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Amongst Myselves lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Still Life (2001) 01. Ra's Playground [add]
02. Shepherds of the Rings [add]
03. The Ground Melts [add]
04. Ship of Dreams [add]
05. Safe in Narwang Baru [add]
06. Encounter at the Bay [add]
07. Lowell's Legacy [add]
08. Darkness [add]
09. Relics of an Early Universe [add]

Sacred Black (2003) 01. Dawn 1958 [add]
02. Morning of the Earth [add]
03. Sea of Rains [add]
04. The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean [add]
05. Argo Navis [add]
06. 5am Melbourne 1996 [add]
07. The Demon Haunted World [add]
08. Returning Home [add]

The Sun in the Bottle (2007) 01. Before Now [add]
02. Scylla's Battle [add]
03. Urban Desert [add]
04. To Wish Impossible Things [add]
05. Pale Blue Dot [add]
06. First Woman on Lysithea [add]
07. Passing the Sword Handle of Orion [add]
08. Moxam's Stars [add]
09. What a Day (Beyond Mt. Blue) [add]
10. Medindie Shudder [add]
11. To Wish [Big al Mix] [add]

Auburn Silhouette (2007) 01. Greybox Shadow [add]
02. Bay of Dreams [add]
03. Star [add]
04. Munstead Heath [add]
05. Hole in the Sky [add]
06. Southern Lights [add]
07. Up into the Air and Over the Edge [add]
08. Perfect Murmur [add]
09. Winter of the Falling Stars [add]

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