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Hybrid lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Wide Angle (2000) 01. Opening Credits [add]
02. If I Survive lyrics
03. I Know [add]
04. Beachcoma [add]
05. Dreaming Your Dreams [add]
06. Snyper [add]
07. Theme from Wide Angle [add]
08. Sinequanon [add]
09. Kill City [Edit] [add]
10. Altitude [Edit] [add]
11. Finished Symphony [add]
12. Altitude [Red Square Reprise] [add]
13. Kid 2000 [Edit] [add]

Morning Sci-Fi (2003) 01. This Is What It Means [add]
02. True to Form [add]
03. Know Your Enemy [add]
04. Marrakech [add]
05. I'm Still Awake [add]
06. Visible Noise [add]
07. We Are in Control [add]
08. Higher Than a Skyscraper [add]
09. Steal You Away [add]
10. Gravastar [add]
11. Out of the Dark [add]
12. Blackout [add]

Y4K (2004) 01. The Drop [Man on Fire Edit] [add]
02. Let It All Out [Tigerstyle] [add]
03. The Way [Evil 9 Mix] [add]
04. The Knife Drawer [Ryeland Allison Edit] [add]
05. Found the Gonzo [add]
06. My Knigdom, Pt.4 [add]
07. In Good We Trust [Soundtrack Edit] [add]
08. David [Luke Chable Mix] [add]
09. Phoenix [Vigi & Nectarios Mix] [add]
10. Why Are All the Pretty Ones Insane? [add]
11. Chemical Beats [add]
12. One Perfect Sunrise [Stereo 8 Remix] [add]
13. Blackout [Hybrid Y4K Edit] [add]

I Choose Noise (2006) 01. Secret Circles [add]
02. Dogstar [add]
03. I Chose Noise [add]
04. Falling Down [add]
05. Last Man Standing [add]
06. Hooligan Spirit [add]
07. Choke [add]
08. Keep It in the Family [add]
09. Until Tomorrow [add]
10. Dream Stalker [add]
11. Just for Today [add]

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