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Original Indiana Five lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Vol. 1 (2001) 01. Bees Knees [add]
02. Sweet Lovin' Mama [add]
03. Louisville Lou [add]
04. Slow Poke [add]
05. Two Time Dan [add]
06. When You Walked Out Someone Else Walked Right In [add]
07. Bebe [add]
08. Beside a Babbling Brook [add]
09. All Over Nothing at All [add]
10. Stavin' Change [add]
11. Mean Mean Mama [add]
12. Tin Roof Blues [add]
13. St. Louis Gal [add]
14. Jubilee Blues [add]
15. Back o' Town Blues [add]
16. Sweet Man Joe [add]
17. Clearing House Blues [add]
18. I Wanna Jazz Some More [add]
19. Temperamental Papa [add]
20. Hot-Hot-Hottentot [add]
21. King Porter Stomp [add]
22. Everything Is Hotsy Totsy Now [add]
23. Seminola [add]
24. Sweet Georgia Brown [add]

Vol. 2 (2002) 01. She's My Sheba, I'm Her Sheik [add]
02. Papa, De-Da-Da [add]
03. He's Just a Horn-Tootin' Fool [add]
04. Go Get 'Em Caroline [add]
05. Cuckoo [add]
06. Say Arabella [add]
07. Two Tired Eyes [add]
08. Croonin' a Tune [add]
09. Red Hot Henry Brown [add]
10. Indiana Stomp [add]
11. Oh! Boy What a Girl [add]
12. Pretty Puppy [add]
13. Oh! Boy, What a Girl [add]
14. Indiana Stomp [add]
15. Siberia [add]
16. I'm Goin' out if Lizzie Comes In [add]
17. (Take 'Em to the Door) That's All There Is There Ain't No More Blues [add]
18. I'm Gonna Hang Around My Sugar [add]
19. Melancholy Lou [add]
20. No Man's Mama [add]
21. Everybody's Doin' the Charleston Now [add]
22. Everybody Stomp [add]
23. Pensacola [add]
24. Fallen Arches [add]

Vol. 3 (2002) 01. I'd Rather Be Alone (Just Thinking of You) [add]
02. Lo-Nah [add]
03. Sittin' Around [add]
04. Hard to Get Gertie (Path?) [add]
05. Too Bad [add]
06. Pensacola (Cameo) [add]
07. Hard to Get Gertie (Cameo) [add]
08. Hard to Get Gertie (Okeh) [add]
09. Pensacola (Okeh) [add]
10. Lady Lou [add]
11. My Own Blues [add]
12. Someone Waits for Me [add]
13. Sally's Not the Same Old Sally [add]
14. Ace in the Hole [add]
15. Toe-to-Toe [add]
16. Jack Ass Blues [add]
17. Gettin' the Blues [add]
18. Can You Picture That? [add]
19. My Baby Knows How [add]
20. Heebie Jeebies [add]
21. Cow Bell Blues [add]
22. How Could Red Riding Hood? [add]
23. When I Kissed You, I Kissed the Blues Good-Bye [add]
24. Baby Mine [add]

Vol. 4 (2003) 01. Brown Pepper [add]
02. Brown Sugar [add]
03. There Ain't No Maybe in My Baby's Eyes [add]
04. Indiana Shuffle [add]
05. The Crawl [add]
06. Coffee Pot Blues [add]
07. Memphis Blues [Emerson] [add]
08. Thrown Down Blues [add]
09. St. Louis Blues [add]
10. Some of These Days [Cameo] [add]
11. Memphis Blues [Cameo] [add]
12. Some of These Days [Regal] [add]
13. Sugar [add]
14. Struttin' Jerry [add]
15. Stompin' Fool [add]
16. Indiana Mud [add]
17. My Melancholy Baby [add]
18. The Light House Blues [add]
19. Rarin' to Go [add]
20. Nobody's Sweetheart [add]
21. Where Will I Be? [Cameo] [add]
22. Where Will I Be? [Regal] [add]
23. Moten Stomp [add]
24. Somebody's Making a Fuss Over Somebody [add]

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