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Charlotte Diamond lyrics
Genre: Children's
Diamond in the Rough (1986) 01. The Hug Bug [add]
02. When I First Came to This Land [add]
03. Collinda [add]
04. The Foolish Frog [add]
05. Boa Constrictor [add]
06. What Kind of Tree Are You? [add]
07. Donne-Moi La Main [Give Me Your Hand] [add]
08. Metamorphosis [add]
09. Sing in the Spring [add]
10. La Bastringue [add]
11. The Laundry [add]
12. The Days of the Week [add]
13. Goin' Metric [add]
14. You Never Praise Me Enough [add]
15. Close Your Eyes [add]

Diamonds & Dragons (1988) 01. Dragons and Dinosaurs [add]
02. Dicky, Dicky Dinosaur [add]
03. Slimy the Slug [add]
04. Earth, Water, Air and Fire [add]
05. I Want a Purple Kitty for My Birthday, Mom [add]
06. Fly High Unicorn [add]
07. The Imp with Blood-Red Eyes [add]
08. Stop and Listen [add]
09. Hello Winter [add]
10. Rubber Blubber Whale [add]
11. Animals Have Personality [add]
12. Co-Operation [add]
13. Lucky Streak [add]
14. You Can Make a Miracle [add]

10 Carrot Diamond (2005) 01. Four Hugs a Day [add]
02. I Wanna Be a Dog [add]
03. La Bamba [Spanish] [add]
04. The Garden Song [add]
05. Looking for Dracula [add]
06. Stella, Stella Oga [add]
07. Sasquatch [add]
08. Spider's Web [add]
09. Zing, Zing, Zing [add]
10. Octopus [add]
11. I Am a Pizza [add]
12. Embrasse Quatre Fois [add]
13. Each of Us Is a Flower [add]
14. Why Did I Have to Have a Sister? [add]
15. Love Me for Who I Am [add]
16. J'Ai Perdu le "Do" de Ma Clarinette [add]
17. May There Always Be Sunshine [add]
18. 10 Crunchy Carrots [add]

Soy una Pizza (Spanish) (2005) 01. Que Buena Suerte [add]
02. Soy una Pizza [add]
03. Somos Como Las Flores [add]
04. Cuatro Abrazos al Dia [add]
05. La Bamba [add]
06. Un Pulpito [add]
07. Tengo una Muneca/Arroz Con Leche [add]
08. La Tela de Arana [add]
09. Estaba La Muerte un Dia [add]
10. Di, Dinosaurio [add]
11. De Colores [add]
12. Quiereme por lo Que Soy [add]
13. Mi Caramelita [add]
14. Todo lo Que Quiero Es Paz [add]
15. Himno a La Alegria [add]
16. Toma Mi Mano [add]

Charlotte Diamond's World (2005) 01. Singin' in the Rain [add]
02. Splishin' and Splashin' [add]
03. We Need Water [add]
04. I Am a Bubble [add]
05. My School Is the World [add]
06. All Mixed Up [add]
07. New Potato Polka [add]
08. Snuggle with Your Puppy [add]
09. Patience [add]
10. Giddyup Pony [add]
11. Two Good Reasons [add]
12. Look Through the Kaleidoscope [add]
13. Leave the World a Little Better [add]
14. Skookumchuck [add]
15. When the Tide Goes Out [add]
16. Circles (All My Life's a Circle) [add]

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