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"D" Poetic Preacha lyrics
Genre: Rap
The Spiritual Lyricist (2002) 01. Bless the Mic [add]
02. People Wonder [add]
03. People Wonder (Reprise) [add]
04. What's the Purpose? [add]
05. I Refuse [add]
06. One God [add]
07. Out My Way [T-Wana Mix] [add]
08. Geacha Handzup [add]
09. The Temple [add]
10. Love Lifted Me [add]
11. Cause and Effect [add]
12. Ready for Me [add]
13. People Wonder [Mellow Mix] [add]
14. Amen [add]
15. I Refuse [add]

The Dawn (2002) 01. The Dawn [add]
02. Out My Way [add]
03. Mr. Preacha Man [add]
04. Lifting Up the Name [add]
05. Pressure to Maintain [add]
06. Temporary Pleasure [add]
07. How Ya Live [add]
08. Take Over [add]
09. You Get It All [add]
10. Theology of Chaos [add]
11. Voice of the Outcry [add]
12. I Don't Need It [add]
13. Matter of the Mind [add]
14. Forgiveness (Intro) [add]
15. Second Time Around [add]
16. Make It In [add]
17. Amen [add]
18. The Dawn (Reprise) [add]

Radical Revolutionary Gospel Activist: The Campaign (2005) 01. Ready 4 a Revolution [add]
02. Militant Christain Extremist [add]
03. Chaos [add]
04. Remember the Signs [add]
05. Rebel Against Hell [add]
06. The Word-On Line [add]
07. World Wide Surveillance [add]
08. Much Prayer Much Power [add]
09. Can't Control [add]
10. Sustainer [add]
11. I Pledge Allegiance [add]
12. Eagle's Shadow [add]
13. Alright, Okay [add]
14. The Word-You Are the Light [add]
15. Reborn [add]
16. Let the Redeemed [add]
17. Whacha Come Here For [add]
18. Alright, Okay (Reprise) [add]

I Am Not Ashamed (2006) 01. I Am Not Ashamed (Interlude) [add]
02. Not Ashamed (Romans 1:16) [add]
03. Don't Back Down [add]
04. I Refuse [add]
05. Anointed and Not Ashamed [add]
06. I've Come Too Far [add]
07. I Will Serve You [add]
08. The Spirit in Me [add]
09. Forever I Live [add]
10. I Give It All [add]
11. See Your Face [add]
12. Naked and Not Ashamed [add]
13. Queen [add]
14. Temporary Pleasure [add]
15. The Prayer [add]

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