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USAF Heritage Of America Band lyrics
Genre: Marches
Sousa (2002) 01. Easter Monday on the White House Lawn [add]
02. Tally Ho! - Overture [add]
03. The Last Days of Pompeii: In the House of Burbo and Stratonice [add]
04. The Last Days of Pompeii: Nydia the Blind Girl [add]
05. The Last Days of Pompeii: The Destruction of Pompeii and Nydia's Death [add]
06. The High School Cadets [add]
07. Manhattan Beach [add]
08. Solid Men to the Front! [add]
09. Jack Tar [add]
10. The Beau Ideal [add]
11. Mother Hubbard [add]
12. Wolverine [add]
13. The Gallant Seventh [add]
14. The Directorate [add]
15. The Gladiator [add]
16. Sabre and Spurs [add]
17. Flags of Freedom [add]
18. The Rifle Regiment [add]
19. Hands Across the Sea [add]
20. El Capitan - March [add]
21. El Capitan - Waltzes [add]
22. La Reine de la Mer Waltzes [add]

Riders for the Flag (2004) 01. Riders for the Flag [add]
02. His Honor [add]
03. Gloria [add]
04. The Screamer [add]
05. Bullets and Bayonets [add]
06. King Karl King [add]
07. The Big Cage [add]
08. Circus Echoes [add]
09. Shield of Liberty [add]
10. The Invincible Eagle [add]
11. Voice of America [add]
12. Black Jack [add]
13. Nobles of the Mystic Shrine [add]
14. Sarasota [add]
15. The New York Hippodrome [add]
16. Gardens du Crops [add]
17. Smilin' Jack [add]
18. Royal Scotch Highlanders [add]
19. The Black Horse Troop [add]
20. Bugles and Drums [add]
21. New Frontiers [add]
22. The Magnet [add]
23. The Bride Elect [add]
24. Brooke's Triumphal [add]
25. The Stars and Stripes Forever [add]

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