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Genre: Jazz
Becoming Became (1988) 01. Becoming Became [add]
02. The Next Time I Hold You [add]
03. The Hard Way [add]
04. Wish You Were Here [add]
05. Nieces and Nephews [add]
06. Oregon [add]
07. Stacey [add]

Music (1991) 01. Somebody's Girl [add]
02. The Times We Spent Together [add]
03. Noah and Tim [add]
04. A Winter Beginning [add]
05. Creature of Habit [add]
06. Looking Back [add]
07. Prom Night [add]
08. The Untitled Fusion Tune [add]
09. Body and Soul [add]

Don't Forget the Way Home (1992) 01. The Aging Song [add]
02. My One and Only Love [add]
03. G'bye Bolinas [add]
04. The Song Is You [add]
05. Sanctuary [add]
06. Wings [add]
07. Eyebright [add]
08. In a Sentimental Mood [add]
09. Don't Forget the Way Home [add]
10. The Ending Begins [add]

I Hope So (1995) 01. Wonderful [add]
02. This Must Be Love [add]
03. Hearts of Steel [add]
04. Say It Again (And Again) [add]
05. Just You and Me [add]
06. Here's Hopin' [add]
07. L.A. Song [add]
08. Counting the Mondays [add]
09. I Hope So [add]

Change of Heart (2000) 01. Change of Heart [add]
02. Little Backpack (I'm Sorry) [add]
03. Fallen [add]
04. Last Night I Turned into a Ghost [add]
05. The Boast of Sven Forkbeard [add]
06. Toninho [add]
07. February 12, 1999 [add]
08. Dead Cat Bounce [add]
09. To Begin Again [add]
10. The Finisher [add]
11. Try to Forget [add]
12. Gone But Not Forgotten [add]
13. Waltz for Michelle [add]
14. The Innocent [add]
15. The Innocent [add]
16. Lululu [add]
17. East Wind [add]
18. Groove for Grover [add]
19. If We Never Meet Again [Remix] [add]

If We Never Meet Again (2000) 01. Reunion [add]
02. All Are One [add]
03. Attractive Nuisance [add]
04. Mom'song [add]
05. Mid-Course Correction [add]
06. Movin' On [add]
07. Samba Nueva [add]
08. If We Never Meet Agai [add]
09. Taking off (Once, Often, and Always) [add]

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