
03. I'm Confessin' (That I Love You) [add]
04. A Cockeyed Optimist [add]
05. I'll Follow My Secret Heart [add]
06. They Say It's Wonderful [add]
07. Come to My Garden [add]
08. I Never Said Goodbye to My Father [add]
09. Humming Chorus [Madame Butterfly] [add]
10. You'll Never Know [add]
11. Please Let's Not Even Say Hello [add]
12. Arrow [add]
13. That Night [add]
14. Every Word [add]
15. A Dreamer's Holiday [add]
16. Far Away from Me [add]
17. We're Well on Our Way [add]

Box Under the Bed (1997) 01. If I Only Had a Brain [add]
02. Sister Clarissa [add]
03. What a Little Moonlight Can Do [add]
04. Moonbathing [add]
05. Orbiting Jupiter [add]
06. I'm Pretty Made [add]
07. Mississippi Mud [add]
08. Wake Up Screaming [add]
09. Thinkin' of Leavin'/Long Honeymoon [add]
10. Paralyzed [add]
11. That Lonesome Road [add]
12. From the Heart [add]
13. Pajamas [add]
14. New Words [add]
15. 75 Septembers [add]
16. Waiting for the Train to Come In [add]
17. You're Driving Me Crazy/Undecided [add]
18. Bonny Portmore [add]
19. Your Father and I Have Been Talking [add]
20. Can't Help Falling in Love [add]
21. Fly Me to the Moon [add]
22. Bird on a Wire [add]
23. My Life [add]

Blue Summer Day (2000) 01. Blue Summer Day [add]
02. Cow Imagination [add]
03. Music to Operate By [add]
04. Mrs. Donaldson [add]
05. I Leave in Doubt [add]
06. Song for Sarajevo [add]
07. You Should Be Ashame-ed [add]
08. Second Time Around [add]
09. I Haven't Time to Be a Millionaire [add]
10. Potato [add]
11. Flintstones [add]
12. I'm Stepping Out With a Memory [add]
13. More Than I Can Bear/Let Me Steal Your Heart [add]
14. So This Is Goodbye [add]
15. Box of Visions [add]
16. How's Your Little Act? [add]
17. Is It Peace or Is It Prozac? [add]
18. God Bless Fern Davidson [add]
19. Whoever Get Me [add]
20. Soon After Christmas [add]
21. Not for the Squeamish [add]
22. God Loves the Irish [add]
23. Parade [add]
24. Paul [add]
25. The Valley [add]
26. Get Out and Get Under the Moon [add]
27. Would You Let Me? [add]
28. Waiting for You [add]
29. Letter [add]
30. The River [add]
31. Department Stores Mean Christmas [*] [add]

All Is Calm, All Is Bright (2001) 01. Are You Burning, Little Candle [add]
02. Three Wishes for Christmas [add]
03. Christmas Island at Christmas Time [add]
04. Silent Night [add]
05. Infant Holy [add]
06. Winter, Fire and Snow [add]
07. When a Child Is Born [add]
08. Dickens Carolers [add]
09. A Marshmallow World [add]
10. Up on a Mayberry Housetop: Up on the Housetop/The Fishin' Hole [medley] [add]
11. I'm Gonna Be an Angel [add]
12. Hands [add]
13. The Rest of the Year [add]
14. The Ups Bell Carol [add]
15. Department Stores Mean Christmas to Me [add]
16. Heaven Can't Be Far [add]
17. O Joyful Children [add]

Ballad (2004) 01. The Bird and I [add]
02. I Don't Know My Way Around a Dream [add]
03. Chocolate Is Fine [add]
04. Leave You Now [add]
05. Can't Help But Hope [add]
06. It Will Always Be Me [add]
07. Human Fondue [add]
08. I Can Do This [add]
09. You're the Same [add]
10. Don't Know [add]
11. If You Touch Me [add]

I Am Still (2006) 01. I Am Still [add]
02. Jury Duty Girlfriend [add]
03. Madison Laughs [add]
04. I Least Expect You Now [add]
05. Have Fun [add]
06. Sad Man [add]
07. Maury [add]
08. Hard This Goodbye [add]
09. The Visit [add]
10. House of Grieving [add]
11. Dear Mother [add]
12. Sandy Iysaght's Ma [add]
13. Hello Nancy, Goodbye Ron [add]
14. At Last [add]
15. Fixed Up Heart [add]

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