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Smart Alec lyrics
Genre: Rock
The Debris That Is Me (2002) 01. Hello, Cruel World [add]
02. Cat on a Hot Fudge Sundae [add]
03. Show Me Yours [add]
04. Hey, You Kids! [add]
05. She's Not You [add]
06. Look What the Cat Dragged In [add]
07. Stay Out Late [add]
08. The Leaves in the Trees [add]
09. My Own Worst Enemy [add]
10. If You Could... [add]
11. Nobody Looks at Me [add]
12. Easy [add]
13. New Hope for Small Men [add]
14. The Real Me [add]
15. Breathe! [add]
16. As Helpless as a Kitten [add]
17. A Conversation With the Mirror [add]
18. Crazy! [add]
19. No Comment [add]
20. The Debris That Is Me [add]
21. Kicked in the Head [add]
22. My Father's Moustache [add]
23. 100lbs. Of Trouble [add]
24. Constant Retreat [add]
25. Home for the Holocaust [add]
26. As Seen on TV [add]
27. Six Feet Under the Boardwalk [add]
28. Stay Home Alone [add]
29. Lady Loverly's Chatter [add]
30. Crybaby Playboy [add]
31. Plinky [add]
32. Fuzz Face [add]
33. Tillie's Theme [add]
34. Julius' Theme [add]
35. Sissy Fist [add]
36. Cinema Obscura Theme [add]
37. I Can't Get Them Up [add]
38. Used Car Salesman [add]
39. Eight Nipples and Ten Puppies [add]
40. The Fragile Pastry of My Psyche [add]
41. The Story So Far, Pt. 1 [add]
42. Bows and Errors [add]
43. Hooray for Hollywood [add]
44. Jewboy [add]
45. Hava Nagila [add]
46. Chet Atkins Diet [add]
47. Take 5 [add]
48. Pockets Full of Chinese [add]
49. If It Ain't Fun, Run! [add]
50. The Merchant of Ivory [add]

Urban Shocker (2004) 01. Almost There [add]
02. Baby Steps [add]
03. Barnum & Bailey [add]
04. Hey Little Kid [add]
05. How Would I Look in These? [add]
06. I Can't Fly [add]
07. I Want You [add]
08. You Might Think [add]
09. Photo [add]
10. I May Survive the Day [add]
11. Miserable Melancholy Bastard [add]
12. Just Because [add]
13. Just My Luck [add]
14. Kinks in My Hose [add]
15. Late at Night [add]
16. The Youth of America [add]
17. The World's Strongest Girl [add]
18. Workaround [add]
19. Such a Pretty Mouth [add]
20. Such a Beautiful Day [add]
21. Soon I'll Be a Man [add]
22. My Master Plan [add]
23. Old Song [add]
24. Now, Jerry Lewis [add]
25. Six Feet Under All This [add]
26. She's Better Than [add]
27. She Can't Hardly Walk [add]
28. Self-Conscious [add]
29. Same Same Same [add]
30. Number One [add]
31. Recluse [add]
32. Think Warm Thoughts [add]
33. Maraschino Cherries [add]
34. Long Ago Tomorrow [add]
35. Trying to Relax [add]
36. You Really Got Me [add]

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