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Allegheny Echoes lyrics
Genre: Folk
Allegheny Echoes (2000) 01. Program Introduction [add]
02. Soldier's Joy [add]
03. Railroadin' and Gamblin' [add]
04. Well, That's the Spirit [add]
05. Sherman Hammons 1903-1988 [add]
06. Muddy Roads [add]
07. Old Sledge [add]
08. OK [add]
09. The Calloways [add]
10. Allright [add]
11. Mountain Echoes [add]
12. Ducks on the Pond [add]
13. Poca River Blues [add]
14. OK [add]
15. May 7, 1990 [add]
16. OK, When We Go Down [add]
17. Cold Run [add]
18. Over the Waterfall [add]
19. Elkhorn Ridge [add]
20. OK, We're Going to Have a Poem [add]
21. I Am the Daughter [add]
22. Ferrell O'Gara [add]
23. Three Forks of the Cheat [add]
24. OK [add]
25. Voice on a City Street [add]
26. We Have, We're Going to Try [add]
27. Martha Campbell [add]
28. OK [add]
29. Family Reunion [add]
30. Home Sweet Home [add]
31. West Virginia Gals [add]
32. See, I Told You [add]
33. A Folding of Hands [add]
34. Nellie Grey [add]
35. Fine Times at Our House [add]
36. All Right, Burl Hammons [add]
37. The High Country Remembers Her Heritage [add]
38. Grumbling Old Man, Growling Old Woman [add]
39. Arkansas Traveller [add]
40. All Right [add]
41. Unseen Against a Thicket of Laurel [add]
42. Big Scioty [add]
43. Frosty Morning [add]
44. Old Man Can I Have Your Daughter [add]

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